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Test Subject Nightmare is a game idea made by Rusted Rusher. It is a Test Subject game taking place in an alternate universe where many things are different. This is a very big WIP.


Test Subject Nightmare takes place in an alternate universe where The Professor does not exist and Dr. Nastidious is more evil than before. He created an enzyme called Nightmare, which he calls the Ultimate Enzyme. After 50 tests, he will unleash it. However, Nightmare is secretly attempting to escape. Some of the before level messages are from Dr. Nastidious' point of view and the others are from Nightmare's. Work in progress.


Only enemies introduced in this game will be listed

Bosses (WIP)

  • Ultimate Orange Enzyme (Fought on level 11)
  • Ultimate Green Enzyme (Fought on level 20)
  • Ultimate Red Enzyme (Fought on level 32)
  • Ultimate White Enzyme (Fought on level 41)
  • Ultimate Purple Enzyme (Fought on level 54)
  • Dr. Nastidious (Fought on level 65)
  • The Machine (Fought on level 66)


In a room like in any of the Test Subject games, a pot of bubbling black liquid held by the ceiling turns over and spills the liquid on the floor. Then the liquid shapes into the Nitrome logo and hardens. The Nitrome logo has a shiny texture to it after hardening.


  • None of The Mysterious User's red enzymes are used.
  • The maker of this article did not know about the Purple Enzymes page when making this.
  • The Parasite Red Enzyme from the Custom Enzymes/Technology page will appear in this game.
  • Most of the boss names are placeholder names.