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Hazmat Hero, in the clutches of Bigfoot, is taken deep underground. It is revealed that Mother was only a puppet for the robot factories. The true mastermind of the operation is still unknown, but Hazmat Hero intends to find out. He manages to get free of Bigfoot and knock it off of the wall. The two of them start to fall down a very long elevator shaft but soon land on top of a large elevator platform. The two of them fight but then the cable of the elevator snaps and the two are left falling down the large elevator shaft on a plummeting platform. Hazmat Hero fights off Bigfoot and manages to escape out of the elevator shaft through a vent.

Hazmat Hero sneaks around in the mysterious underground base and soon finds a surveillance room. It is here that he discovers that Mother was merely a puppet and that the true mastermind of the robot operation was somewhere within the base. His first objective is to find the location of the true robot hub. He makes his way through more of the base and soon finds a navigation room where he downloads a map of the area. Hazmat Hero then discovers that the map is incomplete and that the robot base must be much larger than he had first thought. He makes his way upwards in the base and finds a robotic computer. He hacks the computer and the computer remembers him from the upper base where Mother had resided. The computer agrees to help Hazmat Hero and instructs him that during his fight with Bigfoot that he lost all of his bomb and suit upgrades. To get them back, he will need to download them from the robot base servers, but they are only able to be accessed by inputting a passcode held within the programming code of the robot leaders.

Hazmat Hero then goes over to the main teleporter, which transports him to the main base. The computer instructs Hazmat Hero to go down to Zone 01. He does as instructed and finds himself in a new area. He heads to the navigation room and downloads the map for the area. It is here that the computer informs him that he was able to locate one bomb upgrade that did not require a passcode to access. Hazmat Hero goes to the Download Room and downloads the bomb upgrade. Suddenly, the doors are locked and robots suddenly fill the room, ambushing Hazmat Hero. Using his new Throw Bomb upgrade he defeats the robots and the computer is able to successfully reopen the doors. The computer suggests that the unlocked bomb upgrade may have been bait as a way to trap and kill Hazmat Hero, and that the head robot must already know that he is here.

Hazmat Hero continues through Zone 01 and fights the robot leader Kinetikick, who gives him back the Wall Jump Suit Upgrade, allowing Hazmat Hero to wall jump. He uses this ability immediately to escape the room as it is flooded with toxic waste. After escaping the room, the computer informs Hazmat Hero that now that the Wall Jump ability has been restored he can now go down to Subzone 01A where the Toxic Waste Drainage System is located. Venturing down into Subzone 01A, Hazmat Hero manages to drain the toxic waste from the room where he fought Kinetikick, allowing him access to Subzone 01B.

In Subzone 01B Hazmat Hero finds experimental robots unlike any he had encountered before. It was as though they weren't entirely mechanical. Shaking off the thought, Hazmat Hero continues deeper into Subzone 01B and into the Security Room where he unlocks the entrance to Zone 02. He emerges from Subzone 01B and then Zone 01. Making his way to Zone 02, Hazmat Hero sees Bigfoot being repaired through a bay window. Unable to do anything, he goes into Zone 02.

In Zone 02 he downloads the map from the Navigation Room and makes his way to the robot leader room. He locates and defeats the robot leader Nega-Shock and downloads the Shocker Bomb Data. The hatches then lock with Security Level 2 locks, unable to be opened with any ordinary bomb. Hazmat Hero uses his new Shocker Bombs to short out the locks and open the hatches. After this he goes down to Subzone 02A where he finds more of the experimental robots. Confused, he continues making his way down only to be urgently messaged by the computer, who tells him to get out of Subzone 02A as quickly as possible. Hazmat Hero obliges and evacuates from Subzone 02A, though unsure why. He is then instructed to take cover in Subzone 02B. He goes there and then hears metallic footsteps overhead. After they fade away, Hazmat Hero goes deeper down into Subzone 02B and finds yet another unlocked upgrade download. Downloading it, he acquires the Bomb Launcher, a mounted arm cannon that can fire bombs at a distance, and can be charged to increase the distance at which they are launched. Then he goes to Subzone 02C and uses the Bomb Launcher to destroy more of the strange experimental robots. He unlocks the Zone 03 entrance hatch in the Security Room and is then instructed by the computer to exit Zone 02 and go through no more doors than he must. Disobeying orders, Hazmat Hero explores more of Subzone 02C in an attempt to figure out what was up with the experimental droids. He is locked out of a single room in particular by the computer, who instructs him to leave Subzone 02C and Zone 02 at once. Hacking the locks with the Shocker Bomb, Hazmat Hero enters the sealed room.

