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Testangles is a Miniseries about Carter and Bennet's former formes that AC4E feels don't get enough appearances in NMDFanfictionMon to become liekable. In addition, AC4E wanted to write a series that had a darker atmosphere, but she couldn't think of a Nitrome game series to use as the base. One night, it came to her. Aha! The Test Subject Series! So then she drew some concept art and jumped on writing the first episode, which was finished in a matter of days. The day after it was finished, AC4E ran a grammar check and posted the final product to the Fanfiction Wiki, where it could be enjoyed by other people for all eternity.


Battle Carter- Sassy and ill tempered, she plans escapes from Dr. Nastidious' laboratory.

Safety Carter- Curious and dim witted, she often asks questions that concern security.

Curly Carter- Vain and feeble, Curly doesn't do much for the team, but when he does, he tries his hardest. He enjoys eating cardboard and can understand the dialect of other creatures.

Extreme Carter- Energetic and optimistic, Extreme does what she can whenever she's plunged into a strange situation. She can also speak Spanish.

Storm Bennet- Strong and adventurous, Storm likes to fight. He speaks pirate.

Harmony Bennet- Self-Centered and quick to overreact, Harmony loves listening to music, and due to this, she can be a bit inattentive. She likes to reference music a lot.

Un Petit Chapeau Bennet- Quiet and wary, UPC just follows whoever gives orders and does what he can. He also speaks French.

Jiggles- A playful Juggernaut Orange Enzyme that Curly keeps as a pet.

Episode One: Waking Up



tap tap...


Tap Tap Tap

"Hey moron, quit doing that! Can't you see that I'm trying to get some shut-eye?!"


Agitated, the rectangular figure got up from where she was lying down and pounded on the glass, which promptly cracked. The masked man's smiling face turned into a face full of fear. Surprised, he squealed and ran off.

"Neighbors, I tell ya..." The rectangular figure said as she laid back down and got back into a comfortable position. She cracked a devious smile.

"Battle, don't you notice something?" a voice wondered.

"Can't I get any sleep around here?" Battle complained.

She turned to the direction of where the voice was coming from, but she didn't see anything. All she saw was darkness.

"How can you sleep around here? It's so noisy!" The voice exclaimed.

The voice was right. All that could be heard was heavy footsteps and constant tapping.

"Heh... I'm a heavy sleeper..." Battle admitted slowly. She scratched the back of her head and grinned with much chagrin.

"But enough about me! Who are you?!" Battle asked with much tenacity.

"Don't you recognize my voice? It's your sister, Safety!"

Safety lept out of the darkness and landed on Battle's chest.

"Surprise hug!" She exclaimed cheerfully.

"Get off of me!" Battle insisted. If there was anything she hated more than being woken up, it was people touching her.

Battle tried with all her might to shake Safety off, but she was as clingy as a child to their candy.

"Not until you turn that frown upside down!"

"I was just fine until you started talking!"

Blinded by annoyance, Battle grabbed her sister and threw her up against the glass wall. When Safety made impact with said wall, it shattered into millions of indescribably tiny pieces. Safety quickly fell to the ground and some pieces of glass fell on her face.

An alarm sounded.

"Oh, I just remembered what I noticed. Yeah, since when did we live in a box with glass on one side and a bunch of masked people walking around? This is a curiosity hazard!"

"Safety, your face!" Battle exclaimed, pointing at her face in astonishment.

Safety touched her left stub to her face and looked back on it. It didn't take her long to become horrified.

"Wh-wh-why is my blood blue?!" She managed to choke out.

Before she could even think of an answer to her questions, Safety's wounds quickly healed themselves.

"I told you not to eat all that candy, Safety! It just went and turned your blood blue!"

"But that was a few weeks ago…"

"What is the meaning of this?!" A gritty voice shouted.

Safety picked herself off the ground and met eyes with someone around the same stature as her. He was wearing a hat and dark glasses with a black robe. Something in her mind sensed the figure as hostile, so she backed up towards Battle despite the fact that she threw her into the glass wall.

"Who are you?" Battle asked the mysterious figure.

"No, the more important question is who YOU two are! First my mercenaries screw up an ambush, and now 7 of my samples are missing! Can this get any worse?"


"What was that?!"

"Oh! It was nothing! There's nothing else in this room!" Safety insisted.

Safety tried to block the mysterious man's path, but he quickly shoved her aside and continued walking into the darkness. All that was heard afterward was a box being lifted up from the ground.

"Wait! I was eating that box!"

"Sacre Bleu!"

"Aw man! Can't I get five more minutes?"

"I told ye guys this be a terrible hiding place!"

"What a flat note!"

The mysterious man's face turned a deep shade of red for a moment, but before he did or said anything, it returned to its usual pigmentation and he had a thoughtful look for a moment.

"Uh, you okay?" Safety asked.

"Oh, I'm more than okay! This is great!" The mysterious man insisted.

"Yeah, how so? We're in a creepy setting with masked people and being treated like dirt!" Battle questioned.

"No, you fool! I mean that this is great for me! Now that I have created a serum that makes my enzymes grow to any size, I finally have test subjects that will test the capabilities of their newfound size!"

"And what if we refuse?" Battle inquired while flashing the mysterious man her signature look.

The mysterious man snapped his fingers and instantly, a group of masked men appeared before him carrying guns. They cocked them and didn't seem like they were hesitant to fire. The polygonal protagonists gulped and Battle growled ferociously.

"Testing starts tomorrow! Get some rest! You're gonna need it! And remember, if you try to escape..."

A masked man cocked his gun before leaving the space with his fellow masked men and the mysterious man.

All was silent for a moment.

"I don't know how we got into this predicament, but it is NOT music to my ears!" Exclaimed Harmony.

"What are we going to do?" Safety wondered. She paced around, which wasn't something that she usually did. "How will we find a way out of here?"

"I. Was. Eating. That. Cardboard. Box!!!!" Curly emphasized dramatically.

"Focus, Curly Top! Safety's right for once! We need to find a way out of here!" Battle barked.

Battle heard a masked man cock his gun.

"Uh, AFTER we get some shut eye..." She lifted her hair up and winked to everyone else with her left eye. Somehow, they all understood the plan.

They'd plan their escape at night time.

Episode Two: Escape


"Safety!" A voice whispered.

"Huh?" She asked while slowly opening her eyes.

"Get up! We're busting out of here!"

Safety slowly got up and looked around. There was nothing but silence and darkness.

"Just follow my voice!" The voice insisted.

Looking around one last time to assure herself, Safety slowly walked towards the direction of the voice.

"Ugh, we don't have time for this!" The voice complained.

The voice came closer to Safety and picked her up. Safety felt the person who picked her up and something in her mind said that it was someone familiar.

"Battle, is that you?!" She shrieked.

"Safety, shut up! Don't you realize the situation at stub?!"

"Nope! She responded loudly.

Battle groaned and rolled her eyes. If it was anything she hated more than being touched, it was the constant idiocy of her sister.

She carried her sister until they reached the area where the others were searching for a way out. There wasn't a masked man in sight.

"Have you guys found an exit yet?" Battle inquired.

"Yo no veo un salida," Extreme answered most fluently.

"Me neither," Storm added most pointlessly. "Are you sure that the exit be here?"

"I'll have you guys know that this is a waste of beauty sleep I could have been getting!" Curly complained while looking for an exit in a feeble fashion.

"Beauty sleep is for wussies!" Battle insisted. "Besides, all of our lives are at stake!"

The polygonal protagonists skimmed the area, pressing their stubs against every nook and cranny that seemed like an exit.

"What's the point in doing this? It's too dark to see anything!" Harmony wondered.

"It's better to try than to do nothing at all!" Extreme said most enthusiastically.

Whether she was speaking English or Spanish, Extreme had a thick Spanish accent.

"Hey, I think I see a button!" Safety exclaimed gleefully while pressing it. "I wonder what it does! It's a curiosity hazard!"

The room flashed red and white and a siren sounded.

"You moron! That was an 'in case of fire' button!" Battle chastised while thrusting her left stub towards the words 'In case of emergency' to emphasize her point. It was bright enough now to see where everyone was.

"I wouldn't have known..." Safety whimpered. "This whole place was an obscurity to the eyes!"

"Whatever! Let's just get out of..."

"FIRING LASER!" A robotic voice announced. A red beam shot across the floor momentarily.

It was going directly in the path of where the polygonal protagonists were standing, but they all jumped out of the way in time. To avoid being shot at again, they hid behind a conveniently placed wall.

"What the heck is that?" Battle questioned with a hint of anxiety in her voice.

Whatever it was, it was silver with three legs and a sweeping red eye that constantly searched for its prey. Perhaps you know what it is, <insert name here>?

"I don't know, but it's scary!" Safety responded in a shaky voice. She held onto Battle tightly to make herself feel less scared.

"YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER..." The same Robotic voice claimed.

"We'll hide until we think of a way to beat you, you... Whatever you are!" Battle threatened.

The siren stopped sounding and the lights became fluorescent white. The silver being's sweeping eye came to a stop.

"If you try to escape..." The mysterious man slowly repeated while stepping towards the polygonal protagonists.

The sound of a gun being reloaded reverberated in the room.

"No!" Safety sobbed, jumping in front of the Mysterious Man. "Please, Mr. Mystery Man! Don't kill us! We'll do anything!"

Battle facestubbed so hard that you could hear her skull crack.

"Anything?" The Mysterious Man asked, putting one of his hands to... Wherever his chin is.

"Yes, we'll do anything." Safety solemnly promised.

The geometrical group groaned collectively.

"You know what's the worst thing about this?" Curly asked angrily. "I missed my beauty sleep! Now I'm gonna get wrinkles earlier and die faster!"

"How can this get any worse?" Battle grumbled under her breath.

The Mysterious Man escorted the group back to their assigned space. Curly instantly found a space he could be comfortable with and started drifting off to sleep.

"Wake me up when there aren't any wrinkles on my face," he requested.

"Okay, this is your last chance. If any of you try to escape one more time, I'll ask my mercenaries to hunt you down and that'll be the end of you all! Now get some rest! I'll be back later!"

With that, the Mysterious Man walked away from the space while cackling with glee.

"What do we do now?" Safety wondered. She was pacing again.

"Let's get some rest. None of us think straight when we're tired, especially Curly Top over there. We'll just have to think of another way to get out of here tomorrow," Battle suggested drearily.

"Bonne nuit!" Un Petit Chapeau greeted while lying down on the stone-cold floor and getting into a comfortable position. There were no pillows around, so UPC had taken off his tiny hat to use as a makeshift pillow.

"¡Buenas noche!" Extreme responded happily.

While the others drifted off to la la land, Safety stayed up. She knew that staying awake past her bedtime would be bad for her health, but something inside her insisted that she stayed up. She paced and paced for hours on end trying to think of a solution to this huge problem. However, her brain continued to draw a blank. She asked herself questions yet no answers appeared. After a few hours, she sat down and sighed. She had never sighed before, but she felt that now would have been a good time to do so. She laid down among the resting bodies and looked towards the dark ceiling. A silvery voice rang through her head and slowly said,

"You will get your chance one day. Just you wait..."

Episode Three: First Test




  • Slurp*

"Hey, that tickles!"

Safety quickly sprang to her feet and looked around. What just licked her?

Suddenly, something tickled her left foot. She looked towards it and saw an orange blob. Part of it was covered by a purple mask like object.

"Who are you?" Safety wondered while examining the beady eyed life form.

"Prii?" It asked.

"That's my pet!" Curly responded with much pride in his voice. He ran over to Safety and scooped the orange blob up from the ground. "His name's Jiggles. He's so jiggly!" He held Jiggles close to his face and the jiggling orange blob promptly licked it. Curly giggled with glee.

"Curly, I don't know if this thing's safe to keep. Where did you get it from?" Safety said in a very concerned fashion.

"Well, while I was getting my well-deserved beauty sleep, Jiggles dropped onto my face from the ceiling. At first, I was very disgusted, but for some reason, Jiggles was very drawn to me and I became very drawn to him. For some reason, he feels like a long lost friend." Curly explained.

"That is a Juggernaut Orange Enzyme. They are usually quite hostile towards anything in their line of sight, but Curly must have done something to soften it up. Or... There is something about Curly that softens life forms up..." The silvery voice in Safety's head said.

"Well, he's good with animals, but I had no idea that he was good with these Enzymes you're speaking of..." Safety responded aloud.

