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Test Subject Secret


Prequel: Test Subject Complete
Sequel: Test Subject Invisible

Test Subject Secret is a sequel of Test Subject Complete and prequel of Test Subject Invisible.


After nastideous' base was destroyed, the professor thought that all enzymes were destroyed.

But nastideous had a secret lab.

The one that the professor battled was a clone.

The real nastideous cloned blue and continued experimenting on blue.


Blue enzymes - blue Orange enzymes - all previous orange enzymes, dripping orange enzymes Green enzymes - all preveous green enzymes, dripping green enzymes


  • Mixed enzyme - explodes sludge all over when attacked
  • Creator enzyme - creates other enzymes
  • Splitter enzyme - splits when attacked, shoots bullets
  • Plant enzyme - grows when attacked, its giant head will come on and eat you whole.
  • Super suit enzyme - an enzyme in a giant proto suit that can fly
  • Rocket enzyme - constantly flies upward shooting bullets
  • Cookie enzyme - crumbles when attacked. smaller chunks chase you and then explode
  • Tidal enzyme - chases you. you have to shoot it in the face
  • Volcano enzyme - makes red sludge rise until you reach the top where you run away until you reach the end
  • Corrupted enzyme - ??????????????????????????????????


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