The Spider Trio
The spider trio
  • Pink spider, Aqua spider and Yellow Spider
Gender All: Male
Species Spiders
Faction Unknown
Health 3 hearts
Level All
Status Alive
Game(s) Dangle Dreams

The Spider Trio are the main characters in the game Dangle Dreams.


They are the originals spiders from dangle but each spider is similar to the original spider, just with 3 mouth colors. Pink, Aqua And Yellow.


They are a trio of spiders that try to be the best spiders on the dream world

In the ending of the game, The spider trio are seen being chanted on by some fingers, who are carrying a villain across the room. The aqua and yellow spider are fictional because the celebration and the history of the game are just a dream by the pink spider.

In game

The spider trio's goal is to safely descend to the ground in all levels of Dangle Dreams using the webbing, which he is attached to at all times. Enemies inhabit the levels the spider trio is in, and he must avoid contact with them. If the spider trio touches an enemy or hazard, a heart of health will be lost. When he loses all three hearts, he will pass out on his line, or, in some cases, fall off it. When the spider of the spider trio dies, his eyes will turn into small X's.



  • Like other nitrome's spiders, they have only six legs. Real spiders have eight legs


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