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Test Subject Invisible

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Game Type:

Main game




Test Subject Secret

Test Subject Invisible is a sequel of Test Subject Secret.

Gameplay, controls and objective

Like in Test Subject series.


Invisible enzymes

Main character (Test subject invisible)

Bullet invisible enzyme (Invisible bullet enzyme)

Blue enzymes

Simple Blue enzyme (Blue.png) Hops on a platform.

Proto-suit Blue enzyme (Mechanical_Suit.png) Walks, jumps and shoots bullets.

Rex209 Blue enzyme (Stuff.png) Like blue in proto-suit, but can walk on ceiling and his bullets are faster.

Dripping Blue enzyme (Drippingblue)

Orange enzymes

Walking Orange enzyme (Walking_Orange_Enzyme.png) These enzymes can walk and fall.

Shield Orange enzyme (Shield_Orange_Enzyme.png) Shield orange enzymes walk horizontally holding a shield in front of their face which will protect them from attack.

Dodge Orange enzyme (Dodge_Orange_Enzyme.png) Dodge orange enzymes will stay in one place, but will adjust their body to avoid bullets.

Flying Orange Enzyme (Flying_Orange_Enzyme.png) Flies in air, can be killed only by orange bullets

Proto-suit Orange enzyme (OrangeCharacter.png) Like blue in proto-suit.

Dripping Orange enzyme (Orange)

Throwing Orange enzyme (Throw_goo.PNG)

Rhino Orange enzyme (Rhino_enzyme_shielded.png)

Pie Orange enzyme (or cooked orange enzyme) (Cooked_enzymes.PNG)

Green enzymes

Crawling Green enzyme (Crawling_Green_Enzymes.png) Simple green enzymes who crawl on the floor.

Monkey Green enzyme (Monkey_Green_Enzyme.png) Green enzymes who move on the ceilings of platforms. They will drop down on main character and with their head attached torch and blow themselves back up.

Bouncing Green enzyme (Bouncing_Green_Enzymes.png) Flies in air, bounces off walls, floor and ceiling.

Sniper Green enzyme (Test_Untested.png) Green enzymes who cling to walls and throw bullet green enzymes.

Mimic Green enzyme (Mimic_Green_Enzymes.png) Green enzymes that have the ability to accurately mimic any enzyme except green enzymes.

Bullet Green enzyme (GreenShot.png) Green enzymes in the shape of a bullet.

Round Green enzyme (Round green enzyme) Green enzymes that float in air.

Spawner Green enzyme (Spawner green enzyme) Floats in air, throws Bullet green enzymes, Bouncing green enzymes, Monkey green enzymes and Round green enzymes.

Dripping green enzyme (Dripping green)

Yellow enzymes

Yellow enzyme (1.A.Yellow) It looks like blue, but is yellow. It can divide, so there will be 2 after. (by The Mysteryous user)

Yellow enzyme in proto-suit (1.B.Yellow in Proto-Suit) Like blue in proto-suit. (by The Mysteryous user)

Yellow bullet (4.Yellow Enzyme Bullet) (by The Mysterious user)

Dripping Yellow enzyme (Yellow)

Red enzymes

Dripping Red enzyme (Drippingred)

Purple enzymes

Dripping Purple enzyme (Purple)

Brown enzymes

Dripping Brown enzyme (Brown)

Black enzymes

Dripping Black enzyme (Black)

White enzymes

Dripping White enzyme (White)

Power suit White enzyme (White Power suit) (by Nuthut1)

Grey enzymes

Dripping Grey enzyme (Grey)

Pink enzymes

Dripping Pink enzyme (Pink)


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