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This page features a game which is a fan game by Mystery Towers.


92.Test Subject Yellow (icon by Mystery)


Blue uses the Proto-suit. The gameplay is the same like in the past test subject games, but will also use the Rex209 in a level. Blue must get to the food pill, but before that he must collect the key card.

Blue will try to avoid Dr Nastidious (again).


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1.B.Blue in Proto-Suit Player: Blue

Proton Bullet
The Blue bullet enzyme shot by Blue in his Proto-suit


1.Walking Orange EnzymeWalking orange enzymes

  • The spawner mine of the walking orange enzyme
    8.Walking Orange ENzyme spawn

2.Shield Orange EnzymeShield orange enzymes

3.A.Dodge Orange EnzymeDodge orange enzymes

4.Flying Orange EnzymeFlying orange enzymes

150px-Nastidious.PNG Orange Goo Pie (Enzymes) thrown by Soldiers

9.Orange Enzyme BulletOrange enzymes bullets

Throw_goo.PNG Throwing Orange Enzyme

Throwing.png     It's head

Rhino_enzyme_shielded.png Rhino Orange Enzyme

2.Crawling Green EnzymesCrawling green enzymes

3.Monkey Green Enzyme (sprites) Monkey green enzymes

4.Bouncing Green EnzymesBouncing green enzymes

Test_Untested.png Sniper green enzymes

6.A.Mimic Green Enzyme (sprites)Mimic green enzymes

7.Green Bullet EnzymeGreen enzyme bullets

2.Shield Yellow EnzymeShield Yellow Enzymes 

3.Double Shield Yellow EnzymeDouble Shield Yellow Enzymes 

4.Yellow Enzyme BulletYellow Enzyme Bullets 

3.Red Bullet EnzymeRed Enzyme Bullets (level 60 only)  

4.Bouncing Red EnzymesBouncing Red Enzyme 

Orange Madness Enzymes

CreeperEnzyme Kamikaze/Exploding Enzymes

AbominationEnzymeAbomination Minion (level 50 only)


Cooked_enzymes.PNG Enzyme_tube.PNG Orange_goo_mouth.png Enzyme_moving.PNG Enzyme_drops.PNG  Orange Goo Pie (Enzyme)/Enzyme Tubes



1.B.Yellow in Proto-SuitBoss I: 'Yellow' (Smart Yellow Enzyme)

7.Beta Orange EnzymeBoss II: 'Orange' (BETA Orange Enzyme)

5.Yellow Swindler enzymeBoss III: 'The Swindler' (Swindler Yellow Enzyme)

6.F.Mimic Green EnzymeBoss IV: 'Green' (Mimick Green Enzyme)

1.B.Yellow in Proto-Suit1.C.Yellow in Rex 209Boss V: 'The Mighty Bros' (2 Smart Yellow Enzymes in Proto-suit + Rex209)

6.F.Mimic Red EnzymeBoss VI: 'Bloody Boss'

The Escape Pack-CE exclusive

TheAbominationThe Abomination 


6.Inflatable Blue Enzyme'Bluey the Fighter' (Inflatable Blue Enzyme)

  • Helps the player in a few levels.

TMU's Yellow in tank suit'Tanks' Fan'/'Teacher' (Yellow Enzyme in Steamlands Suit)

  • Teaches the player how to move,attack,jump etc. in Tutorial Mode.
  • Teachers the player how to use the Ninja Suit in TSK mode.
    • After it finishes teaching,will remain stationary in one place,and every time Blue come's back,it will say things like "Hello buddy!" or "Have you found the elevator mr student?".

None of the Helpers can get killed (although it was stated they can be killed by smarter enzymes).


