The Prince






Dashing with Sword, Throwing Spears, Air Attack with Sword


Three Blows to the Back



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The Prince is encountered on level 20 of the game Robber. He is a young man wearing a blue surcoat, brown pants, and a red cape. He has brown hair, a small nose, and two squinty blue eyes. He is seen holding a sword with a golden handle.


The Prince can dash with his sword, throw spears, and perform air attacks with his sword. During the boss fight, the Prince will begin his attack by dashing forward with his sword. This can be avoided by jumping on a platform above. He will then dash back to his starting point at the right hand side of the screen. He will then throw a spear directly at the Robber. This can be avoided by stading underneath the platform, as the platform acts as a shield against hazards falling from the sky. The Prince will then jump in the air, slashing his sword around. When he lands, he will dash forward again. Once he reaches the other side, he will perform another air attack, dash back to his original point, and then sit down to rest. While resting, his cape falls off, exposing his weak point (his back). Once he is hit with a throwing knife, he will get up, put on his cape, and repeat the cycle. The cycle will repeat until the Prince has been hit three times. Once he is hit three times, he will collapse to the ground and then his cape will wrap around him completely. The cape then shrinks and the Prince and his cape vanish.