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This is a story about TMU and Klemen702, where Klemen702 wanted to get a potion to become a mermaid goddess but different things happened!


  • Klemen702: Hey TMU! Can i buy a potion that makes me into a mermaid goddess?
  • TMU: Sure just get me the bearded man's beard.

Some time later

  • Klemen702: Here is the beard.
  • TMU: K.

Chapter I - Where is my potion

  • Klemen702: Well where is it?

TMU sweats.

  • TMU: I.. I gave it to Henchmen 78 to prepare it.
  • Klemen: He is your enemy. AND besides he is dead.

TMU sweats more.

  • TMU: M-maybe it ran away! Yeah it just needed a walk. Maybe it ran to your house ;)
  • Klemen: I would belive that, but it got NO FEET.

TMU sweats more.

  • TMU: Maybe someone stole it... M.Trap likes tricks you know.
  • Klemen: Nono, I saw that you were the only who entered the lab with NO windows or vents.

TMU sweats even more.

  • TMU: M-maybe it dissapeared. Yeah, you know how buggy Nitrome fan fiction lands.
  • Klemen: Nono, I am sure wikia fixed all bugs yesterday.

More sweats from TMU.

  • TMU: loo- ook at that... M-Maybe my plant drank it while we were chatting.
  • Klemen: That is painting of a cactus...

More sweats from TMU again...

  • Klemen: Are you hiding something?


  • Klemen: TMU, you lost it didn't you?
  • TMU: 'You'? Who is You? Oh you mean me... W-why? I am j-just a p-poor w-w-wikian. Why w-would I? OKAY it was me... I lost it. You see it was that bird flying around the window...
  • Klemen (thinks): (there is no window) 
  • KIemen (to TMU): Okay where is it?
  • TMU: Uh.. it's in that door there!

Klemen busts the door down and enters.

  • TMU: You didn't have to destroy the door!

Klemen drinks the potion but the potion doesn't work

  • TMU: Uh.. okay i will reveal! There is no such thing as one!

Klemen becomes depressed

  • Klemen: I think i will just go into that snowy place for a while.

TO BE CONTIUNED (horrible misspell FTW, also i know this first edit is small but uh... just wait for more)

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