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Puzzle, Platform


Same as test subject series

Test Subject Yellow is a Puzzle Platformer game realased on September 20, 2013. The player controls a Yellow enzyme who has to make his way to the food pill by collecting the designated keycard in the container.


There are 20 levels in Test Subject Yellow, each beginning with a report from the scientist who uses Yellow as a lab experiment, which also offers several game tips before the actual game begins. Blue is then inserted into a mechanic suit, and has to walk around in the level, locating the key card in order to reach the food pill. As he does this, the scientist observes, taking notes and tapping the container from time to time.

In order to reach the end of each level, the end being the food pill destination, the player must make good use of the teleporters as well as Yellow's shooting weapon in order to make it to the finish.


The only enemies in Test Subject Yellow are different types of rainbow enzymes.

  • Walking rainbow enzymes
  • Shield rainbow enzymes
  • Dodge rainbow enzymes
  • Flying rainbow enzymes


  • On day 16, The profesor mentions Komodo from Animal Mechanimals

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