The Misadventures in Nitrome is a story series by Chiselerlikescheese about Misadventures that happen in the Nitrome world.

Episode 1: Regular life around Nitrome

I didn't have any ideas for a first episode, so I decided to make a funny clips kinda thing.


(In the fire world)

Ice Beak: Now Turner, its really important that you don't flip this lever right here, or all the fire skulls will be released! :(

Turner: What lever? (Flips Lever) This one?




(In the mirror dungeon)

Ditto: I'm so lonely


Ditto: (Seeing the squids hop around) WHAT IS HAPPENING???


(Nitrome Towers)

Employee: Finally, my shift is done. (Walks over to elevator and opens it to find the vampire hunter doing gangnam style)

Employee: I'm gonna have nightmares tonight.


Austin Carter: Time to finally destroy nitrome. ? Whats that sound?

Flash Cat: Look out belowWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (Crash!!)

(Trust me, the other episodes will be better than this.)

Episode 2: Knights Quest part 1

(Its a calm quiet day in Nitrome)

Rust Bucket: Hi Sir Jumpalot

Sir Jumpalot: Greetings fellow knight.

Rust Bucket: Did you hear the news?

Sir Jumpalot: What be this news?

Rust Bucket: So, I met up with Ice Beak yesterday. He seemed pretty exhausted but he told me a princess had been captured by a three-headed robot dragon.

Sir Jumplot: That's terrible!

Rust Bucket: It is, but do you think it has something to do with a big ice portal?

Sir Jumpalot: Ice portal?

Rust Bucket: Yeah, just outside RPG village!

Sir Jumpalot: The 3 Headed dragon must have made it!

Rust Bucket: Well what are we waiting for? Lets grab Sir Garret (Castle Corp Knight) and Tiny (Tiny Castle Knight) and lets get going!!1

(3 hours later, at RPG village)

Tiny Knight: (Staring at the humongous portal) Woah

Sir Garret: Fairly strong ice, that is. Even my power bomb can't phase it.

Rust Bucket: Think That dragon made it?

???: No, the dragon didn't make that portal.

Rust Bucket: Who said that?

Plasmaster: The dragon couldn't have made it. Look closely, that's Black Ice.

Sir Garret: So?

Plasmaster: So, there's only one being in Nitrome with the power of Black Ice. DARK PLASMASTER!

Rust Bucket: Dark Plasmaster!!!!! I got a question, who's Dark Plasmaster?

Plasmaster: An evil clone of me, created by Dark Chiselerlikescheese.

Sir Jumpalot: Do you mean the evil fireball creature that was destroyed 3 years ago?

Plasmaster: Yes. When Cuboyplaysarcade and the other wisps set Chiselerlikescheese free and destroyed Dark CLC, all the other dark clones were destroyed, except for Dark Plasmaster.

Rust Bucket: How did he survive?

Plasmaster: I wish I knew.

???: Hey guys, don't we have another important problem?

Plasmaster: You're Right Matt. (Blast RPG Knight)

Sir Garret: Ah yes, Matt, the newbie

Matt: The dragon is planning to invade, we have to stop him!

Rust Bucket: Lets go!!

(To be continued)

Episode 3: Knight's quest Part 2

(Read the above episode first)

Rust Bucket: Lets go!

Plasmaster: Unfortunately, I can't go with you.

Tiny Knight: Why not?

Plasmaster: The portal is protected by an invisible barrier that only knights can pass through, I could break it, but that would require a combo fire attack.

Matt: I'm sure you'll figure it out. Cmon guys!

(On the other end of the portal)

Matt: Its kinda cold in this castle.

Sir Jumpalot: Why do I feel like we have been transported to another game?

Sir Garret: Guys, Princess Natilie isn't going to save herself.

Tiny Knight: Your right, we need to move.

Dragon: Welcome to my castle!

Sir Garret: The dragon!

Dragon: You knights will never beat my challenge! >:)

Natilie (The princess from blast RPG): Help!

Dragon: Quiet! I don't like it when my dinner talks!

Matt: We will stop you Dragon!!

Dragon: How do expect to fight a 3-headed robot dragon? And besides you have to beat this challenge first!!

Rust Bucket: Oh no.. shuffling cups!!!


Plasmaster: Those 5 are taking a while. I hope they are okay.

???: Well, can't you help them?

Plasmaster: Perfect timing! :)

(The dragon castle)

Sir Jumpalot: Those challenges were a nightmare.

Matt: True, But now we have to beat that dragon.