"Why, I'm flattered!" Curly exclaimed flamboyantly.

Jiggles began to whimper. He tugged at one of Curly's shirt sleeves in an extremely feeble fashion.

"Oh, what's the matter, Jiggles?" Curly asked cutely.

Jiggles whimpered a little more and Curly nodded.

"Jiggles is hungry, but I don't see any food around here, and the closest that I had to food around here was that cardboard box!" Curly panicked. "What am I gonna do?"

"Don't worry, Curly. I'm sure we'll find something for Jiggles to eat. Although, I'm getting quite hungry myself," Safety assured.

"How can we if we can't even leave this space? If you don't remember, those masked men are armed with guns to a C!" Curly recalled.

"Uh, the saying was 'to a T'," Safety corrected.

"C is so much better than T!" Curly boasted while touching up his hair.

"I sense someone approaching..." The silvery voice announced.

"Who is it?" Safety wondered. She looked around in a wary fashion. "Is it Mysterious Man?"

"No... It's something far worse... It's..."

"SURPRISE, SUCKAS!!!!" A group of annoying voices exclaimed from outside the space.

"It's a group of masked men, isn't it?" Safety guessed with a hint of growing annoyance.

"Yup..." The silvery voice concluded.

Five masked men dashed into the space and began to mess around with everyone.

"Hey, I didn't ask for an alarm clock!" Battle complained after a masked man dumped a bucket of water on her.

"You could have short circuited my iTrome!" Harmony growled.

"¡Ay! ¡El agua es muy frio!" Extreme cried. She jumped so high that she almost hit the ceiling.

All the while, the masked men giggled and made fun of the poor polygonal protagonists.

"Oh, ye think that be funny, huh?! Well, how would y'guys like it if I punched y'all in the gut?" Storm threatened.

"I'm with you, man!" Battle agreed. "I've been sick of these goons since Day 1! Well, Day 1 was yesterday, but... It's payback time! HEH-HEH!!!!"

Together, Battle and Storm got up on their feet and started to fight the masked men. They were all utterly helpless without their bullet-shooting weapons. It didn't take long for the horde of masked men to fall to their knees.

The red headband wearing pair hi-stubbed with glee. Little did anyone realize...

Mysterious Man was watching the whole time! He clapped very slowly while standing in the space that the glass door used to be.

"What a show that was!" He exclaimed after a while with honest enthusiasm.

"We weren't putting on a show for you!" Battle snapped. "We were defending ourselves!"

"Yeah!" Storm agreed. "Yar crew members be landlubbers!"

"Storm, let me handle the insults... That was terrible..." Battle groaned while gently facestubbing. "What he meant to say is that your masked men are morons! Who finds entertainment in tapping on glass and annoying people anyways?!"

"*Ahem* Anyways, it's time for you all to eat. There's no point in taking tests if you don't have a fully functioning system," Mysterious Man announced.

"¿Por qué eres tú ser muy simpático?" Extreme asked in a serious tone.

"Yeah, why ARE you being so nice?" Battle repeated in an even more serious tone.

"I'm not being nice! I'm just making my test results more accurate! Now follow me! If you don't, then see if I care!"

"I can't see if you care... Your face lacks sentience..." Curly said wholeheartedly.

"Curly, put Jiggles in your pocket... Maybe wherever Mysterious Man is taking us to eat, there will be something there that he'd like!" Safety whispered to Curly.

"Oh, good idea!" Curly responded quietly. He gently placed the jiggly juggernaut in one of his pockets without Mysterious Man noticing.

The polygonal protagonists walked with Mysterious Man until they reached a room with a long, white table.

"I always wanted to re-enact something here, but my cohorts are such fools that the dream was crushed..." Mysterious Man explained in a tone that demanded sympathy. "But anyways, here's something to eat."

Mysterious Man reached into his pocket and pulled out a translucent bottle marked "Food Pills".

"Are you kidding me?"

"Where's the beef?!"

"This isn't a proper meal!"

"I've studied enzymes all my life, not humans... I wouldn't know what any of you guys eat, nor would I care. None of you were supposed to be here." Mysterious Man insisted with a hint of anger.

"The feeling's mutual!" Battle barked as Mysterious Man turned to leave.

"You all have thirty minutes. Happy eating!" Mysterious Man announced blandly before he closed the door behind him.

"I liked his tone," Curly quipped.




Battle listened as her fiendish foe's footsteps became fainter and fainter. When the sound of walking dissipated, an optimistic grin stretched across her face.

"Guys, we can escape now!" Battle exclaimed in an extremely cheerful tone.

The polygonal protagonists cheered.

"Now that's music to my ears!" Harmony claimed before breathing a sigh of relief.

Battle turned the knob to the door but was met with a nasty surprise. A jolt of electricity surged through the metal knob and caused Battle's hair to stand on end more than it usually did. She fell backward in pain.

"What happened?" The geometrical group asked Battle in unison.

"The... Door... Is... RIGGED!!!!" Battle managed to choke out.

"Aw. So much for escaping here and now..." Storm sulked.

"That Mysterious Man is always one step ahead of us... What do we do?" Safety wondered.

While Safety and the others wondered, Jiggles had gathered the strength to climb out of Curly's pocket and onto the table. He had popped off the lid of the Food Pills and started eating them. Though Jiggles just needed to eat one to be satisfied, he adored the taste of Food Pills since he was smaller.

"We're too obvious... To Mysterious Man, we're a repeating note!" Harmony insisted.

"How about luring him into a sense of assurance?" Safety suggested.

An abundance of silence arose in the room.

"Yeah, I'll keep thinking," Safety insisted with an abashed expression on her face.

"Yip! Yip yip!" Jiggles exclaimed. Now that he was satisfied, he was running, err, pulling himself around the table.

"What the heck is that?" Battle wondered. She sprang up from the ground to get a better view of Jiggles.

"Ah, so Jiggles eats Food Pills!" Safety learned from seeing that the bottle had been opened. "Curly, you should take the bottle. It contains what Jiggles eats."

Safety took the bottle off of the table and gave it to Curly.

"Thanks for helping me! I would have never figured it out!" Curly thanked. He hugged Safety as a sign of gratitude.

"Jiggles, get back in my pocket. I don't want Mysterious Man to see you."

The orange blob nodded (at least it looked like he did) and moved back towards Curly so he could scoop him up and place him in his pocket.

"Seriously, Curly Top, what is that thing?!" Battle asked with a hint of impatience in her voice.

"According to Safety, Jiggles is an enzyme," Curly answered.

"Safety told you? Heh, she wouldn't even know the directions for getting out of a potato sack!" Battle responded in a doubtful tone.


The only door in the room swung open and Mysterious Man walked in while doing a little jig.

"Time flies fast when you're planning to escape, huh?" He asked in an extremely whimsical tone.

It was so whimsical that it was nauseating. @_@

"How didja know that we were planning to..." Safety began. She was cut off by Battle covering her mouth with her left stub.

"Cut out the act, Mystery Man. We know who you really are! You're not fooling anybuddy!" Battle snapped.

"He fooled me!" Safety admitted in an adorable tone.

"You're not part of the anybuddy group, Safety," Battle groaned.

"Anyways, it's time for you all to start your test. Come with me." Mysterious Man announced.

"Aw, but I didn't study! This is a recipe for failure!" Safety cried as she got up from the table and walked towards Mysterious Man.

"Why is my sister such an idiot?" Battle grumbled under her usually lemony breath.

The Polygonal Protagonists followed Mysterious Man until they reached a room much like the one they thought was an escape route last night. Mysterious Man had them line up around a certain part of the room. Strange purple and orange devices lined the other side of the room. After everything was set in place, Mysterious Man left the room, closed the door, and went to another room that looked like a recording studio.


"Okay, your test for today is to protect this point from my giant Walking Orange Enzymes! They were a nuisance when they were small! I wonder how much trouble they'll cause when they're around your sizes!" Mystery Man announced over a somewhat hidden speaker.

"So Safety was right! But how did she know that Jiggles was an enzyme?" Battle thought to herself.

"Let the test begin!" Mysterious Man exclaimed. He slammed his left hand on a large, orange button and strange things began to happen. The door locked itself and the devices on the other side of the room sprung to life. Mysterious Man cackled with glee.

"Stay on your toes, comrades. There's no telling what we're about to face!" Battle ordered.

"J'ai peur!" Un Petit Chapeau cowered. His stubs were near his face and he was trembling.

"To be honest, Small Hatter, I'm scared too. I hate facing enemies that I'm unfamiliar with. Don't worry. You and I are surrounded by friends," Battle assured UPC.

"Am I one of the friends?" Safety asked cutely.

"*sigh* Yes..." Battle responded most honestly.

"Yay!" Safety cheered.

Suddenly, the purple and orange contraptions somehow spawned the aforementioned Walking Orange Enzymes. As their name suggested, they were walking, they were certainly orange, and they were enzymes. Large, human sized enzymes, to be exact.

"Incoming!!!! Safety shrieked.

“Everybuddy, stand your ground!” Battle insisted. She had a determined expression on her face and had both of her stubs out in front of her.

The Walking Orange Enzymes got closer and closer with every passing second.

“This is it! Here they come!” Battle said as if it were the last thing she was ever going to say in her life.

When the Walking Orange Enzymes reached the polygonal protagonists, everybuddy thought that they’d start fighting or something crazy.

Nope! They just continued walking and eventually walked into the polygonal protagonists themselves.




“Aw man! This jacket’s dry clean only!” Battle exclaimed. “At least these things are harmless!”

“Yeah!” UPC agreed. “I feel silly for being scared!”

The polygonal protagonists were covered in orange enzyme due to the continuous slew of Walking Orange Enzymes that weren’t smart enough to change direction or put up a fight.

Mysterious Man pressed the large orange button again. The purple and orange contraptions ceased their activity and the last few Walking Orange Enzymes walked into the row of rectangles.

“Okay, the test is over,” he announced. “So much for Giant Walking Orange Enzymes...”

“For your efforts, take these food pills.”

Mysterious Man pressed another button which lowered a metal tube. Seven food pills slid out of it and all of the test subjects took one.

“Well, better to have something in my stomach than nothing at all...” Battle decided before she put the food pill in her mouth and swallowed. It didn’t take long for the perplexing pill to work its magic in Battle’s tough tummy.

“Huh? I feel full!” Battle exclaimed.

“Me too!” Storm piped in.

Everyone else ate their food pills and experienced the same thing.

Mysterious Man opened the door and made a hand motion that said "Come with me."

"Get some rest. Another test awaits tomorrow." The Mysterious Man concluded as soon as he escorted the polygonal protagonists back to their space. He walked away from the aforementioned space while having a thoughtful expression on his face. Or at least it looked thoughtful...

"That wasn't too bad!" Extreme exclaimed most optimistically as soon as Mysterious Man was out of sight.

"Yes, but it doesn't mean that we should put our guards down," Battle insisted. "This was just a taste of what's ahead. My gut's telling me that it's gonna get dangerouser."

"Dangerouser isn't a word!" Curly piped in.

"Whatever!" Battle interjected. "You know what I meant. Anyways, I'm gonna start thinking up our next escape plan."

"And I'm gonna play with my pet!"

Curly reached into his pocket and pulled out the orange blob and held him in his stubs. Jiggles grinned (or at least it looked like a grin) at Curly as he stared at him and vice versa.

"I just know that we're going to be together forever!" Curly happily exclaimed.

"Prii!!!!" Jiggles agreed.

Episode Four: Snack Run


"Hey Safety! Wanna come with me?" A voice asked.

"Huh? What time is it? Are we trying to escape again?" Safety wondered while sitting up slowly. Like the last time someone woke her up in the middle of the night, it was very dark.

"Well, I don't know myself because there are no clocks in here," the voice responded.

"To answer your other question, no, we're not trying to escape again. It's just you and me that are awake right now, and I'm kinda hungry. Wanna go with me to find the kitchen in this place?"

"But what if I screw up and hit an 'In Case of Emergency' button again?" Safety wondered. The moment was etched into her mind and wouldn't leave her alone.

"Unlike Battle, I don't mind little hitches in the road. Even if we're old people by the time we get out of here, I'll still be happy!"

"Wait a minute! Extreme, is that you?" Safety guessed.

"¡Sí!¡Es mi!" Extreme exclaimed happily. She lept out of the darkness and hugged Safety.

