The Queen


Robber 2




Swinging Scepter, Blasting Lightning, Summoning Gladiators


Three Blows to the Head



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The Queen appears on level 30 of the game Robber 2. She appears wearing a purple dress and a red cape. She wears a golden crown on her head. She has red hair and wears lipstick. She has black eyes. She is seen carrying a golden scepter topped with a blue sphere.


The Queen attacks by swinging her scepter, blasting lightning from her magic scepter, and summoning Gladiators to fight the Robber. She begins the battle by blasting lightning horizontally across the level. She then walks to the other side of the level, swinging her scepter as she walks. When she reaches the other side, She will blast lightning in the other direction. Then she will walk back to the right side, swinging her scepter. Once she reaches the other side, she will summon two Gladiators to her aid. As soon as the Gladiators arrive, she will blast lightning horizontally again, and then gradually move the beam of lightning up until it reaches a forty five degree angle. She will walk to the other side, swinging her scepter, and then repeat this action.Then she will walk back to the right and sit down to rest. While resting, her crown will fall off, exposing her weak point (her head). Once she is hit with a throwing knife, she will get up, put on her crown, and repeat this cycle. The cycle will be repeated until she is defeated. However, each time she repeats the cycle, she will summon one extra Gladiator, so on the second cycle she will summon three instead of two. Once she is hit three times, she will collapse to the ground. Her crown will grow large, crush her, and then vanish.