Test Subject Good is a Counterpart Good Of Test Subject Evil Published In July Of 2012 for Play With Golden  .


Angel Suit

Angel Suit is a Suit Robot Flying What Flying on Platforms And It Has A Rainbow Shot

Fizzo Suit

Fizzo Suit
Fizzo Suit
Gender N/A
Species Robot
Faction Good
Health 1 hit
Level All
Status Alive
Game(s) Test Subject Good

Fizzo Suit is a Suit Robot Recycling With Soda Fizzo. This Suit Dive the Soda.


The Enemies They are Cameos Of Others Game As: Test Subject Red and Test Subject Evil .

  • Enzyme Red Monkey
  • Enzyme Red Gelatinous
  • Enzyme Red Imitators
  • Enzyme Red Fish
  • Enzyme Red Fish Gelatinous
  • Enzyme Red Frog


  • Red2
    Red is The Final Boss.


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