"Thanks for the hug!" Safety thanked.

"So, are you in or are you out?" Extreme asked before letting Safety go.

"Of course I'll come!" Safety accepted. "But what if I screw up somehow? Won't you be mad at me?"

"Whatever happens, happens," Extreme responded most stoically. "Besides, if we keep worrying about problems, we'll never get anywhere. It's best to think about the solutions."

"Wow, you're right. Thanks, Extreme. You reminded me of what I lost sight of for the small while we've been in this place," Safety thanked.

"No problema. Can we go and look for food now?" Extreme replied.

"Yeah, let's go!"

"So how do you even know that there's a kitchen in here?" Safety wondered while she and Extreme were walking along.

"Yo tengo una nariz bueno," Extreme explained. "If there's food here, I would know." Extreme was sniffing the air.

(But the narrator didn't know how to write Extreme's second line of dialog in Spanish.)

Suddenly, her eyes widened in delight. A grin stretched across her face and her walking speed sharply increased.

"I found it!" Extreme cheered as she quickly continued to follow the scent.

"Well, could you please slow down? I don't have as much stamina as you do!" Safety requested between catching breaths of air.

Extreme ran back to where Safety was lagging behind and picked her up. Afterwards, Extreme continued to follow the scent.

"Whoa, what's with everybuddy being able to lift me up recently?" Safety wondered.

"I don't know myself. Ever since we've been trapped in here, something's felt different about me. It's probably nothing." Extreme answered.

After a short while, Extreme stopped running and her eyes returned to their normal size.

"Why'd you stop?" Safety inquired while the swift smeller placed her on the ground gently.

Extreme had stopped in front of a neon blue sign that said 'Break Room (You can use this place for as long as I care)'. There was a door to get into said Break Room and a window for peering into it. As described earlier, it is dark, so the window can barely be peered into.

"We're finally here!" Extreme cheered.

Seeing a knob to the door, Extreme shuddered a bit. Would it be rigged like the one that Battle tried to turn earlier?

"I won't know if I don't try," she thought to herself.

With a determined expression, the polygonal protagonist grabbed the knob, twisted it, and swung the door open in one go.

Extreme cautiously looked around and then motioned Safety to go with her into the Break Room.

"Is there a light switch in here? It would be useful right about now." Extreme questioned.

"Of course there's a light switch!" Safety answered while feeling the walls for one. "They're a lighting necessity in every room!"

She found one behind a huge, cold block. When she flicked the switch, every corner of the small room was revealed.

There were beanbag chairs, cabinets, a microwave oven, a coffee pot, and a large fridge (that was the aforementioned cold block).

"So that's what I smelled!" Extreme concluded while pointing to the coffee pot. Despite being made hours ago, the coffee still had a strong scent to it.

"Dibs on this beanbag chair!" Safety declared while jumping into a large, purple one.

"Aw man, I wanted that... Ooh!" Extreme said as she looked at Safety and then in the fridge.

"What is it?" Safety asked. She was afraid that Extreme saw a dead body or something strange.

"There's so much food in here!" Extreme squealed with glee. "But there's so much that I don't know what to eat now..."

"Well, why choose one safety method when there are MANY safety methods?" Safety suggested as she got up from her beanbag chair and walked over to her friend.

"I don't understand what you're trying to get behind..." Extreme said in an emotionless fashion.

"Well, here's some 'Do Not Cross' tape," Safety said as she gave Extreme some spaghetti.

"A speed limit sign," Safety continued as she gave Extreme a well made sandwich.

"And a traffic cone!" Safety concluded as she gave Extreme an overly frosted cupcake with a cheap decoration on top.

"You give just as good advice as I do!" Extreme complimented as she stuffed the food items into her pockets.

"You should get something for yourself. Check the cabinets."

Safety jumped up on the counters and checked the cabinets. She smiled a smile that was wider than the paper that the Title Card was drawn on.

"Yummies? This place has Yummies?!" Safety exclaimed. She started taking some bags of them and stuffing them into her pockets until her pockets were ripping at the seams. "Okay, I think I have enough."

"Here, let me take some off your stubs. Your pockets look overstuffed," Extreme offered.

"Okay!" Safety happily accepted.

After Extreme placed some of the Yummies bags in her own pockets, she felt that it was just the right time to go since they both had food to snack on.

She turned to find the light switch when all of a sudden...



"Ow!" Safety shrieked. A tear rolled down her face and she had fallen to the ground. Luckily, none of her Yummies had fallen out of her pockets.

"¿Que pasa?" Extreme asked with much concern.

She stopped searching for the light switch and ran over to the rattled rectangle.

"Something just bit my left leg, but it was so fast that I didn't have time to act or even get a glance of it! There's something in this room that wants us both dead!" Safety panicked. "We need to get out of here!!!! NOW!!!!"

"Calm down, Safety! We'll get out of here! We have each other's backs, and that's all that matters right now!" Extreme assured while lifting Safety onto her shoulders.





"IT'S COMING BACK!!!! I CAN'T TAKE THIS!!!!" Safety panicked even more.

Tears streamed down her face and she had fallen off of Extreme's shoulders. Due to being in a state of terror, she gets up and runs in a random direction. However, the direction she decides to run in is TOWARDS the mysterious attacker, which appeared to be a set of orange fangs rising out of an orange tin. Perhaps you know what it is, <insert name here>?

"Safety, no!" Extreme exclaimed while running towards her. After getting a good distance towards Safety, Extreme tackled her to the ground where the mysterious attacker was waiting. It snarled and then jumped as if to say, "Now I get to kill two for the price of one! Killing intruders is fun!"

...That was the literal translation? Wow.

"If you hurt one of my friends, you'll have ME to deal with! How DARE you hurt Safety?!" Extreme cried in an extremely... Err... very angry tone.


As if they were an answer to a cry for help, orange spikes extended from Extreme's back towards the mysterious attacker. It snarled in surprise as it was impaled by the spikes.


Extreme's anger changed to relief as the mysterious attacker's snarls died down. At the same time, Extreme's spikes retracted and Safety opened her eyes.

"Are we dead?" Safety asked weakly.

"No, we're still both alive." Extreme assured.

"What happened?" Safety asked while the polygonal protagonists got off the floor.

"...That's not important," Extreme insisted. "What's important is that we're safe! Now, let's get back to the space before Mysterious Man or a Masked Man sees us!"

She lifted Safety onto her back, flicked off the lights, and started walking back to the space where the other polygonal protagonists were still sleeping.

"But how will we get back?" Safety asked.

"That's easy! Battle strongly smells of lemons. I'll follow the direction of her scent and we'll be back there bullet free!"

So Extreme followed Battle's citrusy scent and the two were back in the space safely with a ton of goodies.

"Well, thanks for asking me to go with you, Extreme. It made my night a whole lot better. Good night," Safety said to Extreme as she got off of her shoulders and laid down in the same spot that she was sleeping in thirty minutes ago.

"Sweet dreams," Extreme responded as she laid down in the spot she was dozing off in just before she got a snack attack. The night had been so interesting that took her mind off of food. She yawned and returned to peaceful slumber.

Episode Five:Minesweeper

(The title card will be pixel art this time. It will be a Minesweeper board with the Polygonal Protagonists and Jiggles on it)

"Your test for today is to get through these giant mines without getting hurt. Or do. Either way, I don't care," Mysterious Man had announced to the polygonal protagonists through a loudspeaker.

"But we can see them! Of course it's gonna be easy to get through them!" Safety insisted.

"Your cockiness pleases me," Mysterious Man responded in an an eviler tone than usual. "But enough banter! The test starts now!"

Mysterious Man pushed the giant orange button. The door locked itself and the giant mines began to glow orange.

"How are we going to get around those mines?" Curly wondered. He slurred quite a few of the words.

"Mysterious Man rudely interrupted my beauty sleep, so I can't think straight! And I probably look hideous!" His stance wasn't looking very good since he appeared to be wobbling. Jiggles was staring at his owner in a wary fashion from the comfort of one of his pockets.

"Tu miera multa," Extreme assured Curly.

"Well, if you say so," Curly insisted while running one of his stubs through his hair.

Safety walked towards one of the mines just to inspect them. As she got closer to them, the mines would rise out of the ground and make a clicking sound as if to say "Yes, just a little closer..." She returned to the starting point after her inspection.

"There's something about these mines..." Safety started saying to her comrades.

"Yeah!" Battle agreed. "I once read a book about No Man's Land, and mines are NEVER in plain sight!"

"Hey guys, I think that Mysterious Moron's going soft on us!" She jeered to her allies.

"What?! No! That's the way my mines are!" Mysterious Man defended through the speaker.

"Real smart decision to have them sticking OUT of the ground!" Battle complemented in a sarcastic tone.

UPC snickered.

"Can you people just do this test already?! There are far more important things I could be doing!" Mysterious Man complained.

"We'll do it for as long as it takes us to figure out how to destroy your mines!" Battle insisted.

"You've taken long enough to figure out how to destroy them!" Mysterious Man exclaimed as he pulled a lever.

Suddenly, the floor started moving underneath the polygonal protagonists' feet, and it was moving them TOWARDS the mines. Mysterious Man cackled with glee.

"Now we have to think faster, or we're toast!" Safety cried.

She wished the silvery voice in her head would help her, but it seemed to be on vacation or something because it wasn't talking to Safety at all.

"Toast?! The lot of us'll be hardtack if we touch those landlubber mines!" Storm added in a frantic fashion.

"It's too late! We'll never think of anything in time!" Battle concluded. She made a motion with both of her stubs that meant "let's at least hold stubs before our fiery demises".

"Any last words?" Mysterious Man asked through the loudspeaker.

"I hope something awesome happens!" Extreme exclaimed optimistically before the mines exploded on the group.

The room filled with dark smoke and Mysterious Man did a victory dance. He had finally destroyed the polygonal protagonists! He pushed the lever back to its normal placement and he pushed the big orange button again. He took out a notepad that said at the top "Things to Use to Take Over the World" and checked off Giant Mines. Previously, Giant Walking Orange Enzymes had been vigorously crossed out in red ink. He left the testing area skipping about with much glee.

Or so he thought!

After the smoke cleared from the room, the polygonal protagonists appear to be unscathed.

"We're alive?!" Safety wondered. She had to pinch herself and feel her chest to confirm her statement.

"Prii!" Jiggles confirmed.

"I can't believe it!" Harmony exclaimed. "But how come we're all still alive?" She put her stub to... Wherever her chin is and raised an eyebrow. "It's not like there's something different about us!"

"What if it's because there IS something different about us?" Safety theorized. "The first day we were in here, my blood was blue and it didn't take long for me to recover from a wound!"

"And when Safety and I went on a snack run earlier, I was able to make spikes come out of my back and my head! They really came in stubby because a monster was trying to kill us," Extreme added.

"You can't be serious, man! You actually AGREE with Safety?" Battle groaned. She grew closer to Extreme to whisper in her ear. "She was dropped on her head when she was younger," Battle whispered. "Her screws are definitely loose."

"¡No!¡Yo soy serio!" Extreme insisted while pushing Battle away.

"Stand back. I'm gonna prove you wrong."

Battle rolled her eyes and stepped away from Extreme in a skeptical fashion.

Everybuddy watched as she managed to make orange spikes extend from her back and her head.

"What in the name of lemons?!" Battle cried in an astonished tone.

"This be the strangest thing I've seen in me entire life!" Storm piped in.

"Sacre Bleu!" UPC yelled.

"That's cool and all, but you'd better keep those things away from my iTrome," Harmony snapped.

"So you managed to kill the monster with your spikes? Why didn't you just tell me? I would have believed you," Safety inquired with a hint of sorrow in her voice.

"I don't like to get down to details unless if I really need to," Extreme answered while while her spikes retracted.

"Does this mean that we ALL have some kind of power?" Battle questioned. There was a twinkle in her visible eye.

"Most likely," Safety quipped. "But they'll all reveal themselves when the time comes."

"I wanna know mine now!!!!" Battle insisted. She was jumping up and down with the energy of a toddler and the eagerness of somebuddy who just wants to put enough time aside to write a story.

Once Battle becomes excited for something, she doesn't let it go.

Silence filled the room for a moment after Battle's winds of eager discovery petered out.

"So what do we do now, me hearties? Mysterious Man thinks we're sushi!" Storm requested.

"Well, you know what most people say: out of sight, out of mind," Safety started.