  • Level 50 of The Escape Pack exclusive


5.Proton CannonProton cannons

6.A.Proton Canon Detection proton cannons


5.Lasers sprites opened (up) and closed (down)Lasers

9.Liquid Green EnzymeLiquid Green Enzyme

Beta Elements

4.Bouncing R EnzymesBeta Bouncing Red Enzyme (it's colours were changed)

Level Packs List

  • Tutorial
  • Test Subject Yellow
  • Battle Mode
  • Race Mode
  • Test Subject Takeshi
  • Orange Madness
  • Kamikaze Madness
  • The Escape
  • ERROR...
  • Enzyme-pedia
  • Achievements

Gameplay gallery

Level Packs

For Gallery: TSY: Levels Gallery .
  • Tutorial

When started,a Smart Yellow Enzyme in a Steamlands suit will teach the player (using speech bubbles) how to move,after jump,how to use both Proto-suit and Rex209.It also teaches the player how to shoot.

After that it warns the player 2 evil enzymes are coming. The enzyme will kill the first one,but the player needs to kill the 2nd.

After that the player is done.

  • Test Subject Yellow

Level 1

Enemies: Shield Yellow Enzymes.

Hazards: Lasers

Level 2

Enemies: Detection proton cannons shooting Yellow Enzyme bullets

Hazards: Mines

Level 3

Enemies: Shield Yellow Enzymes

Shield Orange Enzymes

Level 4

Level 5

Level 10

Boss: Yellow (a smart yellow enzyme)

Level 11

Enemies: Dodge orange enzymes

Flying orange enzymes

Shield Yellow Enzymes

Orange Yellow Enzymes

Walking Orange Enzymes

Orange Goo thrown by Soldier

Hazards:Proton Cannons


Level 12

Hazards: Lasers

Enemies:Shield Yellow Enzymes

Dodge Orange Enzymes

Orange Goo thrown by Soldier

Level 19

  • This levels a different spawn cylinder. The cylinder once activated, will show Ninja Suit. If Blue dies, it will still be re-spawned to a normal cylinder. If Blues activates the Ninja-suit cylinder,it will unlock a secret Level called: Test Subject Takeshi.

Level 20

Boss:Smart Orange Enzyme

Enemies: Orange Goo thrown by Soldier

Level 21

Enemies:Orange goo thrown by Soldiers Hazards:Mines


Proton cannons (shooting Yellow Enzyme Bullets)

Proton cannons (shooting Orange Enzyme Bullets)

Level 22

Enemies:Orange Goo thrown by Soldier




Level 23

Enemies: Shield Yellow Enzyme

Shield Orange Enzyme

Dodge Orange Enzyme

Mimick Green Enzyme

Level 30

Cameos:The Swindler Yellow Enzyme looks like Swindler (character) from Swindler (game). Actually, Dr Nastidious wrote in his NotePad that he got the idea after he played Swindler because he needed rest/

Boss:Swindler Yellow Enzyme

Level 40

Boss:Green (A very smart Mimic Green Enzyme)

In this level Green will move,shoot,duck,use teleporters like it's controlled by a player.It will also mimic Shield Enzymes and Dodge Orange Enzyme.

Level 50

The level starts with Blue being added to the Proto-suit.Until Blue goes to the Smart Yellow Enzyme,it will divide (being 2 smart yellow enzymes after) and one will jump in Proto-suit,the other one in Rex209.

  • Bosses: 
    • Smart Yellow Enzyme in proto-suit
    • Smart Yellow Enzyme in Rex209
  • Helpers: 'Bluey the Fighter'

Level 60

Boss:Mimick Red Enzyme

Enemies:Bouncing Red Enzyme


  • Unused TSY levels====
  • Note:These leves are poorly made,acccesed only via hacks and can't be finished.
  • When player acceses the level via hacks level "X" will be displayed,as it would be a normal level.

Level 70

Boss:Supreme Yellow Enzyme (it vomits Green Liquid Enzyme)

Hazards:Green liquid Enzyme

Level 71

Level 80

Level 100

  • ===Battle Mode===

After player completes the game,he can play in 2 player mode a bonus battle level like in Test Subject Arena.The 2 players can choose between Blue,Orange,Red,Green or Yellow.

  • ===Race Mode===

After player beats first boss,a bonus level will be unlocked.He will can race again the bosses he bet.

