This is a waiting list for game ideas TCG makes. They will not be made until others have been.

List of Game Ideas

Twin Shot 4 - A sequel to Twin Shot 3.

Cube Attack - A Nitrome version of Angry Birds.

Castle Corp Versus - A Castle Corp version of Plants vs. Zombies.

AustinWare, Inc. - A Nitrome Must Die version of WarioWare, Inc. Super Mini Mix - A pack of Super Mini Games including Super Snot Put.

Fault Line X Super Mega Bot - Fault Line and Super Mega Bot mixed.

Mega Mash Pack 2 - A pack of Mega Mash game sequels, and even new games.

Toxic III - A sequel to Toxic II.

Triple Edged - A sequel to Double Edged.

Cheese Dreams 2 - A sequel to Cheese Dreams.

Feed Me More - A sequel to Feed Me

Rubble Trouble Seattle - A game in the Rubble Trouble series.

RunRun - TCG and Fishybuz run around and do heroic stuff.

Untitled Three Little Kittens Game - The three little kittens need to get back their mittens.

Caek Mania - A Nitrome version of Cake Mania.

Happy Jump Land Series - Happy Jump Land 2, Happy Smash Land, and more!

Hi Hi Kitties - Kitties (and other animals) that have a fun time.

Austin Carter in Space - A Nitrome version of Lenny Loosejocks in Space.

Pixel Pop Series - A Rhythm Heaven-like series.

Mouse Dreams - A mouse's tale of how the mice stole the Moon.

Cave Chaos Minecraft Game - A Cave Chaos version of Minecraft.

Test Subject iOS - An iOS Test Subject game with Blue, Orange, and Green.

Blueboy's Adventure - A Nitrome version of the Kirby series.

Twin Shot Pikmin Game - A Twin Shot version of the Pikmin series.

Oregon Trail Must Die - A Nitrome Must Die version of Oregon Trail.

Nitrome Cut the Rope game - A Nitrome version of Cut the Rope.

The Battle for Carter's Soul - An epic ninja game where Carter, Austin gets his soul stolen.

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