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The Mysterious Lands it's a place governed by TMU.It consists of 2 islands surrounded by the NitrOcean.


Main Island

It is the biggest island and most mysterious.The island always is covered in fog and looks scary.

There is also The Mysterious Castle and a Watch tower.

Characters found on the island:

  • Blob Ghosts


The Mysterious Castle

An old scary castle.It seems to have no door to inside.

Characters found here

  • Happy Jump Land - looking like
    • Blob-Bombs
    • Dark Blob-Bombs
    • Chain Blobs
    • Dark Chain Blobs
  • Test Subject series/other
    • Any kind of enzymes, but bigger
    • Mercenaries
  • Guards (Flightless)

Watch Tower

It is an Eenemy 585 tower. It is the only to have a door.

Characters found here

  • Dark Blob Ghost (1 only)

Underground Hall

The entrance it's in the watch tower.It sends to a room in the Mysterious castle, being the only entrance. Anyway, the room is empty,and has no doors to the other rooms.

Tall Mountain Island

Above the skies, a very tall mountain island. In the top is located the The Mysteryous user's house.

it is not covered in fog, and is the only island where the grass grows.Weird, it's not cold there, like on the tall mountains. Snow and ice are missing (except on winter).

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