"In other words, we have a better chance of escaping now!" Battle cheered.

"But we can't escape yet!" UPC insisted.

"And why is that?!" Battle barked at the painting pirate.

"Mysterious Man just tried to end our lives with giant mines! He's Grade A nuts! We need to apprehend him and his goons so that they don't try to wreck the world years after we escape!"

UPC may speak rarely, but he's a big thinker. He tries his best to contribute to conversations if the subject is within his grasp.

The Polygonal Protagonists sighed. They all wanted to taste freedom really badly, but at the same time, they all knew UPC was right. Mysterious Man and his goons had to be stopped or else terrible things could potentially happen to the world!

"Prii!" Jiggles agreed.

"He's gonna lock everyone up in tiny glass cages?" Curly translated Jiggles in a confused fashion.

Jiggles nodded.

"Well, I have to admit. That sounds diabolical."

"So what be the plan, laddie?" Storm inquired.

"Oh, uh, I dunno. I've never made plans before..." UPC cowered while twiddling his stubs and avoiding eye contact. "I'm more of a sheep than a shepard."

"Then, in that case, leave the plan to me!" Battle insisted while flashing UPC her signature look.

"We'll split up into groups of two. The objective of this plan is to look for where Mysterious Man spends most of his time. Our rendezvous point will be this room. Once one group discovers where he spends most of his time, we'll stop looking for him and try to apprehend him. Sound good?" Battle planned after a while.

"What be a rendezvous point?" Storm asked.

"It's the place where we meet up/stay safe. The space that we were in two days ago won't do anymore since Mysterious Man assumes that we're dead," Battle clarified.

"Oh, okay. That DOES sound good!"

"Yup! That's my sister! She always puts her pedal to the steel!" Safety flattered.

Battle blushed. Though her sister could be annoying at times, Battle really loved her.

"Let's make sure this door isn't rigged," Battle suggested.

She went to turn the knob. To everyone's surprise, the door didn't electrocute Battle and an alarm didn't even sound. It swung open just like a normal door.

"What a shame! I wanted to have my brains get fried again!" Battle said with heavy sarcasm.

"Guys, let's start carrying out our plan later on," Battle continued with a yawn.

"Why?" The other polygonal protagonists (including Jiggles) asked altogether.

"Well, I don't know about you, but surviving a blow from multiple giant orange mines has tuckered me out."

Battle stepped away from the door and laid down on the ravaged, dark floor.

"Ye be a strange lass," Storm concurred. He yawned as well.

"Please cover your mouths! Yawning is contagious!" Safety exclaimed before she yawned.

"Look who's talking!" Curly exclaimed before he and Jiggles yawned.

"PLAYING RELAXING MUSIC," Harmony's iTrome announced before it started to play a slew of soft guitar chords.

One by one, the polygonal protagonists began to drop like rocks. They were all hopeful that they'd locate Mysterious Man and then escape from this dreadful scene.

Little did any of the polygonal protagonists (or Jiggles) realize that they were being watched from the moment that Extreme showed off her ability to make spikes shoot out from her back. It had access to all the security cameras, so it definitely saw this moment. Ever since they tried to escape, it had been watching and lying in wait for something unusual to happen.

"I MUST INFORM MY MASTER ABOUT THIS," it said to itself.

Episode Six:Green Team


"WAKE UP! BOTH OF YOU!" A voice exclaimed in a robotic yet frantic fashion.

"Huh?" Storm and Battle asked groggily in unison.

"Ugh, what is with this place and waking me up at the wrong time?" Battle complained in an agitated tone while rubbing her head.

"It's always the wrong time for...Hey, where be the rest of the crew?" Storm responded as he realized that UPC, Harmony, Curly, Jiggles, Safety, and Extreme were missing.

"If you did something to Safety, I'm gonna..." Battle started angrily while staring in the direction of the robotic voice.


"Why are you telling us this? What makes us so special?" Battle demanded.

"And where are we even gonna find them?" Storm wondered.


Battle and Storm exchanged concerned expressions. Did they really have a choice?

"On one stub, it knows where our allies are," Storm said most positively.

"On the other stub, it could be working for Mysterious Man. Its voice sounds familiar..." Battle responded most negatively.

Battle and Storm felt as if they were between a rock and a concrete wall. They didn't know what to do!

"I know how you feel, pointy-haired girl," the voice sympathized with its voice sounding less robotic. "Mysterious Man kidnapped my sister when we were having an outing. I couldn't do anything to stop him and I never saw her again. Then Mysterious Man went on to capture me..."

"Gosh, that's so sad..." Battle admitted while trying to hold back tears. "*Sniffle* Storm, you're right! We HAVE to go! Not just for Safety, but for everybuddy else! They all matter!"

"That be the spirit, Battle! Now let's go!" Storm agreed.

"Follow the sound of my voice, and you will eventually find your allies," the voice explained.

Storm and Battle nodded, then looked towards each other with determined expressions and nodded.

"This is it," the voice said as the group stopped in front of a door that was glowing green. "Any more questions?"

"Are ye gonna help us, lass?" Storm asked.

"No. You two must do this on your own. If it really comes down to you needing help, I will come to your aid."

"Not that we'll need any! We're the best! HEH-HEH!" Battle confidently exclaimed while fist pumping Storm.

"Aye!" Storm agreed.

Though Battle and Storm were each other's cousins, they were as close as two siblings who love each other very much.

(SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER!!!! She's awesome) ^w^

Battle turned the knob in a wary fashion. She was unsure of how Mysterious Man was going to fight, but she was eager to get her allies back no matter what he was going to throw at her and Storm.

Realizing that the door wasn't rigged like the one in the single white table room, Battle swung it open quickly. She and Storm dashed inside together.

"COME ON OUT, MYSTERIOUS MAN!!!!" Battle announced at the top of her lungs.

"Yeah, or we'll make you! With our fists!" Storm added.

"You're getting better with additional dialogue," Battle complimented.

"Thanks!" Storm quipped.

No response was made from Mysterious Man.

"Huh, I wonder where he is..." Battle said in a much quieter tone.

"And where be those masked men? There's usually a lot of them around when that Mysterious Man is!" Storm observed.

"Yeah... Something's not right..."

The polygonal protagonists continued to look around for signs of Mysterious Man and their allies. Battle took one side of the room while Storm took the other.

"I'm starting to think that voice was a bunch of bananas," Battle claimed after a while. "I don't see our friends OR Mysterious Man, and I just missed a lot of sleep! You hear that, whatever you are?! I don't believe you!"

"Lass, I think you might want to take that back..." Storm insisted while tapping Battle's left shoulder to get her attention.

"Storm, are you going crazy... Too????" Battle asked as she turned around and realized what Storm wanted to show her.

Their allies were unscathed! The only problem was, they were each trapped in glass cages with glass as thick as a dictionary.

"Let's try to get them out of there!" Storm exclaimed.

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Battle responded in a determined fashion.

Together, Storm and Battle used their full strength to punch on one of the glass cages in hopes of shattering it. All that resulted from their endeavor was nearly broken bones.

"Ouch!" The two teammates shrieked in unison.

"This be crazy!" Storm complained.

"I feel you, dude! We've come so close but we're still so far away!" Battle agreed. "Why is Mysterious Man such a jerk?" She kicked the ground in anger and folded her arms.

"Thank you," thanked a familiar voice that was further into the room.

Battle and Storm looked up to see that the voice belonged to Mysterious Man.

"That wasn't a compliment!" Battle growled while holding up a swollen fist.

"You'd best let our friends go, ye scurvy seadog! Or we'll make you!" Storm threatened.

Mysterious Man chuckled. "Now who's the one giving commands around here? I don't take requests from lowly test subjects! I only listen to myself! But since you'll make me let them go, let's see how well you'll fight against me! If I win, you and your allies will have to listen to me without any hesitation. If you two win, you can set your friends free and do what you'd like. Sound good?" He offered.

Storm and Battle looked towards each other and nodded with determined expressions.

The air grew tense around the polygonal protagonists and their fiendish foe. All was silent.

Battle broke the silence by jumping towards Mysterious Man with one of her legs extended. She was grinning from ear to ear.

Just when she was about to make her mark, Mysterious Man shrunk down to the floor! Battle's determined grin quickly changed to a pained frown when she realized that she was going to make contact with a wall instead of her intended target.

"Oof!" Battle grunted as she made impact with the aforementioned wall. Mysterious Man cackled with glee.

"Are ye alright, lass?" Storm called across the room with much concern in his voice.

"I'll be fine!" Battle assured. "While I'm recovering, get Mysterious Man!"

Storm nodded at Battle and then ran towards Mysterious Man with the swiftness of a well-made paper airplane homing in on its desired target. When Storm reached Mysterious Man's location, he punched the ground knowing that Mysterious Man had shrunk down. He continued pounding the ground in hopes of crushing Mysterious Man.

Little did he know, Mysterious Man had slithered between his legs and reformed behind him!

"Storm, look out!" Battle tried to warn as she recovered from her fall.

However, her wary cry came too late. Mysterious Man shapeshifted into a mass of slimy, green fists and struck Storm in the back! He was sent flying by the onslaught, hit the wall, and landed on top of Battle!

"AUGH!" The two allies cried in unison upon making contact with each other.

"You'd might as well give up," Mysterious Man suggested while returning to his regular form. "Both of you stand no chance against me!"

"It not be over..." Storm started while getting up.

"Until our souls have been grinded to dust!" Battle finished while getting up as well.

Soon, the headband-wearing duo was back on their feet. Despite each of them suffering just one blow from their fiendish foe, they were both panting frequently and holding one of their arms.

"Try all you want, but in the end, it will be ME who is victorious!" Mysterious Man boasted.

"Okay, Storm. Now that we know what's up his sleeve, we have a better chance at beating him now!" Battle whispered to her pirate pal.

"But whatever shall we do to defeat him, lass?" Storm asked.

"Hmm... Since he knew what both of us were planning to do, we'll have to make our movements less predictable. Afterwards, we might have an opening!" Battle quickly strategized.

"Ever since we came here, you've become quite the strategist," Storm remarked.

"Thanks, but it's mainly because I'm under so much pressure. I think better that way," Battle explained while smiling weakly.

"Not moving, eh? Fine, I'll come to you instead!" Mysterious Man insisted while sinking back into the ground.

Mysterious Man slithered on the ground with the swiftness of a snake towards the polygonal protagonists. Storm and Battle looked towards each other with determined expressions and nodded.

When Mysterious Man was near the polygonal protagonists, he shapeshifted into a giant green fist and launched himself towards them. Battle jumped out of the way in time and Storm ducked.

Mysterious Man grunted in frustration and returned to his slithering form. He had to become even faster if he were to keep up with his angular adversaries. He thought back to when Storm ran at the swiftness of a paper airplane. He wasn't able to put his hand to his chin since he lacked the appendages to do so.

He shapeshifted into Storm and ran towards the polygonal protagonists with the same swiftness as he had!

"No wonder Mysterious Man is so mysterious!" Battle realized.

"Yeah! He's not human!" The real Storm added.

When Mysterious Man finally reached them, he mimicked what Storm did. Battle jumped out the way and Storm held his stubs above his head. He knew he wasn't going to get out of the way in time since he was exhausted from everything.

As if it were on command, Storm shrunk down to the ground and moved between Mysterious Man's stubby legs!

"What the lemons?!" Battle exclaimed with surprise. "Storm, what happened to you?"

"I don't know meself lass! I just thought about shrinking to the ground and it happened!" Storm responded while reforming behind Mysterious Man.

"Heh heh, that's awesome!" There were twinkles in Battle's eyes again.

"Take this, ye fake!" Storm exclaimed before punching Mysterious Man in the back.

"Ugh!" Mysterious Man groaned before stumbling forward and falling to his knees.

"Battle, we need something to keep him down!" Storm requested.

Battle started thinking of things to keep Mysterious Man down when suddenly, her stubs both began glowing green! Was she finally going to discover her power?

A green blob materialized on the palms of her stubs in a matter of seconds. Battle was astounded.

She became even more astounded when she realized that the blobs were staring at her. They were nodding, as if to say "Do what you need to."

As if she understood them, Battle nodded back to them and then looked back to the current situation.

She hurled the blobs towards Mysterious Man's knees and they did the trick. Mysterious man was stuck to the ground!

He tried shape shifting into other things, but nothing worked! He was completely stuck!