Note:The player can't race with both Yellow Enzymes,he can only with the Proto-suit one,or he can race with Yellow Rex209 and also Blue will be in Rex209.The race level is only 2 players available.

Audience composed of enzymes appears in the background.

  • ===Test Subject Takeshi===

How to find it?

It is unlocked if player activates the different spawn cylinder in level 19. Instead of Proto-suit will appear a Ninja suit on cylinder, once activated. The spawn cylinder doesn't save the progress,so if Blue dies,he won';t be re-spawned there.

The level!

When player firsts starts, it will be teached by 'Teacher' how to use the suit. After the player is free to leave the area and start playing. Hazards: Green liquid enzyme.



Enemies: Bouncing Green Enzyme

Monkey Green Enzyme

Flying Orange Enzyme

SWAT unit enzyme

Helpers: 'Teacher'

The player must use the Ninja suit to and use it's ninja rope to don't touch the liquid,because it will destroy Blue.The level ends when Blue finds the lift and enter it.

Test Subject Taki The Ninja suit

  • Orange Madness

This is a special level that includes exclusive enemies made by GouchnoxWiki user.

Orange insanity

  • Kamikaze Enzyme Madness

Player must survive as long as (s)he can while Explosive Enzymes are thrown in the test chambers by Mercenaries.


  • The Escape (Collector's Edition exclusive)

Blue,along with other enzymes escape.

It features 50 levels,and 2 exclusive enzymes.

Level 1

Level 50

Boss: The Abomination

Enemy: Abomination Minion

Helper: Pinky


Coming soon!

Dr Nastidious Quotes in T.S. Yellow

See them here!

