This page contains all emoticons made by TMU. You can use them in this wiki's chat! Enjoy! :D


Hat emoticon (Emoticon #1)

The hat emoticon was the first emoticon made for Nitrome wiki (around 2012).

The hat-wearing smiley AKA 'Happy hat' (Emoticon #2.1)

Shortly after,  I made the hat-wearing smiley, also called 'happy hat'. 

Lost original (Emoticon #2 BETA/original)

The current happy hat is the V1.0 of the original one, re-edited to fix as an emoticon.

The 'Beta Version' was bigger, better detailed, but couldn't fit. It was deleted from the Nitrome wiki as soon V1.0 was uploaded and user, and was lost forever.
Happy hat.png

The original "Happy Hat", at full size

The great porting

The 2 were later 'ported' to Nitrome fanfiction wiki as well. (no idea who and when; nor I want to know).

The comeback after a long time

In 29.08.2014, I added a lot of emoticons, including the money series which included a pound, a bombet, a metal bombet, a TMU coin and the doggy banknote. The original doggy banknote was re-placed in a short time with a better sized version of it to fit well in the chat.

Coins series (originaly Money series) (Series of emoticons made by M.Bank)

Most of the coins used by M.Bank were ported as emoticons. The doggy banknote was for a very short amount of time, before being removed and a re-edited one was added.

The original third (Emoticon Idea #3.canceled)

After the 'hat' and the hat-wearing smiley, I had plans to make a (party) emoticon. It was supposed to be a :) smiley wearing the party hat from Rubble Trouble Moskow's icon. It was never made due to lose of motivation or disinterest.

Doggy (Emoticon #3)

After noticing how bad the one from the 'Money series' fits in the chat, I decided to redo it at the sizes of the Pound emoticon. While the original form is still used by the M.Bank, the edited one will be used solely by the chat.

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