Tiny Knight: Hmm... According to this billboard, to hurt the red head we have to attack normally, to hurt the blue one we have to dump lava on it! To hurt the yellow head we have to reflect its lightning blasts back at it!

Sir Garret: Seems complicated.

(At the dragon room)

Natalie: You won't get away with this!

Dragon: How do you know that?

Natalie: ummmm

Dragon: hehehehehe-


Dragon: How did you get past the challenges?

Matt: With great difficulty.

Dragon: Doesn't matter. You won't defeat me!

(Sir Jumpalot dumps a cauldron of lava on the blue head, which DOESN'T destroy it?)

Dragon: That's right, the billboard was a lie! To beat me, you need to use a combo fire attack!!

???: Good thing they have that!

Rust Bucket: Plasmaster!

Dragon: Impossible! You needed someone else to pull off that attack to destroy the barrier!

Plasmaster: I did!

Chiselerlikescheese: Hello!

Dragon: I'm in trouble!!

Plasmaster and Chiselerlikescheese: GO!! DOUBLE FLAME BLAST!!!!


(The Dragon blows up, revealing his skeleton)

Skeleton: You haven't seen the last of me!!

Matt: I think we have! (Destroys the dragon for good)

(Suddenly Something comes out!)

The Dragon (Character from vault): Thanks so much for destroying that thing! (Vanishes)

Rust Bucket: ???

Sir Jumpalot: Hey Newbie, you should go set the princess free.

Matt: Me?

Tiny Knight: yeah, you!!

Matt: Okay. (Enters the prison and finds Natalie)

Natalie: Finally!

Matt: Hi. :)

Natalie: Hello :)

(Matt opens the cage)

Natalie: Thank you! (Kisses Matt, causing him to faint)

(Chiselerlikescheese looks like he's going to puke while Plasmaster looks at him and shrugs)

(End of episode 3)

Episode 4: Dungeon Escape

(A nice day at Mount Freezetodeath)

Jean (Penguin from avalanche): Take care kids! I'll be back in a few minutes. (Leaves nest)

Olaf (Yeti from Snow Drift): Hi Jean!

Jean: You seem excited today.

Olaf: Get this! You know Ditto's species?

Jean: Yeah. What are those things called?

Olaf: Were they mirrolygons?

Jean: Think so, what about them? Aren't they near extinction?

Olaf: Yes. But I managed to get word that another one may still be alive!

Jean: Really? Where?!

Olaf: The Mirror Dungeon.

Jean: You mean...That place??

Olaf: Yup

Jean: But if we're going to the Mirror Dungeon, Shouldn't we get someone who knows about dungeons?

Olaf: I know someone...

(10 minutes later)

Plasmaster: Another one??

Jean: Yes!

Ditto: Well, we better get going!

Olaf: We just need to pick up someone else.

(10 more minutes later)

Elliot (One of my characters): What?!

Isabel: Another one?!

Ditto: Yes!!

Elliot: Well, we better get going!

(At the Mirror Dungeon entrance)

Isabel: I never thought I would have to see this place again.

Elliot: I know, but we have to.

Ditto: Just looking at it gives me chills.

Olaf: Lets go!! (Runs but hits a barrier)

Olaf: Magic Barriers??

Ditto: Of course, this place was made to hold my kind, they installed this shield so no one from outside could save us.

Elliot: Then how were Jumpy and Omega able to cross?

Ditto: Omega is a robot, so it doesn't affect him, and (I don't know how many times I have to repeat this) Jumpy is immune to magic.

Elliot: Oh.

Isabel: We're wasting time, lets go!

(Isabel, Elliot, and Ditto enter the dungeon)

Isabel: Something seems....different.

Ditto: The cold....Oh no

Elliot: What?

Ditto: He's back.

Isabel: Who?

(The door slams behind them while maniacal laughter is heard)

Ditto: Nuk'Draar.

Nuk'Draar: That's right.

Ditto: Nuk'Draar! What are you doing here?

Nuk'Draar: This is MY Dungeon, remember?

Elliot: (Pulls out a gun that looks like a shark(Did I forget to mention male Mirrolygons have arms?)) Where is the other Mirrolygon?

Nuk'Draar: Where you won't find him, but even if you did, it wouldn't matter. You are stuck here forever now!

Ditto: You won't get away with this!


Olaf: There has got to be a way we can get inside!

Ruby (Another character I made, a TwinShot cat with a warlock staff): Maybe I can help.