Battle and Storm ran towards each other and high stubbed each other happily.

"We did it!" They exclaimed in unison.

"You may have defeated me, but..." Mysterious Man started slowly.

"But what?" Battle wondered in an angry tone.

"I'm not this Mysterious Man you're speaking of! I'm a Mimic Green Enzyme!" It confessed while changing back to its normal appearance.

The polygonal protagonists exchanged confused glances and then looked back at Mimic.

"Wow, he fooled me!" Storm exclaimed before letting out a hearty laugh.

"Same here! I was so into the fight that I barely noticed that Mysterious Man was a different color!" Battle confessed.

"Now that you know, can you please get me off of this floor?" Mimic politely requested.

Battle and Storm ran over to him and freed him from the floor.

"Thank you," Mimic thanked.

"Who sent you?" Battle asked in a serious tone.

"I don't remember... It's probably the Mysterious Man you spoke of. Please believe me when I say that I didn't intend to be involved in his scheme. I think I'll just stick with you guys for a while..."

"Well, now that everything's been clarified, let's free our friends from these glass cages!" Storm declared.


Using their new powers, Storm and Battle freed their friends. They all asked what had happened, and being the braggarts they were, they weren't shy to tell them of what had happened. They also showed off their powers. Mimic became fast friends with Jiggles, and together, they left the room and returned to the one they did the Giant Orange Mine test in. One by one, the polygonal protagonists, Jiggles, and Mimic drifted off to peaceful slumber.

The whole time this was going on, the voice that had spoken to Storm and Battle was watching from the shadows. Pleased by everything that it saw, it decided that it was going to test the rest of the rectangles to see what their powers were.

Episode Seven: Rhymes With Orange

Door Range

"WAKE UP!" A voice announced loudly. "It's an emergency!"

"Huh?" Curly and Extreme asked altogether while slowly opening their eyes.

"This had better be important..." Curly insisted.

"Yeah..." Extreme groggily agreed.

"It is! Your allies have been kidnapped by Mysterious Man!" The voice exclaimed with much wariness in its voice.

"I wonder why he didn't decide to kidnap US this time? Doesn't he like how I look?" Curly questioned.

"There's no time to wonder! We need to go now!" The voice insisted.

Extreme and Curly rose from the ground with very little pep in their step. They cared about the allies, but at the same time, they were still tired.

"Don't you care about your allies?" The voice asked Curly and Extreme.

"Didn't you hear the narrator?" Curly answered.

“And what makes us so important?” Extreme added in a serious tone. “We don’t even know who you are! How do we know that we can trust you?”

Shortly after Extreme asked those questions, a fiery beam of light was shot towards her. Surprised, she jumped out of the way in time.

“¡¿Que pasa?!” Extreme exclaimed furiously.

“YOU ASKED TOO MANY QUESTIONS,” the voice responded monotonically. “Now, follow the sound of my voice if you want to save your allies.”

Extreme and Curly exchanged wary glances and then nodded.

“Your allies were taken here,” the voice concluded. The voice told Curly and Extreme to stop walking when they reached a door that had an orange glow.

“I would wish you both good luck, but I’ve been programmed to be as negative as possible. So I hope both of you get destroyed.”

As the voice said that, it got softer and softer until it disappeared completely.

“Well, there’s no turning back now,” Extreme stated in a wary fashion.

Curly nodded to her statement as she turned the knob. By now, all of the polygonal protagonists (and their little enzymes too) knew that not every door in this strange place was rigged.

After turning the knob in a ‘let’s do this’ fashion, Extreme ran inside with Curly following behind.

Not exchanging a single line of dialogue, they snuck around the room warily. They looked to the left and right so often that they didn't notice what they came for until they looked straight in front of each other.

Their allies were safe, but they were all locked up inside of a giant glass cube with glass as thick as a door.

Extreme and Curly grinned from ear to ear, looked towards each other, nodded, and ran towards the glass cube. They didn't need words in that moment to express their glee.

Before either of them could even touch the glass, a strange creature dropped from the ceiling! It hissed at Curly and Extreme and starting throwing slimy orange balls at them. Surprised, Extreme ducked to avoid the orange onslaught while Curly jumped above each of them.

"What are we going to do, my fair sister?" Curly asked while avoiding another orange ball. "We can't avoid this thing's shots forever!"

"We'll have to fight it!" Extreme insisted.

"I don't like to fight..." Curly responded.

"Me neither! But sometimes, we need to do the things that we don't like in order to progress! Will you fight alongside me?"

Curly thought for a while. As he had mentioned, he didn't like fighting. However, he and Extreme were the only ones capable of rescuing their allies!

He looked towards Extreme and nodded before getting hit by a large orange ball.

Extreme gasped, but before she could run over to her brother, she got hit by an orange ball as well.

The polygonal protagonists flew across the the room and bumped the floor twice before making a complete stop.

"¿Estás bien?" Extreme asked while slowly getting up.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for asking!" Curly happily responded while springing to his feet. "I thought that ball would be harder, but my arms absorbed the blow somehow!"

"That's good to hear! Let's try to beat that thing now!"

The angular allies ran towards the angry attacker and prepared to fight it. Extreme extended her spikes, but extended them away from Curly since he was running right next to her. Since Curly's arms were shockingly good at absorbing blows, he held both of them in front of him crossed.

The crazy creature tried to throw more orange balls toward the polygonal protagonists, but its efforts were in vain as Extreme's spikes caught them and Curly's arms deflected them.

When Extreme and Curly got close enough, they used all of their strength to fight their foe.

Extreme continually impaled the enormous enemy while Curly rammed into it.

After much impaling, ramming, and dodging, the mysterious creature keeled over. Extreme and Curly hugged with glee and ran to the giant glass cube.


After freeing their friends, everybuddy returned to the infamous Giant Orange Mine room. Like last time, the other polygonal protagonists asked of what had happened. Being a modest gal, Extreme chose not to tell of what happened. Despite being vain, Curly didn't want to tell of what had happened either since he didn't like to talk about fighting (in addition, he felt that he looked bad the whole time). He does mention his newfound power, though: deflecting projectiles with his arms! Battle feels that this newfound power will come in stubby in case the mysterious silver being attacked again.

Safety, Harmony, and UPC want to discover their powers more than ever now.

"You will get your chance one day. Just you wait..."

The silvery words rang through Safety's head. She nodded, but deep down, she wished that 'one day' would come sooner.

Meanwhile, the voice was looking over what the security cameras had picked up. "This isn't satisfying, but it will still do," it commented.

"One more test to do and then it's time..."

Episode Eight: I'm Blue!



"What's the meaning of this?!"


"They be fighting dirty!"

The polygonal protagonists tried to retaliate, but their injuries prevented them from doing so.

With a kick, the polygonal protagonists were knocked out cold. What could be heard afterward was the sound of dragging and Masked Men giggling.

"YOU TWO," the voice said in its monotone, metallic… uh... voice. "WAKE UP. WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A DIRE SITUATION!"

"I know, right? My iTrome recently notified me that Lane from No Direction just broke away from the band! Even though his voice was no different from the other guys, he will be missed..." Harmony responded while rising from the floor.

"Well, that's not entirely true," Safety objected while rising from the floor. "No two people can have the same voice. It's scientifically impossible!"

"But their voices can be similar, right?"

Safety nodded. "Like how..."

"SILENCE!!!!" The voice exclaimed. Obediently, Harmony and Safety stopped talking and looked towards the direction of where the voice was coming from.


"But how can we even trust you? We don't even know what you look like!" Safety wondered.

"Yeah! This is stranger danger if I've ever heard it!" Harmony agreed.


"Both, I supp..."

Safety was cut off by a red hot laser flying straight for her head! She squealed and ducked before she (or her hat) could be scathed.

"WRONG ANSWER," the voice taunted.

"Now I really don't want to follow you," Harmony declared while folding her arms and turning away from the direction of the voice. "First off, you're rude. Second off, you could have hurt Safety with... Whatever that was! That's SO off-key!"


As soon as the voice said that, a giant pair of scissors extended from the darkness. Harmony quickly turned around. Sweat was dripping down her face profusely. The scissors promptly retracted.

"And now blackmail! Gee, aren't you a bag of tricks?" Harmony complimented while faking a smile and gripping her iTrome tightly.

"This may go against my stranger danger policy, but we'll go with you," Safety capitulated while hanging her head low. "I don't want to get hurt and I don't want Harmony to go through the trouble of buying another iTrome. The first one got chewed up by our dog, Extreme sat on the second one, the third one fell off the rollercoaster that only goes up, Plasmaster accidentally burnt the fourth one to a crisp, Test Subject Fan unintentionally shot the fifth one with his proton cannon, AustinCarter4Ever got scared and set fire to the sixth one, Klemen sold the seventh iTrome to the Klemenation, and the eighth iTrome fell down a rabbit hole."

"Wow, I can't believe that you remember the things that happened to my previous iTromes," Harmony gawked.

"Well, when you're there when it happened, it's easier to..." Safety started.

"WELL, I'M NOT AMAZED. CAN I TAKE YOU TO YOUR ALLIES NOW BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND?" The voice finished. It sounded quite annoyed.

Safety and Harmony nodded together.


Harmony and Safety continued to follow the sound of the mysterious voice until they reached a door that was glowing blue.

“Is this door rigged?” Safety inquired. Even though only one door had been rigged before, they felt commonplace here.

“Yeah, I would like to know as well,” Harmony added. “Frizzy hair is not in season.”

“Wait, when has it been in sea...”

“SHUT UP!!!! THE DOOR IS NOT RIGGED!” The voice shrieked in annoyance. Out of all the polygonal protagonists it had to convince, Harmony and Safety were the hardest.

“Alright, alright,” Harmony responded nonchalantly as she reached out for the knob and turned it; the door swung open.

“Safety first!” Safety exclaimed as she walked through the door first with Harmony following behind her.

“I see what you did there,” Harmony admitted in an impressed tone.

After the polygonal protagonists were inside the room, the voice realized that someone was missing from the test. It tried to remember who it missed, but even with its supercomputer mind, it couldn’t remember. It shrugged and then went off to look at any incoming footage on the security cameras.

Perhaps you know who hasn’t been tested, <insert name here>?

"Curly? Jiggles? Mimic?" Safety called while putting her stubs to the sides of her mouth to amplify her voice.

"Extreme? Storm? UPC? Battle?" Harmony crooned.

The polygonal protagonists briefly heard a faint whimper.

"That sounds like Jiggles!" Safety realized. "Jiggles, is that you?"

The whimper got louder as if the voice were to imply that it belonged to Jiggles. Safety and Harmony ran in the direction of the sound. Indeed, the voice WAS Jiggles'!

"Jiggles!" Safety happily called out.

"Yip!" Jiggles happily responded. He climbed onto one of Safety's arms.

"Why were you whimpering?" Safety inquired.

Jiggle's beady eyes welled up with tiny tears and he pointed towards what he was sitting on a while ago: Curly!

"Huh? What's wrong with Curly?" Safety wondered.

Harmony touched her left stub to Curly's neck in order to feel for a pulse. She continued searching for a pulse by going around his neck, but no matter where she moved her stub, she couldn't find a pulse.

Though Curly's body was pale and limp, there was still a smile stretched across his face.

"No, he can't be..." Harmony said softly.

"Oh, please don't say it's so!" Safety begged.

"I'm afraid it is..." Harmony admitted while pausing her vivacious music and placing her headphones around her neck. "... Curly... Is dead..."

Jiggles broke down and starting crying a river. Now that Curly was gone, his life could never be the same again.

Safety started crying as well. How was she, Extreme, or Battle going to tell their mom that her only son was dead?

"Curly may not have been the strongest or the most strategical, but that didn't prevent him from helping in any way possible," Harmony announced while also shedding some tears.

Harmony, Jiggles, and Safety were so sad that they didn't realize that a miracle was about to take place. Safety and Harmony's tears didn't stop in a collective puddle when they hit the ground; they were all slithering towards Curly. When enough of them had gathered, the strange pile of tears gathered under Curly and a blue light shone around him momentarily.

After a while, Curly's visible eye slowly opened and his complexion became lively again.

"Huh? What are you guys crying about?" He asked with concern while rising from the floor. "You're going to make me cry too..."

"Prii?" Jiggles asked while slowly opening his eyes.

"Yes, it's me in the flesh!" Curly happily responded.

