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The Next Ninja

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Game Type:



Adventure, Action


Look at content 7


Prequel: Final Ninja

Sequel: N/A


Characters from other games will appear like cameos

The Game

Levels: 35 // Genre: Adventure, Action // Controls: Look at content 6


Takeshi's son came to be the new ninja, but an old villain appeared... Ichiro Hanki. So, Hideki (Takeshi's Son) have to defeat the Ichiro.

Main Player

The main player you can choose between the suits (Like TSDE).

Name Appearence Attack Power Speed Dexterity
Common Suit
Takeshi Common Suit
5 blasts 5 f.p.s. 5 points
Omega Suit
Takeshi Omega
3 blasts 8 f.p.s. 4 points
Alpha Suit
Takeshi Alpha
7 blasts 4 f.p.s. 6 points



The Boss appears on level 35. He is very hard to kill. To kill the Boss, you have to shoot 5 times at the green gem under his suit. The gem appears when boss is resting.


The new Ninja rises - Win level 1

Spider-Man - Walk in the walls 50 times

Jumping Madness - Jump 100 times

The Honor - Kill 50 enemies

For the Ninja - Kill 100 enemies

Multiple Ninja - Have all the suits

Ninja means... AGILITY - Jump and walk in walls 100 times

Alpha Master - Kill 100 enemies with Alpha Suit

Omega Master - Jump 200 times with Omega suit

Be the best! - Submit your score

The End? - Win level 15

The Legend of Hideki - Defeat the Ichiro Hanki

Game Complete - Have all the Achievements


Player 1 Touchy Movement
Up arrow key Up arrow button Jump / Climb to up
Right and Left arrow keys Right and Left arrow buttons Move to right and left
Down arrow key Down arrow button Turns invisible
Mouse Left A button Throw ninja star / Ninja rope
Z or X B Button Change the Suit


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