Nuk'Draar: You think I won't get away with this? You're the one who wanted to save your species so much you were willing to trap yourself right now. How adorable! Its such a shame you won't be able to- (Gets blasted by a water bullet)

Elliot: (Reloading his Shark Cannon) Yeah yeah, but we ain't going down without a fight!

Nuk'Draar: Yeah, well neither am I! (Disintegrates the Shark Cannon)

Isabel: Take this! (LASER LIGHT ATTACK)

Nuk'Draar: (Deflects the blast) Please, is that really the best you can do.

(Isabel takes a few steps back)

Nuk'Draar: Now its my turn! (Attacks Elliot with a powerful fire attack)

Elliot: Ugghhh

Isabel: ELLIOT!!! (Runs over to him)

Ditto: Take this! (Black missle attack!)

Nuk'Draar: RRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Not bad, I forgot how powerful you became after using that magic! But I have a new spell! (Activates his spell)

Ditto: What the..I can't use my dark magic!

Nuk'Draar: Now you are stuck.

Olaf: Not quite! (Together with Jean, Olaf rams Nuk'Draar)

Nuk'Draar: UUUUUGGGHHH What the? My barrier should have stopped you!

Ruby: They had a bit of help!

Isabel: Ruby!!

Nuk'Draar: Who are you?

Ruby: Somebody who knows how to take care of you (Pulls out a book and starts chanting magical nonsense, sucking Nuk'Draar into the book)

Nuk'Draar: NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!! (Ditto's dark magic returns)

Olaf: And we found our captive!

Alexander: Hello!

Ruby: (Noticing Elliot) Isabel, what happened?

Isabel: He got hit with fire magic

Elliot: UUgghh

Ruby: (Performs scan magic) Dang. Elliot, you are lucky to be alive. scan shows third-degree burns all over your body.

Isabel: Is he going to be okay?

Ruby: He'll be fine once we get him to Omega.

(So they escaped and stuff)

(End of episode 4)

Episode 5: Jumpy's true Enemy

(At the Fire Resistance Troops (FRT) Base)

Isabel: (Sighs)

Jumpy: I know you're concerned about Elliot, but he's going to be alright.

Alice: Jumpy is right.

Isabel: I know, but I feel like I should have done something.

Jumpy: Its not your fault.

Omega: Hey guys, has anyone seen Inferno?

Jumpy: No

Alice: Not really

Omega: Hmmm

Chiselerlikescheese: But still, how did Nuk'draar come back?

Alice: I don't know.

Omega: Oh wait. What about the new Mirrolygon?

CLC: Oh he's training with Awesome Ninja.

Omega: oh

Jumpy: Well, I'm going for a walk. (Goes outside)


Jumpy: The fresh feels like home.

???: Home?

Jumpy: Who's there?

Dave (Vault!): Where was your "Home"?

Jumpy: I don't want to talk about it.

Dave: Why not?

Jumpy: Its kind of personal.

Dave: You've lost something important to you.

Jumpy: How do you know?!

Dave: (Teleporting to a high cliff) If you want to know then come and get me!

Jumpy: GGrrrr (Jumps to Dave, only for him to teleport again)

Dave: Is that the best you can do- (Gets hit by Jumpy's darkblade) UUUggghh....Not bad.

Jumpy: Who are you? How do you know what happened? Answer me!!

Dave: Oh Jumpy, don't you remember me?

Jumpy: No, I've never met you!

Dave: I know where you came from, I know what you lost, I know who you really are.

Jumpy: NO! (Jumps at Dave, only to get hit by his scythe) UUUggghh

Dave: Pathetic, you're even weaker than your father.

Jumpy: How do you know me?

Dave: Do you remember? That invasion? You lost your family, your home, everything.

Jumpy: So?

Dave: How I know is that that attack was led by yours truly.

Jumpy: W-what??

Dave: Yes.

Jumpy: No.....h-how? w-why?

Dave: You won't live long enough to know.

Jumpy: Wanna bet? (pulls a critical strike at Dave)

Dave: Not bad at all. Try this! (Steals all of Jumpys abilities with a dark aura)

Jumpy: (Struggling to get up) No...

(Dave picks up Jumpy and dangles him over a cliff)

Jumpy: What are you planning?

Dave: I'm not planning anything. (Drops Jumpy) But Dark Plasmaster has a brilliant plan that will destroy your entire team.

Jumpy: You won't get away with- (Dave didn't hear the rest because Jumpy had vanished into the blackness of the pit)

Dave: Hmmph (Pulls out communicator) It has been done master.