"Prii!!!!" Jiggles happily jumped off of Safety's arm and rushed over to Curly. He repeatedly licked his feet.

"Aw, that tickles! You guys are acting like somebuddy died," Curly noticed as he scooped Jiggles up from the floor.

"Yes, somebuddy died! It was you... Curly..." Safety said as she opened her eyes and realized that Curly was alive again.

"I was dead? I don't remember that..." Curly responded as he walked up to Safety and Harmony.

"You don't remember because YOU WERE DEAD!" Harmony emphasized before letting out a giggle.

"But Curly couldn't have simply come back to life," Safety thought out loud. "One of us must have the power to bring people back to life!"

"Prii..." Jiggles thoughtfully added.

"Jiggles thinks that both of you have the ability to bring people back to life," Curly translated.

"What makes him think that?" Harmony wondered.

"Prii!" Jiggles explained.

"He said that when all of you were crying because I was dead, he saw blue enzymes falling out of Safety and Harmony's eyes!"

Jiggles always associated Blue Enzymes with healing. One day, when he was running around a test chamber, he tripped and hurt his arm. Feeling sympathy for him, a blue enzyme testing out a Proto Suit stopped doing its test to see what the matter was. When it jumped out of its suit to take a closer look at the damage, it touched Jiggles' arm and he instantly felt better.

Safety and Harmony looked at each other in surprise. They finally knew what their power was! They jumped around with glee.

However, this happy moment of discovery didn't last long. A masked man shot at the group! Luckily, Curly noticed in time and jumped in the way of the crossfire to deflect the bullets with his arms! After seeing that none of his bullets made contact with any of the polygonal protagonists, the masked man had a nervous facial expression.

"You guys should find the others! Jiggles and I will hold off the attacker!" Curly insisted.

"Are you sure?" Safety asked.

"Yes, I'm very sure! We'll be fine! Now go! The others need you!"

Safety and Harmony looked towards each other, nodded, and walked further into the room.

As Safety and Harmony walked further into the room, they found the rest of their allies. They didn't meet the same fate as Curly, but they were all banged up badly.

"Oh, thank lemons you guys are okay!" Battle happily exclaimed when she saw Safety and Harmony walking towards her. "I was afraid that something happened."

"You? Afraid? That's a hard picture to see!" Harmony responded while holding back a giggle.

"It's an easy picture to see since we're still stuck inside of this dump."

"What happened to all of you?" Safety wondered.

"While we were sleeping, some masked men wiped the deck with us!" Storm explained. "Since it was really dark, we didn't stand a chance against them!"

"It's like they knew our weaknesses!" Extreme added with an unsure expression.

"Anyways, now that we've found you, Harmony and I can heal you and then we can get out of here!" Safety announced.

"I don't see a first aid kit near either of you... However are you going to heal us?" UPC inquired.

"UPC, you're so silly!" Safety responded. "Harmony and I just discovered that we have the ability to heal people! We managed to revive Curly!"

After Safety responded, Harmony walked over to Battle to see if touching her stubs to something would also work since her eyes were sore from crying.

Battle glowed blue for a moment, and when the glow faded, she had the strength to spring from the floor.

"HEH-HEH! I feel great!" The rowdy rectangle boasted.

Wasting no time, Harmony and Safety went on to heal the rest of their allies.

"Let's get out of here," Safety declared. The other polygonal protagonists nodded.

"But what about Curly?" Harmony reminded.

"Oh yeah!" Safety remembered. "How could I forget about him?"

Everybuddy ran back to where Curly was. Much to Harmony and Safety's surprise, Curly and Jiggles had defeated the masked man, who was now on the floor writhing in pain.

"I told you that we would be fine," Curly assured while scooping up Jiggles and reuniting with his allies.

"Prii!" Jiggles agreed.

"Guys, this might be a crazy plan..." Battle started. The polygonal protagonists were back in the Giant Orange Mine room laying down.

"Tell us, lass! A crazy plan is better than no plan!" Storm assured.

"Oh, okay then. I think we should escape while the lights are still on in this place. Obviously, it'll be risky, but Safety and Harmony have healing powers and the rest of us have powers that would help us stand a chance against the armed masked men!"

All was quiet for a moment. Battle twiddled her stubs nervously.

"It could work..." Extreme said in order to break the quietness.

"Yes, it COULD work! We needed an outside the box plan, and now that we know what our powers are, we can use them to escape! I'm with your plan, lass!" Storm agreed wholeheartedly.

The other polygonal protagonists had nothing to object to this plan, so they simply nodded.

"So, now that we have our plan, when are we going to escape?" Curly pondered.

"Well, you know me. The strangest occurrences manage to tire me out no matter what they are. Getting beat up by thugs, eating a large pile of lemons, you name it!Let's all hit the sack and fight our hardest when we wake up!"

"Yeah!" Everybuddy exclaimed in unison.

Except for Jiggles, who always says "Prii!" :P


"I'm thinking about what to do right now!" Mysterious Man exclaimed. "There are going to be plans! BIG PLANS!!!!"

Mysterious Man let out an evil laugh.

Episode Nine: Fighting Chance


"Guys, wake up!" Battle barked to her allies.

"It's time already?" Safety asked while getting up. She felt that her hat was crooked when she rose, so she adjusted it back to the way she pleased.

"Yup! I'm actually really excited to kick some masked man butt!" Battle happily responded while bumping her stubs together.

"You can be strange sometimes, sis," Safety commented cutely.

"¡Andale!" Extreme insisted. She quickly sprung to her feet and did some leg exercises.

"I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one excited!" Storm exclaimed heartily.

"All this talk about escaping is music to my ears!" Harmony agreed.

"It's painting such a beautiful image in my mind!" Un Petit Chapeau added.

"Yeah, the image of mom's delicious homemade tacos!" Extreme squealed. "I hope she makes them for us when we get back!"

"Yeah, me too! But we have to focus on escaping first or we'll never taste her cooking again!" Battle declared.

The polygonal protagonists nodded.

"I've never had one of these tacos you're speaking of, but I'd like to try one," Mimic said.

"Dude, you have to! They're the best food ever!" Extreme insisted with sparkles in her eyes.

"If you say so," Mimic concluded.

"*yawn* Can't we escape later? I'm missing my beauty sleep!" Curly objected.

"Prii!" Jiggles defended.

"*gasp* Jiggles, don't take up Battle's unruly attitude!" Curly scolded while shaking his head angrily.

"What did he say?" Battle wondered.

"He said 'Your beauty sleep can wait! The time to escape is now!'" Curly translated.

"That's my enzyme!" Battle boasted. "Anyways, is everybuddy ready? We're about to be in for the fight of our lives, so I don't want to see anyone lagging behind! We're in this together!"

"Oui!" UPC said while nodding quickly.

"I be ready if ye be ready, lass!" Storm insisted.

"I have yielded to the current situation, so I believe that I'm ready," Safety reported.

"¡Si!" Extreme accepted confidently while slightly extending her spikes.

"Let's do this~♪!" Harmony sang.

"This is going to be so boring, but if it's for my family, I'll do anything," Curly answered.

"Prii!" Jiggles responded.

"Copy that," Mimic quipped.

"PLAYING MOTIVATIONAL MUSIC," Harmony's iTrome announced.

"Alright, let's do this!" Battle concluded while bumping her stubs together once more and moving towards the door with her friends following behind.

After Battle opened the door, the polygonal protagonists (along with Jiggles and Mimic) left the room through the only door it had.

Once the opportunistic oblongs left the room, the observed the odd setting. Even though it was bright, they still didn't know where the exit could possibly be.

"Perhaps we're underground," Safety noted. "There aren't any windows and the only source of light we have here is artificial!"

"You may be on to something, sis," Battle supported. "Maybe that's why weren't able to escape the day we were imprisoned here! New plan, guys! We need to find the..."

"SURPRISE, SUCKAS!!!!" A group of masked men exclaimed just before Battle had the chance to finish her sentence. They were all armed with guns!

"Take your best shot, boys," Curly taunted calmly while jumping in front of his allies and crossing his arms in front of him.

Being overconfident and moronic creatures, the masked men opened fire on the curly child.

The bullets harmlessly bounced off of Curly's arms. The masked men exchanged shocked glances (or at least they looked like they did).

"Let's gum up the works!" Battle insisted while forming multiple green blobs in her stubs. She threw each of the blobs into the masked men's guns.

When the masked men tried to fire again, they were met with a nasty surprise. The pressure used to fire the bullet from their guns wasn't released and caused them to explode! The group of masked men fell over in pain.

"That's for the tapping on glass and the alarm clock!” Battle complained while pointing her right stub at the writhing masked men. “What do they have in common? I didn't ask for either of them!"

"So, as I was saying, we need to find the elevator," Battle claimed. “Too bad none of us have elevator-finding powers… Or lemon-conjuring powers!” She laughed softly to herself.

“Usually, elevators are up against a wall. This one must be hidden because there’s nothing that looks relatively like an elevator here!” Safety informed.

"We're never gonna get out of here, me hearties!" Storm exclaimed while his eyes began to tear up. "We're never gonna see the sea ever again!"

"Calm down, Storm. As Battle said, we're in this together," Extreme assured. "Besides, with a will, there's a way!"

"Thank you, lass!" Storm thanked. "This place is really getting at me."

"I'm sure it's gotten at all of us over the course of... However long we've been in here," Safety responded while feeling up the walls in case the elevator was hidden. “Where could it be? We’re so close yet so far!”

Safety stopped feeling up the walls to pace.

“I don’t see any more masked men anywhere,” Extreme noticed. “How about we all take a break for now?”

“I’d usually be angry, but ever since I discovered my power, I’ve become a bit more easygoing,” Battle responded while taking a seat on the floor.

“And you haven’t been calling people morons!” Safety added.

Battle slowly nodded and realized that more changed about her than she thought.

“PLAYING INTERMISSION MUSIC,” Harmony’s iTrome announced. “Ah, good choice,” Harmony said as if her iTrome would talk back to her.

(The intermission music Harmony’s iTrome picked was the Intermission from Monty Python)

Safety and Battle threw a green blob back and forth, Extreme took the sandwich out of the pocket she stuffed it in and started eating it, Storm was poking his torso, Harmony was humming to the music, UPC was contemplating over what to paint, and Curly was playing with Jiggles and Mimic.

Just when the intermission was about to end, a masked man snuck up behind Battle and snatched something out of her pocket! While the masked man was running away, his action had quickly caused Battle to become enraged! She quickly rose from the ground and started running toward him!

"Get him!" She angrily exclaimed.

"So much for being less angry..." Curly responded before putting Jiggles in one of his pockets and following after her.

"¿Que pasa?" Extreme asked with much concern while finishing up her sandwich.

"That masked man stole something from me! I just know it!" Battle shrieked.

One by one, the other polygonal protagonists joined in on the chase until all of them were chasing after the masked man, who was running towards the middle of the room. When he finally reached the middle of the room, the masked man stopped in place.

"Give Battle back whatever you took from her, landlubber!" Storm insisted angrily.

The masked man showed the polygonal protagonists his hands and the contents of his pockets. He promptly giggled.

"Huh, he didn't steal anything from me," Battle calmly realized. He ran up to the masked man and punched him in the... mask :P

"That's for tricking me! Heh heh!!!!"

The force of Battle's punch caused the masked man to stumble backward. The moment he stopped stumbling, a bright light glowed around him and he started ascending towards the ceiling until he disappeared! The polygonal protagonists and their endearing enzymes looked at each other in surprise!

"Could that be the elevator?" Safety wondered while looking in front of her.

"Well, there's nothing around here that looks relatively close to an elevator," Curly responded nonchalantly. "Let's give it a try..."

So the polygonal protagonists walked up to the space that the masked man stumbled into. Momentarily, a bright light shone on all of them and they began to ascend.

"We're flying!" Safety cheered.

"Yeah, flying towards freedom!" Extreme agreed while walking towards Safety to hug her.

"So, who did the best job in keeping us all on our stubby toes?" Safety wondered as the invisible elevator continued to ascend.

"Usually, I'd brag about myself, but I think that we all did the best job," Battle responded wholeheartedly while wrapping her arms around her comrades.

When the elevator came to a stop, the polygonal protagonists all had the same thing on their minds since it was right in front of them: daylight!

"Prii?" Jiggles asked Curly.

"You can be quite silly sometimes! That's natural light! It comes from the sun!" Curly explained.

