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Ninja Trap
Ninja Trap
Gender Male
Species Venus fly trap
Faction Ninja
Health Unlimited
Level Ending (Oodlegobs: Karate Must Die)
Status Alive
Game(s) Oodlegobs: Karate Must Die (Ending)

Ninja Trap is a crafty, nice ninja that avoids dangers. He has scapped on a Pagoda a long time ago and later, has converted to a ninja. He sings the Ninja Rap with other ninjas. He fights insects and vampires in the night.


He appears as a plant with the same design as the venus fly trap, but with a ninja suit that is color-coded black and neon green.


When he fight in the night with vampires and insects Uses some weapons such as:

  • Eggs
  • His Teeth
  • Ninja Stars
  • Ninja Rope
  • Spoon


  • Hello dudes, I'm 100% NINJA
  • Baby, I'm a NINJA
  • Dude, This is all you got?!
  • Yay Yay!!!!
  • I'ts The best karate day ever!
  • HI - YA!   Here The NINJA trap!


  • He is inspired by the types of venus fly traps in this wiki.
  • The insects that he fights are: bees, mutant mutant cockroaches, vampire mosquitoes and Mice.
  • He uses his roots as feet for walking.
  • He uses Karate poses to scare insects.


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