Dark Plasmaster: Perfect, now on to the next member, Cressilia!!

Dave: Yes master.

(End of episode 5)

Episode 6: The return of a dark enemy

(A nice day at The FRT HQ)

Chiselerlikescheese: All I'm saying is, if you cut a planet down to a tiny size, wouldn't that affect the creatures that live there?

AC4E: That would make sense.

Chiselerlikescheese: Yeah, no wonder the copbots were after Chiseler.

(Omega Flies in)

Omega: Uhh CLC? We lost contact with Jumpy. (Read the previous episode)

CLC: What? Sorry, I have to go.

AC4E: Okay. (Leaves)

CLC: When did this happen?

Omega: 2 minutes after he left to take a walk.

CLC: Track down where he lost his signal. Sonicboom, you, Rhyper, and Cressilia go to where Jumpy vanished and see if you can find any clues.

Sonicboom: Okay.

CLC: (Thinking to himself) First Elliot needs medical attention, then Inferno goes missing, then Jumpy vanishes just like that. this can't be happening by chance.


Rhyper: Me no see anything.

Sonicboom: Wait, what's that?

Cressilia: Jumpy's darkblade, its been destroyed!

???: Yes it has.

Rhyper: Who there?

Dave: I'm afraid Jumpy won't be joining us today.

Cressilia: What have you done to Jumpy?

Dave: Wouldn't you like to know?

Sonicboom: (Pulling out her diamond sword) TELL US!!!!

Dave: Hmmm....lemme think about

(Rhyper uses Rock Wrecker)

Dave: (Dodging the attack) Now its my turn!! (Throws an electric net over all 3 pokemon)

Sonicboom: NOOOO!! What is this!!!

Dave: Stun Net

Sonicboom: NNoooo (Faints)

Dave: Hehehehehehehe.


AC4E: (Thinking about the missing troops situation) That is strange though. It's like someone is picking them off, one by one.

Dark Plamaster: (Jumping down) Hello AustinCarter4Ever.

AC4E: Dark Plasmaster!! (Picks up a phone to call her OC's)

Dark Plasmaster: (Freezing the phone) No, you're not doing that. I wanted to talk to you for a moment.

AC4E: I'm not listening to anything you have to say! (Uses a powerful fire stream attack)

Dark Plamaster: UUUURRRGGGHHHh...Not bad. Really, I think your skills are improving.

AC4E: Are you the one that's making FRT members vanish?

Dark Plasmaster: Yes. Unfortanetly, you won't be able to warn them. (Jumps at AC4E)


Bombyfish: Hey boss, bad news, The 3 pokemon's signals went dead.

CLC: What?!

Bombyfish: Yes.

CLC: (Sighs) I never should have let them go by themselves.

Bombyfish: Hey, everyone makes mistakes.

CLC: Not everyone makes mistakes that put your team in danger.


AC4E: (Panting)

Dark Plasmaster: (Panting)

AC4E: Had enough?

Dark Plasmaster: On the contrary, I'm just getting started. (Pulls out a mysterious black metal spike)

AC4E: That spike.

Dark Plasmaster: Yes, you've seen this before.

AC4E: That looks like one of Dark CLC's- oh no. (Takes a few steps back)

(Dark Plasmaster throws the spike at AC4E. the spike hits her then flies into the air, transforming into a figure that resembled AC4E)

AC4E: Not her..!

Dark Plasmaster: Dark AustinCarter4Ever, revive!!

Dark AC4E: (Gasping) What happened?

Dark Plasmaster: Long story.

AC4E: How did you revive her?

Dark Plasmaster: That was a cloning spike.

Dark AC4E: YOU!!

AC4E: (Thinking to herself) Great. Now its 2 against 1. And I can't call my OC's

Dark AC4E: What's the matter? Having Doubts?

AC4E: Not at all! (Punches Dark AC4E in the face with a fist full of poison)

Dark Plasmaster: Impressive, lets see how it does against me! (Grabs AC4E by her throat)

AC4E: (Choking) Sick him Purply!

(Purply jumps into DP's face, causing him to let go of AC4E)

Dark Plasmaster: UUrrggg!!! Get off me! (Gets hit by Flamethrower)

AC4E: You're beaten Dark Plasmaster! (Feels something touch her neck) Huh? (Starts to get tired) Whats happening?

Dave: Tranquilizer Dart LOL.

AC4E: Noooo

Dark Plasmaster: Yes!

