It was a DARK and STORMY NIGHT (i know `not that joke again`) even though the professor neglected to ever have experiments continue ,his nephew/intern was creating another enzyme that,instead of giving life it CREATED life. (so it could make something like a rock come alive) then a great light went all over the lab... it was done. A grey blob in a tear drop shape (like blue) apeared then split into 3 enzymes a black one a grey one and a white one.  


L.I.G.H.T is  white and appears as a tear drop shape

the only suit she wears is the proto-suit


appears in 'the machine's revenge'

status:missing but alive looking for

created by:the intern/nephew


acomplice:qwerty/the intern/qwerty4771(became qwerty4771 when he touched the R.E.V.I.V.E enzyme)/nephew

gender: female

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