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5.Yellow Swindler enzymeTest Subject Yellow (original version) is the original version of Test Subject Yellow. The reason it was made is for nostalgic and historical reasons. Its purpose is to show you how the page looked before all the stores and new extra packs were added. It may also be considered a cleaner version of the above-mentioned page.2.Shield Yellow Enzyme

This page features a game which is a fan game by Mystery.

The game can be downloaded for free from The Best M-Games Store.


92.Test Subject Yellow (icon by Mystery)


Blue uses the Proto-suit. The gameplay is the same like in the past test subject games, but will also use the Rex209 in a level.

Blue must get to the food pill, but before that he must collect the key card.

Blue will try to avoid Dr Nastidious (again).


1.B.Blue in Proto-Suit Player: Blue

Proton Bullet
The Blue bullet enzyme shot by Blue in his Proto-suit


1.Walking Orange EnzymeWalking orange enzymes

  • The spawner mine of the walking orange enzyme
    8.Walking Orange ENzyme spawn

2.Shield Orange EnzymeShield orange enzymes

3.A.Dodge Orange EnzymeDodge orange enzymes

4.Flying Orange EnzymeFlying orange enzymes

150px-Nastidious.PNG Orange Goo Pie (Enzymes) thrown by Soldiers

9.Orange Enzyme BulletOrange enzymes bullets

Throw_goo.PNG Throwing Orange Enzyme

Throwing.png     It's head

Rhino_enzyme_shielded.png Rhino Orange Enzyme

2.Crawling Green EnzymesCrawling green enzymes

3.Monkey Green Enzyme (sprites) Monkey green enzymes

4.Bouncing Green EnzymesBouncing green enzymes

Test_Untested.png Sniper green enzymes

6.A.Mimic Green Enzyme (sprites)Mimic green enzymes

7.Green Bullet EnzymeGreen enzyme bullets

2.Shield Yellow EnzymeShield Yellow Enzymes (by Mystery)

3.Double Shield Yellow EnzymeDouble Shield Yellow Enzymes (by Mystery)

4.Yellow Enzyme BulletYellow Enzyme Bullets (by Mystery)

3.Red Bullet EnzymeRed Enzyme Bullets (level 60 only) (by Mystery) 

4.Bouncing Red EnzymesBouncing Red Enzyme (by Mystery)


Cooked_enzymes.PNG Enzyme_tube.PNG Orange_goo_mouth.png Enzyme_moving.PNG Enzyme_drops.PNG  Orange Goo Pie (Enzyme)/Enzyme Tubes


1.B.Yellow in Proto-SuitBoss I:Yellow (by Mystery)

7.Beta Orange EnzymeBoss II:Orange

5.Yellow Swindler enzymeBoss III:Swindler Yellow Enzyme (by Mystery)

6.F.Mimic Green EnzymeBoss IV: Green

1.B.Yellow in Proto-Suit1.C.Yellow in Rex 209Boss V:2 Yellow Enzymes (both by Mystery)

6.F.Mimic Red EnzymeBoss VI:Red (by Mystery)

(photo coming soon)/Boss VII:Supreme Yellow Enzyme


6.Inflatable Blue EnzymeInflatable Blue Enzyme (by mystery)


5.Proton CannonProton cannons

6.A.Proton Canon Detection proton cannons


5.Lasers sprites opened (up) and closed (down)Lasers

9.Liquid Green EnzymeLiquid Green Enzyme

Beta Elements

4.Bouncing R EnzymesBeta Bouncing Red Enzyme (it's colours were changed)


Level 1

Enemies: Shield Yellow Enzymes.

Level 2

Enemies: Detection proton cannons shooting Yellow Enzyme bullets

Hazards: Mines

Level 3

Enemies: Shield Yellow Enzymes

Shield Orange Enzymes

Level 4

Level 5

Level 10

Boss: Yellow (a smart yellow enzyme)

Level 11

Enemies: Dodge orange enzymes

Flying orange enzymes

Shield Yellow Enzymes

Orange Yellow Enzymes

Walking Orange Enzymes

Orange Goo thrown by Soldier

Hazards:Proton Cannons


Level 12

Hazards: Lasers

Enemies:Shield Yellow Enzymes

Dodge Orange Enzymes

Orange Goo thrown by Soldier

Level 19

  • This levels a different spawn cylinder.The cylinder once activated,will showa Ninja Suit.If Blue dies,it will still be re-spanwed to a normal cylinder.If Blues activates the Ninja-suit cylinder,it will unlock a secret Level called: Test Subject Takeshi.

Level 20

Boss:Smart Orange Enzyme

Enemies: Orange Goo thrown by Soldier

Level 21

Enemies:Orange goo thrown by Soldiers Hazards:Mines


Proton cannons (shooting Yellow Enzyme Bullets)

Proton cannons (shooting Orange Enzyme Bullets)

Level 22

Enemies:Orange Goo thrown by Soldier




Level 23

Enemies: Shield Yellow Enzyme

Shield Orange Enzyme

Dodge Orange Enzyme

Mimick Green Enzyme

Level 30

Cameos:The Swindler Yellow Enzyme looks like Swindler (character) from Swindler (game).Actually,Dr Nastidious writed in his NotePad that he got the idea afetr he played Swindler because he needed rest/

Boss:Swindler Yellow Enzyme

Level 40

Boss:Green (A very smart Mimick Green Enzyme)

In this level Green will move,shoot,duck,use teleporters like it's controled by a player.It will also mimick Shield Enzymes and Dodge Oraneg Enzyme.

Level 50

The level starts with Blue being added to the Proto-suit.Until Blue goes to the Smart Yellow Enzyme,it will divide (being 2 smart yellow enzyems after) and one will jump in Proto-suit,the other one in Rex209.

Bosses:Smart Yellow Enzyme in proto-suit

Smart Yellow Enzyme in Rex209

Level 60

Boss:Mimick Red Enzyme

Enemies:Bouncing Red Enzyme

Level 70

Boss:Supreme Yellow Enzyme (it throws Green Liquid Enzyme)

Hazards:Green liquid Enzyme

Level 71

Level 80

Level 100

Battle mode After player completes the game,he can play in 2 player mode a bonus battle level like in Test Subject Arena.The 2 players can choose between Blue,Orange,Red,Green or Yellow.

Race mode

After player beats first boss,a bonus level will be unlocked.He will can race again the bosses he bet.

Note:The player can't race with both Yellow Enzymes,he can only with the Proto-suit one,or he can race woth Yellow Rex209 and also Blue will be in Rex209.The race level is only 2 players avalaible.

Test Subject Takeshi Level

How to find it?

It is unlocked if player activates the different spawn cylinder in level 19.Instead of Proto-suit will appear a Ninja suit on cylinder,once activated.The spawn cylinder doesn't save the progress,so if Blue dies,he won';t be re-spanwed there.

The level!

Hazards: Green liquid enzyme.



Enemies: Bouncing Green Enzyme

Monkey Green Enzyme

Flying Orange Enzyme

SWAT unit enzyme

The player must use the Ninja suit to and use it's ninja rope to don't touch the liquid,because it will destroy Blue.The level ends when Blue finds the lift and enter it.

Test Subject Taki The Ninja suit (By Takeshi64)


Coming soon!

Dr Nastidious Quotes in T.S. Yellow

See them here!

Cheat codes



  • The Supreme Yellow Enzyme was going to look like the Big fly seen in the trailer of Super Feed Me,but the fan game was abandonated 1 year.It still may be soon released.

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