AC4E: Purply, warn the others (Throws Purply pretty far just before fainting)

Dark Plasmaster: Well done Dave. You've done a better job than I hoped. Are the 3 pokemon captured?

Dave: Yes Master.

Dark Plasmaster: Good. then lets take our prisoner back to base and see what we can do about our friends poison.

(End of episode 6)

Episode 7: The Insane Rescue Mission part 1


Chiselerlikescheese: This is bad Plasmaster, Members have been vanishing nonstop! Now it's just Me and Fenny.

Plasmaster: Well, people don't just vanish into thin air. I think something captured them. (That would be a good explanation)

Fenny: Dad, it's going to be okay. We'll find them.

Chiselerlikescheese: And, to make things worse, AustinCarter4Ever has vanished too!

(Suddenly, a noise comes from the corner)

Plasmaster: Who is that?

Jumpy: Relax, its me.

Chiselerlikescheese: JUMPY??!!

Jumpy: Yes.

Plasmaster: Where were you?

Jumpy: I ran into some trouble with a reaper named Dave. Threw me into a pit and left me for dead.

Fenny: Dave?

Jumpy: You met him?

Fenny: He was there, at the apocalypse.

Jumpy: Oh.

CLC: Hey, I hear something.

(Purply falls into the scene, with Plasmaster catching her)

Plasmaster: Purply?

Jumpy: Where's AC4E?

Purply: (Chittery noises)

CLC: Oh No

Fenny: What?

CLC: She was captured by Dave and Dark Plasmaster!

Plasmaster, Jumpy, and Fenny: WHAT!?

Purply: (Chittery noises)

CLC: And...Dark AC4E is alive!?

Plasmaster: That's impossible! She was destroyed when we defeated Dark CLC!

CLC: She must have been revived.

Fenny: Wait, my computers can sense Dave's location?

Jumpy: I put a tracking device on Dave when he lifted me by my leg.

Plasmaster: Well then we have no time to lose, we have to save AC4E and the other FRT members!!

CLC: Lets go!

(So they journeyed to the secret base of Dark Plasmaster)

Fenny: So, this is the wide open gate?

Jumpy: Kinda makes a lousy defense.

(Suddenly the gate closes and laser blasters come out)

Computer: This is gate defense, you are unauthorized, your destruction will be done!

Plasmaster: Oh crud.

(End of episode 7)

Episode 8: The Insane rescue mission part 2

(In the Dark Bases Cells)

AC4E: Hello?

Dark AC4E: What do you want?

AC4E: I want to know what you're planning!

Dark AC4E: Huh?

AC4E: What your plan is for me and the FRT!!

Dark AC4E: Oh, the Fire Resistance Troop? They will cease to exist!

AC4E: What?

Dark AC4E: We have a chamber specifically made to wipe them out. One by one.

AC4E: That's wicked!

Dark AC4E: You think that's wicked? Wait until you see what we have in mind for YOU!! (Walks away laughing)

AC4E: Uh oh.

(At gate defense)

Jumpy: (Standing on a pile of destroyed turrets) Well, that was surprisingly easy.

CLC: Tell me about it.

Plasmaster: Guys!

CLC: Right, to the base!


Plasmaster: Come out Dark Plasmaster! I know you're there!

(Dave jumps out)

Dave: Welcome to your doom!!

CLC: (Pulling out his light blades) YOU!! You kidnapped my whole army! My friends!

Dave: Yes. And now we are going to kill them all!!

CLC: Go guys. I'll handle this menace.

Fenny: Okay dad.

Dave: Shall we begin?

CLC: Bring it.

(In another part of the base)

Fenny: Hey Plasmaster.

Plasmaster: What?

Fenny: Do you think its weird that they built their base in a ravine?

Plasmaster: Yes. And there are holes in the floor. People could fall down these and fall into the ravine.

Fenny: Intruder repel. And a creative one too. (Suddenly gets frozen)

Jumpy: What the- (Gets frozen too)

Purply: (Whimpers)

Plasmaster: Go Purply. Find AC4E!

(Purply flies away)

Plasmaster: Honestly, Dark Plasmaster, I didn't think you were one to take hostages.

Dark Plasmaster: I knew if I captured your friend, you would come looking for her.

Plasmaster: Yeah, well take this!

(Plasmaster hits Dark Plasmaster with a fireball, knocking him to the floor)

Dark Plasmaster: (Getting up) Not bad, you've gotten stronger than when we last met.

Plasmaster: You better believe it!

