The 24 Days of Moneyball

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Mouse and Arrow Keys


Rainbow Run

Default Controls:

Arrow Keys


Takes place after NMD and the attack of the dark things

The 24 Days of Moneyball is a fan-made game that takes place after Nitrome Must Die. It contains some of the same characters, including, Austin Carter , Justin Bennet and Employees.


Austin used some of his money from Nitrome Towers to modify his DNA on his own because he was bored. His friend tried to stop him, but it was too late. His friend had mutated into a Winged Carter.


PC Mouse Left Click Mouse- Left Click (Flap) Move Mouse (Move)


Spacebar- Flap and arrow keys- Move


The objective of TTFDOMB is to collect a certain amount of money every level while avoiding hazards and enemies. There are 24 levels and 24 days to go with it.


Employees- To return the favor for destroying Nitrome Towers, Employees of every kind will parachute throughout levels and hand money to you. This is very useful for times you lack money.

Carter, Austin - After beating level 11, Carter Austin (Austin's clone) and his pet Eagle Enda, will appear in the rest of the levels to help the player collect money. They will only become stunned if they touch hazards.


Emberployees- Employees that are on fire and will run through levels with a scared look on their face. Only the fire extinguisher weapon will change them back to normal. For every second the player is on an Emberployee, 1 health is subracted.

Pick Ups/Power Ups/Items

Coins- Are abundant throughout levels and grant 50 points

Health Pack- restores 25% of HP

Piles of Cash- Grant 500 points if picked up

Soda- Restores all HP

Fire Extinguisher- One of the only weapons in the game


Lazers- Makes the player lose various amounts of HP

Spikes- Causes the player to lose 10% of their HP every second Austin is on them. In other words, FLAP HARDER!


  • Hot Air and his Girlfriend appear in the sky in certain levels.
  • Triclopians will shoot enemies down in certain levels.
  • Blots will draw lines in front of lazers for the player to evade for a short time.


  • TTFDOMB has nothing to do with the movie Moneyball.
  • Even though it has Nitrome Must Die characters, it isn't a sequel.
  • A 2-player co-op may come out due to Justin being a klutz.