"Prii?" Jiggles asked in a more confused tone.

"I'll tell you later. Let's get out of here first!"

"I second that!" Mimic agreed.

Just as everybuddy was about to taste freedom, a familiar-looking silver being dropped from the ceiling and blocked their path! The polygonal protagonists gasped and jumped backward in surprise.

"Ohoho! What do we have here?" A familiar voice asked. "A group of lowly test subjects attempting to escape? Not while I'm around."

The silver being walked forward and the geometric group soon saw a familiar face on top of it.

"Mysterious Man!" Battle recognized.

"But how did you know that we're still alive?" Safety wondered.

"Since I'm feeling so generous today, I'd be delighted to tell you," Mysterious Man answered in a saccharine tone. "A little bird told me all about how you survived the explosion! That's when the pieces started to fit together..."

"I WAS THAT LITTLE BIRD... TWEET TWEET!" The silver being added in playfully.

"*gasp* that voice!" The polygonal protagonists exclaimed in unison.

"I knew it! You WERE working for Mysterious Man!" Battle boasted angrily.


"So the whole 'sister being kidnapped story' was fake?!"


"Okay, you have just made me angry in the worst way! You do NOT mess with my emotions! I'm gonna tear you piece by piece!"


"But why would Mysterious Man continually separate the group and leave it up to two people to save their allies every time?" Safety pondered.

"Since you people survived the Giant Orange Mine explosion, I assumed that something had to be up, since no human in the history of existence has survived an explosion," Mysterious Man explained. "I retraced my steps to the very first day. Remember when I said that my mercenaries screwed up an ambush?"

"Yes?" Safety responded.

"And seven of my samples were missing?"

"Just get to the point!" Battle barked barbarically.

Mysterious Man began to recall what the silver being had recorded.

"Well, my little bird recorded what had happened on the day you all arrived here. It’s unfortunate that she couldn’t record how my mercenaries could have possibly mistaken a group of children for a middle-aged balding man with turquoise skin!”

The polygonal protagonists looked at each other with confused expressions.

“*sigh* But I digress. My mercenaries brought your unconscious bodies into my office where I had left seven samples that I meant to test out. I wasn’t there at the moment, so they were just messing around. Stupid mercenaries. Here comes my favorite part: my mercenaries were bored and they noticed the samples that I left lying around! Leaving mercenaries unattended with Enzyme samples is always a bad idea, but they did something interesting this time around. They each took one of the samples and injected them into someone! Then they giggled and carried you off to the space with the glass door.”

“So THAT’s why my blood is blue!” Safety realized.

“Yes, your DNA has been slightly altered. Who knows what you’re capable of?”

“Well, I can…” Safety started before Battle furiously shook her head at her.

“No matter. I already know thanks to the tests that my little bird forced you to do.”


“Wait! But I never got tested!” UPC spoke up.


“Rainbow Enzyme?” UPC repeated.

“It’s a blue enzyme, an orange enzyme, and a green enzyme fused together! Who knows what it can do?!” Mysterious Man exclaimed before letting out a confident chuckle. “But since you all have valuable Enzymes flowing through your bloodstreams, I can’t let any of you leave this place alive since I need those enzymes! This is your final test! The test to see if you can survive the wrath of my mighty machine!” Mysterious Man let out a maniacal laugh.

“We can do this, guys! I know we can!" Battle confidently exclaimed while bumping her stubs together.

The other polygonal protagonists confidently looked towards each other and nodded.

"LET THE LAST TEST COMMENCE..." Mysterious Man's Machine announced.

Series Finale: The Rainbow Enzyme


"Curly, you know what to do," Battle said while looking over to Curly.

"Way ahead of you!" Curly agreed while jumping in front of his allies and crossing his arms.


"Power up your laser and blast that pathetic excuse for a life form into oblivion!" Mysterious Man demanded.

"I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear such crass words," Curly humphed while continuing to cross his arms. He turned his head to the side while pouting his lips.

"POWER UP COMPLETE," Mysterious Man's Mighty Machine announced. "PLEASE SAY A COMMAND."

"Fire!" Mysterious Man exclaimed.


Presently, the silver spider fired a crimson laser. Curly licked his lips and prepared for the incoming laser.

As expected, Curly harmlessly absorbed the attack.

"Piece of cardboard!" Curly boasted.

Angrily, Mysterious Man insisted to his machine that it fired more lasers, but none of them were phasing Curly!

"You know, Sir, I can fire more powerful lasers than the one you're making me fire now..." Mysterious Man's Mighty Machine said quietly.

"Then why didn't you say so?" Mysterious Man hissed.

"Because you programmed me to not make you look like a moron," his machine responded.

"Whatever! Just fire the stronger laser now!"


Mysterious Man's Mighty Machine fired a mahogany beam.

Curly continued to stand in its path with his arms crossed. He nodded a little.

When the laser made contact with Curly, it bounced Curly back a bit and a cracking sound was audible.

"Curly! Are you alright?" Safety asked with much concern.

"I'm fine! I can shield for days!" Curly insisted confidently.

"Fire another laser!" Mysterious Man commanded.

"FIRING LASER!" Mysterious Man's Mighty Machine announced while shooting another beam towards Curly.

When this laser connected with Curly's arms, his vision blurred, his eyes widened in surprise, and the sound of glass breaking rang through the room. The impact of the laser caused him to fly until he hit a wall. He slowly slid down while his allies looked at him and gasped in horror.

"Curly!" Safety cried.

Seeing what had happened, Jiggles whimpered but remained in Curly's pocket.

"I'm *cough* okay..." Curly lied.

"No you aren't! That laser clearly broke your arms!"

"No... I can still block the lasers... Trust me... I will do whatever I can to help my family! Even if I'm in a lot of pain..." Curly said while trying to get up. He sat back down since he was in too much pain.

"Take it easy, Curly Top," Battle assured. "Safety, you should stay with Curly. He's done enough heavy lifting for now. We'll handle the rest!"

"Okay!" Safety accepted. "Curly, I'll get you fixed up in no time!"

"Sir, the other test subjects are preparing to attack. What shall you do?" Mysterious Man's Mighty Machine requested.

"Keep firing Laser 2.0 and don't let up! And call in all the mercenaries! We're going to burn these fools where they're standing!" Mysterious Man fumed.

The machine preceded to emit an ultrasonic wave that spread throughout the hall. Every mercenary stopped what they were doing, picked up their guns, and rushed to assist their master.


Mysterious Man's Mighty Machine randomized the locations of where it fired its laser. The poor polygonal protagonists were dodging and jumping all over the place. There seemed to be no letup.

"Sacre Bleu! What do we do?" Un Petit Chapeau asked desperately while jumping above a laser.

"We need to do something about that machine's laser pointer!" Battle thought out loud while ducking underneath a laser.

The sound of a gun reloading echoed in the room.

"Where did these landlubbers come from?!" Storm questioned while cartwheeling away from a laser.


"Quit referencing other robots, you moron!" Battle growled in annoyance.

"Okay, Curly. I'm almost done healing you!" Safety cutely announced. She had been holding her stubs on Curly's arms for a while now since Curly had taken quite a blow from the Laser 2.0.

Suddenly, a group of masked men surrounded the two children! They cocked their guns and giggled. Their giggles sounded very demonic this time around.

"No! Please don't shoot!" Safety whimpered while crossing her stubs together above her head. "We don't have any weapons!"

"Well, you could count my arms since I can just ram into..." Curly started.

"Curly!" Safety finished in a sad fashion.

"MERCENARIES, DO YOUR WORST," the maleficent machine announced.

The mercenaries giggled demonically and prepared to open fire on Curly and Safety.

"Curly, if this is the end, I've always loved you. You may not have been the strongest, but you've always tried to keep things on the positive side," Safety said wholeheartedly.

"Thanks, I love me too," Curly responded flamboyantly.

Safety raised a barely visible eyebrow.

"But seriously, I love you too. Your questions always kept us asking, and that was a good thing! And who doesn't like surprise hugs?"

When Curly finished speaking, he and his sister closed their eyes and the mercenaries opened fire on the group.




"Huh?" Safety asked while slowly opening her eyes.

"Are we dead?" Curly inquired.

"Hmm, let me check..." Safety said as she felt her neck for a pulse and went on to check Curly.

"Nope! We're still alive!" Safety cheered. "But who saved us? All of our siblings are fighting the machine!"

"That would be me," a voice answered next to Safety.

Safety turned around and met eyes with a familiar face! Well... 1/3 of a face...

"Mimic!" Safety recognized.

"Yes, it is me. I could not help but see that both of you were in a bind over here. So at the last second, I transformed into a Shield Orange Enzyme and reflected all the bullets!" Mimic confidently explained. "If any more mercenaries come your way, I will protect you."

"Thanks!" The polygonal protagonists thanked in unison.

"Alright, let's finish getting you healed up so we can help the others!" Safety declared while continuing to heal Curly's arms.

Curly simply nodded and hoped that there were others to go back to.

"Battle, my iTrome and I are running out of energy! Isn't there anything we can do about this thing's lasers?" Harmony whined.

"I'm trying to think of an opening," Battle responded calmly. "It doesn't take long to recharge and fire again, so it's impossible for any of us to make a move!"

"Except up and down and around the lasers!" Extreme joked.

"Well, you'd better find an opening soon," Harmony continued. "Or else we'll all run out of energy and get fried to dust! Such an out of tune situation!"

"Isn't there a way to distract it?" Storm wondered.

"I CANNOT BE DISTRACTED. I AM THE BEST MACHINE CREATED!" Mysterious Man's Mighty Machine boasted. In the moment that it boasted, it has ceased fire, but then returned back to doing so.

"Didja see that, lass?" Storm asked with a bit of awe.

"Yeah! Looks like it can't talk and fire its laser at the same time!" Battle happily realized.


"It's like what? I didn't catch that," Storm responded while putting his right stub to his right ear. He then looked at Battle and mouthed the words "I'll distract it. You and the others should do something!"

Battle nodded quickly and waited for a good time to strike.


While Mysterious Man's Mighty Machine was repeating itself, Battle had quickly created a blob and threw it at the machine's lens. Since it had been talking, it was vulnerable to the action.


"Just blast it off!" Mysterious Man commanded carelessly.

"BUT SIR, THAT WILL..." It started to object.

"JUST DO IT!!!! And then get back to disposing of these test subjects!"

At first, Mysterious Man's Mighty Machine was reluctant to fire a laser, but it had been programmed to obey Mysterious Man no matter what emotion he was expressing at the given time.

The machine fired a laser to remove the obscurity, but while it had been contemplating, the obscurity took on the characteristics of glass and bounced the laser back into its lens!

The machine beeped loudly and smoke began to rise out of its top.


"WHAT?!" Mysterious Man fumed. He looked down from where he was standing to see that indeed, the lens had cracked due to his eager, sadistic demeanor. Not knowing how to react to this situation, he angrily jumped up and down like a monkey who just got his banana stolen.

"¿La hora es correcto, sí?" Extreme asked Battle, who nodded in a determined fashion upon having the question be asked.

Extreme walked up to where the machine's lens was malfunctioning and extended all of her spikes INTO the lens. The sound of glass breaking was audible as the metallic monstrosity powered down and Extreme retracted her spikes.

Mysterious Man was walking backwards and fell off of his machine along with his machine being knocked backwards and falling on top of him.


"¡Chicos, nosotros ganamos!" Extreme cheered.

"Heh heh! That was too easy!" Battle added.

All of the polygonal protagonists began to dance happily. Who wouldn't dance after overcoming such a long obstacle?

"I actually feel like singing again! It's a miracle!" Harmony happily claimed.

"Does this mean we can finally go home?" Safety asked while running up to her siblings along with Curly and Mimic.

"Yes." Battle quipped calmly. "Mysterious Man is dead, so he's no longer a threat to..."

"YOU SPEAK TOO SOON!" Mysterious Man exclaimed while grabbing one of UPC's legs from behind and quickly dragging him towards the elevator.

"Me mettre bas!" UPC exclaimed in a surprised tone while trying to hold onto the floor. His efforts had ended in vain since Mysterious Man was much stronger than he was.

The other polygonal protagonists promptly gasped.

"How in the name of Klemen T. Lemon are you still alive?" Safety inquired. "You just got squished by your robot!"