Cheat codes



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  • 1.TMU announces an upcoming Test Subject Fan Game.
  • 2.Game BETA released for Windows PC.It can be downloaded from The Best-M Games store.
    • It contains only a blank title screen with only "Play" button and "Random level" button.
      • The credits are displayed in a corner of the black screen.
    • It contains only first 5 levels in "Play" Mode.
    • "Random level" plays the 5 levels in random order,but sometimes it plays an exclusive level "6G".
    • Music and sounds are missing.
  • 3.Mac and Linux support announced.
    • Other platforms announced to,but they "don't want to spoil them".
  • 4.Game enters Official Release 1.0.
    • Comes with launcher,most updates will be made using it.
      • + "Improved title screen".
        • + Sounds and music added.
        • + Added "Help","Options" and "Credits" buttons.
        • + Added another 55 levels.
        • - Removed "Random Level" mode as well as the exclusive "6A" level.
        • - Removed the Fog Creature.
  • 5.Exclusive version announced for Raspberry Pi.
    • If it has a lot of successes,it may move to consoles and mobile.
    • Exclusive levels for other platforms.
  • 6. 1.1 released
  • Bug fixes
    • -Removed the Fog Creature
  • 7. Game released for Mac on Mac Store.(v1.1)
    • Game can be updated directly from Mac Store and lacks the launcher.
  • 8. Game released for Linux on Mystery Towers official site.
    • No launcher missing,app to be updated from the launcher direct.
  • 9. Added "Battle Mode" on all platforms. (v.1.2)
    • Update also includes
  • Bug Fixes
      • - Removed Fog Creature
  • 10. Added "Race Mode" and "Test Subject Takeshi extra" on Windows PC and Linux (v.1.4)
    • Update also includes
  • Bug Fixes
      • - Removed Fog Creature
    • Mac update coming soon.
  • 11. Announced addition level packs.Every game mode will have it's own pack.
    • Before the game modes (i.g. race mode,battle mode) will appear in the levels page.
  • 12. 1.4.1 released
    • Contains bugfixes on all platforms
    • No Mac update yet
  • 13. 1.4.2 released
    • More bug fixes added.
  • 14. Level packs Update (1.5)
    • Update includes:
      • + Addition of the following level packs:
        • TSY
        • Battle Mode
        • Race Mode
        • Test Subject Takeshi
  • Bug Fixes
      • - Removed The Fog Creature
    • Update not available on Mac Store
  • 15. Mystery announces an upcoming tutorial mode exclusive for Windows PC.
  • 16. The Madness update (1.6.1 released).
    • Includes
      • + Level Packs
        • GhouchnoxWiki Special
        • Kamikaze Madness
        • Error
          • Pack unplayable
      • + Cheat Codes
        • Not working at the moment
  • Bug fixes
      • - Removed The Fog Creature
    • Mac update not released
  • 17. Mac Minor update released (1.2.1)
    • + Kamikaze Madness added near the "play" button on title screen.
  • Bug Fixes
  • 18. Mac Minor Update-2 (1.2.3)
  • Fixed a bug where user's Mac would explode when playing "Kamikaze" madness.
  • 19. Update for Windows PC/Linux
  • Launcher bugfixes
  • Renamed GouchnoxWiki Special to Orange Madness
  • 20. Minor Mac Update 3 (
    • Every time the user starts the game,a screen saying "Mystery Towers doesn't pay any computer or user damage that may occur while playing this game.Have fun!" pop's up.
  • 21. Announcing Raspberry Pi version to be finished soon.
    • Console versions coming soon
      • Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms coming soon.
      • PS2, PS3, PS4 and PS Vita platforms versions
      • Wii, Wii U and 3DS platforms announced
      • Pro's M-G. Console platform
    • Mobile versions coming soon
      • iOS: iPhone/iPad/IPod touch
      • Android: Phones/Tablets
        • Kindle: Kindle/Kindle HD
        • HAT-O-P: M.Pod
      • Windows: Windows Phone/Tablet
  • 22. Announcing more stores to be for such as Chrome Web Store,Steam.
    • Most notable,it will be released for Samsung TV Smart.
  • 23. Console/Mobile versions released.
  • 24. Released for Steam and Chrome Web Store.
  • 25. Demo released on official site for Windows PC. The full version must be obtained from Best M-Games Store.
  • 26. Added Tutorial Level Pack.
  • 27.Collector's edition (TSY:CE) released and can be bought online or be found on shops.
    • Game included on a DVD,in the package.
      • Contains "amazing backgrounds".
      • Better tutorial mode.
      • Exclusive level pack called: The Escape.
        • Blue escapes the test chamber and the base itself.
        • Pack contains 500 levels,taking place in Dr Nastidious base,outside base/island,Mercenary ship,docks,cities,forests and much more.
        • Insect enemies,enzyme enemies appear only on first few levels.
        • Shocking ending.
    • In the package there is a Proto-suit Blue and Shield Yellow Enzyme collectible figures.
    • Walking Orange Enzyme and Mimic Green Enzyme collectible cards.
    • Orange Goo Pie collectible keychain.
    • Nastidious' hat.
    • An upgraded of the removed beta level poster.
    • The scientist art-poster.
  • 28. 'Surprise ' update.Game released for new platforms.
  • 29. More packs added,as well as the 'Teacher'.
  • 30.The Escape released exclusive for CE edition.
  • 31. More stores releases
  • 32. Released for Kindle Fire TV.



  • TMU
  • Takeshi
  • GouchnoxWiki
  • Test Subject Fan


  • ???


  • Nitrome

Special thanks to

  • Takeshi64, for Takeshi Suit art
  • GouchnoxWiki, for GouchnoxWiki and Kamikaze Madness art


  • The Supreme Yellow Enzyme was going to look like the Big fly seen in the trailer of Super Feed Me,but the fan game was abandoned 1 year.It still may be soon released.
  • The last 40 levels look poorly made and are unfinished and can be only accessed via hacks.
    • Most of the levels lack lot of platforms,enemies,lasers,or even key cards, making them unfinishable.
  • Mac version are the only version to not have a launcher,so  it is updated via Mac Store.
  • Mac is the less worked platform of TSY.
  • Apparently,there was an error where user's Mac would explode when an Explosive Enzyme would explode in-game.