Dark Plasmaster: Well, so have I!

(Dark Plasmaster freezes Plasmaster's feet to the floor, then punches him as hard as he could)

Plasmaster: Okay. I see how you want to play.

(Meanwhile with CLC and Dave)

CLC: Give up Dave! You can't beat me!

Dave: (Panting) You're stronger than I thought. Good job. HHHUUUUHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Dave runs at Chiselerlikescheese with his scythe)

CLC: This one's for everyone you've tortured!!

(CLC Sweeps Dave's feet from underneath him, punches him in the face, making him stumble to the ravine hole trap.)

Dave: NO! I won't be beaten by you!

CLC: Think of this as payback! (Slashes Dave with his light blade)

Dave: (Trips into the hole trap) NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Falls into the ravine, Disney style)

CLC: It is done.


Plasmaster: (Panting) Why? Why did you Kidnap AC4E?

Dark Plasmaster: (Panting) It's simple. Do you remember Dark CLC?

Plasmaster: How could I forget? He's the very reason you exist!

Dark Plasmaster: Very good. Do you remember his weakness?

Plasmaster: That he was invincible, but only while Chiselerlikescheese was in him.

Dark Plasmaster: Correct.

Plasmaster: So?

Dark Plasmaster: So I did some research, and it turns out, it's the exact same case for me and Dark AC4E!

Plasmaster: (Gasps) You're going to make AC4E a piece of her dark counterpart!

Dark Plasmaster: You catch on quickly. And once she's achieved her ultimate power, I will absorb you and achieve mine.

???: Now I wouldn't say that.

Dark Plasmaster: What?!

AC4E: Given your recent situation, I don't think anyone's absorbing anyone.

Dark Plasmaster: Dark AC4E! I need you here!

AC4E: Already defeated her.

Dark Plasmaster: Dave!

CLC: (Flying into the room) Dave? He's toast. Fell down a ravine.

Dark Plasmaster: NO!

(CLC, Plasmaster, and AC4E all use flame thrower)


CLC: And if you know what's good for you, you'll stay down!!

Dark Plasmaster: (Unable to stand up) Perhaps, but have you considered what's good for yourself?

(Dark Plasmaster grabs Chiselerlikescheese, then crushes him with his iron grip until CLC Explodes)

Plasmaster: Chiselerlikescheese!!!! NNNNNNOOOOO!!!!!1

(Suddenly, the remains of CLC turn into a Crystal)

AC4E: What happened?

Dark Plasmaster: You don't know? Too bad. (Jumps into the ravine)

Plasmaster: Come back here you fiend!

AC4E: Is Chiselerlikescheese....dead?

Fenny: (Melting her way out of the ice) No. This is what happens when a wisp meets its end sooner than it should have. they turn to a crystal, remain that way for a long time. Then hatch out of the cocoon. Kinda like metamorphosis.

Plasmaster: Hmm.

(End of episode 8)

Episode 8 1/2: Problems (Starring Strplumboder!)


Fenny: (Staring at the crystal that used to be Chislerlikescheese) .........

Jumpy: Bombyfish, do you think she's going to be okay?

Bombyfish: I don't know Jumpy, she's been waiting 6 weeks for CLC to come back.

Pink: I wish there was something we could do to speed the process up. Omega?

Omega: There is no other way. We can only wait.


Plasmaster: (Taking a walk) ......

Strplumboder: (Jumping into the scene) Yo what's up?

Plasmaster: Hey Strplumboder.

Strplumboder: Wha? Are you still thinking about that little fireball dude?

Plasmaster: I'm not concerned about CLC. He's in good hands.

Strplumboder: Then what's bugging you?

Plasmaster: Dark Plasmaster. He's still out there.

Strplumboder: Didn't he fall down a hole of something?

Plasmaster: Yes, but he wouldn't have made that jump if he knew he couldn't survive.

Strplumboder: No way. He's still out there?

Plasmaster: .......Yes

Strplumboder: He revived Dark AC4E right? Do you think he'll try to bring back the others?

Plasmaster: It's very likely.

Strplumboder: Dang. What do we do now?

Plasmaster: I don't know yet. It's been 6 weeks and so far nothing has happened.

Strplumboder: hmmmm......

Plasmaster: .........

Strplumboder: Well......I'll see you later. (Walks Away)

Plasmaster: ........

Plasmaster: I don't know what you're doing Dark Plasmaster, but whatever it is, I'll be ready!

(End of Episode 8 1/2)

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