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The game is a 2D one. Levels are accesed from a map. At first, the game has to choose between Sabkv and The Bearded Man, with more characters to be unlocked after. 


The game can be played in 1 player mode or 2 player mode.

Playable characters

Characters that can be played when game starts

  • Sabkv
    • No special abilities
    • 3 health
  • Bearded Man
    • No special abilities
    • 3 health, small form on last heart

Characters that must be unlocked by saving them

  • Canary 214-LE
    • Can shoot fireballs
    • 3 health
  • Eskimo
    • Has a grappling hook
      • Can be used to get to some cliffs
    • 3 health

Note: During cutscenes/intro level talks, all playable characters will be present.


Characters that will follow one of the players

Unlockable helpers

  • Gunbrick - by saving it
  • Venus Fly Trap - by saving it

Game Menu

When the player first plays the game he will be asked to make a save slot (similar to Hot Air), so the game can save the progress for more people who use same computer. The menu consists of:

Tutorial Level

Play Story-mode

Book of Everything

Gold Puzzle Pieces



Tutorial Level

Before playing story mode, the player must complete tutorial level. There he learns how to walk, jump, duck and slain different kind of enemies.

A Sign (Enemy 585) will teach everything and after the Player will be Rewarded a Golden Puzzle Piece and The Book of Everything.

Story Mode

The story mode has an intro and a map with levels.

In order to play a level,the player must complete the previuos level.

The levels are icons on maps.Some icons redirect to game cutscenes.

Main article: The Mysterious Journey/Levels 

Book of Everything

The player gets it after he completes Tutorial Level.

The book shows information about every kind of character,enemy,power-up.Anyway the book will show the info only after the player already found the specific thing.

Enemies + damage dealt

Happy Hump Land series

Bob The Big BlobSmall Legged Blobs - 1 health/hit

Henchmen - 1 health/hit

Feed me! series

Bees (1 health/hit) and giant variant  (2 healths/hit)

Flies (no damage) and giant variant (1 health/hit)

Test Subject Series

Giant Enzymes:

Walking Orange Enzyme - 1 health/hit

Rhino Orange Enzyme - instant kill 

Mimic Green Enzyme - double the amount dealt by player

Shield Yellow Enzyme - 1 health/hit

Mercenaries - 1 health/hit (projectile), instant kill (bomb)

Frost Bite enemies -TBA

Hazards + damage dealt

Spikes - 1 health/punch

Lava - instant kill

Pits - instant kill

Blimps - 1 health/hit (projectile), insta-kill (if blimp is at half of maximum hit and if it hits the player)




Health Donator (2 player mode only)

When 1 player dies, the opposite player is forced to donate a health to the other player, except it the still alive-player is on 1 health.

Carry Mechanic (2 player mode only)

In 2 player mode, if 1 player dies, and the opposite player only has 1 hearth left, it will have to find the corpse and carry it until the level finish. This has its pros and cons. For example, it can throw the corpse to enemies, bu as a con, the unlockable characters cannot use their abilities.


  • In this game, TMU's pets: The Mysterious Trap is called Red Trap.
    • The Mysterious Dog is called Sand Dog.
  • Canary 214-LE is simply called Canary.
  • The Mysteryous user's name is abbreviated to TMU.

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