"Yes, you SAW me get squashed by my robot! I faked my death! I refuse to die until I see how The Rainbow Enzyme has affected this specimen!" Mysterious Man evilly gloated while dragging UPC into the elevator and pressing a button. He and UPC floated up to the ceiling and disappeared upon reaching  it.

"After him!" The polygonal protagonists exclaimed in unison.

"Because if you want one of us..." Safety started.

"You'll get ALL of us!" Battle finished.

The ready rectangles piled into the elevator eager to see what else Mysterious Man had up his sleeves.

"Fight me!" Mysterious Man insisted to UPC. Both of them were on the roof of the building. The air seemed to get more tense with every passing moment.

"Oh, no thank you. I don't like to fight," UPC responded calmly. "Instead, I like to paint. I would recommend painting to you. It really calms..."

UPC was cut off by a fist connecting with the left side of his face. The blow caused UPC to slide backward slightly.

"I said fight me!" Mysterious Man repeated angrily.

"Non!" UPC refused.

Mysterious Man struck UPC again, only this time, the blow was harder. It caused UPC to slide backwards. The left side of his face started to swell!

“You’d better start fighting me, or else it’s a long drop down from here!” Mysterious Man threatened.

UPC whimpered because Mysterious Man was right. From where he was standing, he could see the sea and how tiny everything was. On the other stub, he really didn't like fighting.

UPC's dislike for fighting stemmed from long ago. He and Storm were playing outside and Storm insisted that they should have a punching contest. UPC agreed to it and the two began punching each other on their arms. With every passing turn, the punches got harder. One one of the turns when they got to their hardest, UPC accidentally missed Storm's arm and punched him on the right side of his rib cage. The blow caused his rib cage to break and Storm was hospitalized for two weeks since it took the doctors long to find all of the broken bones. UPC did nothing but cry for those two weeks and he swore that he'd never hit anyone again.

"Hold on, laddie! We're coming!" Storm announced from across the top of the building while running towards the fight.

"That's what you think!" Mysterious Man overheard before taking a remote control out of his coat pocket and pressing a button.

A helicopter promptly flew overhead and dropped something. It quickly descended because it was heavy. When it had descended, it let out an otherworldly screech.

"What the lemons is that?!" Battle questioned in a horrified tone.


"Oh, I didn't use a new syringe for my serum on this Juggernaut Orange Enzyme and it mutated. So... Have fun with that!" Mysterious Man said cutely to the polygonal protagonists. He turned back to UPC. "Now, where were we? About to show me what MY Rainbow Enzyme can do, RIGHT?!"

"You're insane!" UPC cried while furiously shaking his head. "I'll never fight anyone for as long as I live!"

"Lad..." Storm realized breathlessly. He was trying to think of a way to motivate his brother to fight Mysterious Man.

"It's okay! Mysterious Man is your enemy! It's okay to hurt him! Especially because he hurt you!"

"So I won't get guilt tripped for the act of HOSPITALIZING HIM?!" UPC yelled with much uncertainty.

"Yeah! Don't think of it like that! People never feel bad for their enemies!" Storm assured.

"*Sigh* Okay, here goes!" UPC announced. He punched Mysterious Man, but the blow was soft as a pillow.

"You call that a punch?! Let's see how you deal with THIS!!!!" Mysterious Man exclaimed. He drew his arm back and punched with so much force that UPC's heart skipped a beat! He stumbled backwards until he was only standing on one foot!

"Bye-bye!" Mysterious Man concluded while holding his right index finger to UPC's head and forcing him off the building.

His siblings gasped, the monster let out another otherworldly screech, and Mysterious Man let out a maniacal laugh.

"Ohohoho, that was fun! Now, who's next?" Mysterious Man asked while cracking his knuckles.

"You... You sadist!" Battle shrieked while clenching her fists angrily.

"Battle, you have to calm down!" Safety insisted while going eye to eye with her sister.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Battle refused while pushing Safety out of the way. "I've always wanted to hit this guy straight in his dumb face since day one! Those glasses, that cloak, and don't get me started on the fedora considering that this moron doesn't even have any hair! What is the point?!"

"Go ahead, try me!" Mysterious Man boasted while walking up to the rambunctious rectangle.

Mysterious Man's Monstrosity tried stepping out of the way so Mysterious Man could walk by, but the sinister scientist had the strength to push it off the building with a flick of his wrist.

When Mysterious Man was in front of Battle, she angrily threw a punch at him. She was taken by surprise when he ducked out of the way in time and kicked her left shin. She yelped in surprise and cupped both of her stubs over it. She held back tears.

"Mysterious Man, you're lower than dirt!" Battle managed to choke out. "I've never met anyone in my life that's lower than you!"

"That's because you've never met yourself," Mysterious Man replied most cynically.

Battle took Mysterious Man's response seriously. She stopped cupping her shin and tried to punch Mysterious Man again. Mysterious Man dodged out of the way once more and kicked Battle in her right shin.

"Heh, so weak and pathetic. Not a worthy opponent at all," Mysterious Man gawked.

Battle growled and tried to get up, but she didn't have the strength nor the endurance to stand. She looked back to Safety, who was looking at her in an extremely wary fashion.

"*Sigh* Safety, you were right. I should have calmed down, but my anger got the best of me! Look at what I've done to myself!" Battle sadly capitulated.

"Is this real life? Is Battle really apologizing to me?" Safety asked while pinching her own cheek.

"Yes, I am truly sorry. All I've ever done whenever you've tried to assure me is push the advice out of the way and suffer the consequences later. Just because you're the younger sister doesn't mean your advice should be ignored. I'll listen to you more from this day on."

"Aw, you don't have to, but okay!"

"But there won't be a 'from this day on' because all of you are about to perish!" Mysterious Man reported most pessimistically.

"That's what you think!" Yelled a familiar voice.

"Huh?" Everyone else asked in unison.

UPC rose from where he assumed to have fallen and landed back on the building! There was purple armor on his shoulders in the shape of wings.

"How in the name of <insert name here> are you still alive?" Mysterious Man moaned.

"Well, it was a long drop down and my eyes were closed. I was just thinking about flying! Just when I thought I was going to hit the ground, purple wings appeared on my back and I was able to land with no harm done to me! Then I learned how to fly and zoomed back up to the rooftop!" UPC happily explained. "You're not gonna hurt anybuddy else, Mysterious Man. My family and I are going to make sure of that!"

"In your dreams!" Mysterious Man doubted. "Because I'm not going to get defeated by a bunch of humans!"

"Yes you are!" Battle exclaimed.

"And then we're gonna stub you over to the police, landlubber!" Storm added.

"Try telling that to this button! Because..." Mysterious Man started before he pressed it.


"Is that your name?" Safety pondered.

"Yes, but it doesn't matter now since we'll all be dead in thirty seconds!" Dr. Nastidious responded while attaching a device with two rockets to himself. "Oh, I mean YOU'LL all be dead!" He corrected while pressing a button that appeared to enable takeoff. "Wh-wh-WHAT?! Why am I not taking off?"

"Because YOU'RE the one who will be dead!" Battle corrected. "While you were distracted by UPC's return, I made the ground super sticky where you were standing! Try all you want, but you aren't getting loose from that!"

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes! This is for all of the trouble you made us go through for all the days we were here! Have fun exploding! Heh heh!!!!"

"So how are we gonna get down from here?" Safety questioned.

"Aren't we all just gonna take the elevator?" Battle responded in a confused tone.

"It's not responding!"

"Then however will we get down from here?" Harmony panicked.

"UPC, do you think you could carry us all off the building?" Battle requested.

"No..." UPC responded. "I lack the physical strength. However, there is a piece I left out of my story. The reason the drop was so long was because..."

"We don't have time for another story! It's only fifteen more seconds until this place self-destructs!" Harmony cried.

"Okay, long story short, I can teleport," UPC quipped. "I think I might be able to teleport us all home if we hold hands and think about the things that make it home."

The polygonal protagonists nodded to each other and began to hold each others' stubs. They all knew it was a crazy idea (except for Safety), but crazier things had happened to them during their stay at Dr. Nastidious' lair.

Five seconds before the building self-destructed, an amazing event quickly occurred. Safety and Harmony began glowing blue, Extreme, Jiggles, and Curly began glowing orange, Storm, Mimic, and Battle began glowing green, and UPC began to glow all colors of the rainbow. Just before the building self-destructed, the polygonal protagonists and their endearing enzymes closed their eyes and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“NOOO!!!!” Dr. Nastidious screamed as his building exploded with him on top of it.

When the polygonal protagonists opened their eyes and realized that they successfully teleported inside of their home, they cheered and hugged each other happily.

"Mom? Dad?" Safety called.

She looked around and realized that they weren't home at the moment. She heard snoring in the distance. When she looked over to where the snoring is coming from, she saw an elderly man rocking back and forth in a chair and an elderly woman laying down a couch.

"How could we forget? Our grandparents came to stay with us for the week!" Safety happily remembered.

"Well, between taking tests and escaping, it's easy to forget," Extreme assured.

"Looks like we're going to have to wait a whole week for Mom to make some of those delicious tacos..." Battle groaned in a disappointed fashion.

After Battle groaned, the polygonal protagonists heard the front door open.

"We're home!" A voice sang.

"Huh?" The grandparents asked.

"Mom! Dad!" Safety cheered. "It's so good to see you both!" She ran up to them and hugged both of them tightly.

"Gosh, Safety! You're acting like you'd never see us again!" Another voice noticed.

"How were the kids?" Mom asked.

"Oh, they were just grand! I've never slept so well in ages!" Grandma reported.

"Yeah, they were so quiet! They've never been so quiet before," Grandpa added.

The polygonal protagonists exchanged relieved glances.

"I'm glad to hear that! Well, kids, I promised to make tacos if you behaved well, so I'll get on them right away!" Mom announced.

Everybuddy grinned from ear to ear.

"And who is this?" Dad asked while looking at Mimic.

"Oh, he's a..." Safety started.

"Stray cat!" Battle finished. "We went on a walk and he wouldn't stop following us. Could we keep him please?"

Mimic quickly took the shape of a cat and purred. He rubbed up against Dad's right leg and looked up to him with loving eyes.

"Oh, I don't see why not. This house hasn't been as lively ever since Fluffy bit the dust..." Dad accepted.


"And who's that in your hands, Curly?"

"Oh, this is Jiggles. We also found him on our walk," Curly explained. "I can keep him, right?"

"You two look very close, so I couldn't possibly say no," Mom agreed. "I'm going to get started on the tacos now! You should all go do something in the meantime!"

With that, Mom disappeared into the kitchen with Dad not too far behind. The grandparents went back to sleep and the polygonal protagonists were thinking of what to do.

"I feel like sleeping. Wake me up when there are tacos," Curly demanded while lying down on a comfy couch.

"I'm going to check Wikia. A bunch of things must have happened since we were gone for a week!" Safety said while opening up a laptop. "Aw, Test Subject fan said he misses me!"

"I'm gonna practice me trumpet!" Storm declared. "A week without trumpet be a bad week!"

"Yeah, it was a pretty bad week considering that we almost died!"

"I feel like painting!" UPC squealed.

"I feel like singing!" Harmony sung.

"I feel like exercising! Super Treadmill, here I come!" Extreme exclaimed while running to the basement.

"Does anybuddy want to play Super Smash Nitrome with me?" Battle asked. "Anybuddy?"

"No, Battle," Curly objected. "You're a poor sport when it comes to that game..." He yawned and turned around on the couch.

"Aw, come on! I only smashed THREE controllers!"

An hour later, the tacos were finished. Mom called everyone to the kitchen where they ate tacos.

"¡Es muy bien tiene su en mi boca!" Extreme squealed.

"I second that! It's good to have tacos again!" Battle agreed.

"You guys are acting like Grandma and Grandpa didn't feed you!" Mom said.

"They did, but their food tastes..." Storm started.

Storm received wary glances from his siblings.

"What I meant to say was, their cooking isn't as good as yours..." Storm finished.

His siblings nodded.


"What should we do now?" Safety asked.

"Well, the story is basically over now. We should end it here," Curly insisted.

"Let's take a picture in commemoration of all of us defeating Dr. Nastidious!" Battle suggested.

"Sounds good! I'll go and get the camera!"

When Safety got back with the camera, she set it up on a tripod and set it on a timer.

"Ready?" She asked everybuddy cutely.

"Yeah!" Her siblings and their enzymes replied.

"Okay!" She set off the timer and ran into where the picture was being taken.


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