Inside he finds a large glass container that had been broken by something. A strange slimy liquid covered the ground. The computer comes clean and explains that the reason he had asked Hazmat Hero to leave Subzone 02A so urgently was because the experimental droid known as H2P-314 had escaped from this very lab where he was being created and was now hunting down Hazmat Hero. The droid in question was none other than a robotic replica of Hazmat Hero himself, and had already been outfitted with all of the bomb and suit upgrades. He was far too powerful for Hazmat Hero to take on in his current state. Except that H2P-314 wasn't entirely robotic--he had a fully-functioning organic brain. He was as smart if not smarter than Hazmat Hero.

Hazmat Hero, now with the knowledge that he was being hunted, quickly escaped from Zone 02 and went to Zone 03. After downloading the map from the Navigation Room, he made his way to the robot leader room. He fights and defeats Bravo and downloads the Mega Bomb bomb upgrade. The computer locks the exit from the room and tells Hazmat Hero that H2P-314 is right on the other side of the door; H2P-314 will soon be able to hack into or open the hatch with force and Hazmat Hero must find another way out of the room. Hazmat Hero uses the new Mega Bomb upgrades to destroy a small hole in the floor where it was weak and escapes through there. Now in the air ducts, Hazmat Hero makes his way to the duct exit which empties out into Subzone 03C. The computer informs Hazmat Hero that H2P-314 has retreated to Subzone 01C for unknown reasons. Now safe for the time being, Hazmat Hero makes his way up through Subzone 03C and then over to Subzone 03A where the Security Room is located. He unlocks the Zone 04 entrance hatch and exits Zone 03.

In Zone 04 Hazmat Hero downloads the area map and then locates the next robot leader. After defeating Aegis, Hazmat Hero regains the Shock Absorber suit upgrade, which prevents him from being hurt by his own bombs. The walls and ceiling begin to close in and Hazmat Hero must use his bombs to blast an opening in the wall in order to escape. Escaping the death trap, Hazmat Hero makes his way down an elevator shaft and then finds himself in Subzone 04A. Hazmat Hero unlocks the entrance hatch to Zone 05 when the computer informs him that something is going on in the Hub Zone. Hazmat Hero goes up there to find that the experimental drones were running amok. After fighting his way through the droids, Hazmat Hero makes it to a surveillance console where he sees that a giant spider robot was releasing the drones from the zones.

Hazmat Hero goes to Zone 03 and makes his way down to Subzone 03B and finds Arachnidroid there. After defeating the robot leader he receives the Sticky Bomb bomb upgrade. He uses the Sticky Bomb to destroy multiple security nodes to cause the force field around the control console to drop. Hazmat Hero then uses the control console to seal off any more labs containing the experimental robots. After this he goes back up to the main zone where Bigfoot is nearly finished being repaired. Hazmat Hero uses his Mega Bomb to blast a hole in the ground allowing him to go under the walls and into the Robot Repair Bay. Having infiltrated the Robot Repair Bay, he attempts to sabotage Bigfoot when suddenly the computer instructs Hazmat Hero to quickly leave the area. Before he can escape, H2P-314 arrives and deploys a Cluster Bomb that nearly kills Hazmat Hero. He manages to daze H2P-314 with a Shocker Bomb and escape by activating Bigfoot and getting the large robot to smash through the glass wall. Now being pursued by the repaired Bigfoot, Hazmat Hero quickly makes his way to the nearest zone, which happens to be Zone 04.

Once in Zone 04, the computer informs him that that was too close a call and that he should not attempt such an act again until he has acquired more upgrades. The computer suggests that Hazmat Hero acquire the Transport Bomb upgrade so that he could escape quickly if another event like that were to happen. Hazmat Hero goes down to 04B where he fights the robot leader Portalipunch and acquires the Transport Bomb bomb upgrade. The computer informs Hazmat Hero that the Transport Bomb only has one use before its supply must be replenished, and so he must use it sparingly and only when needed. The computer then instructs Hazmat Hero to go to Subzone 04C to download another unlocked upgrade. Hazmat Hero obtains the Ledge Bomb in Subzone 04C and uses it to get back up out of the subzone.

Now suited with upgrades to escape H2P-314 if he were to encounter him again, Hazmat Hero goes to Zone 05 where he downloads the map and fights Ko. During the fight, Ko goes haywire and fires off all of its bombs. Hazmat Hero gets under cover and then manages to destroy Ko with one last attack. Afterwards he obtains the Cluster Bomb bomb upgrade. He uses the Cluster Bomb to clear away debris that had blocked the hatch during Ko's rampage. Afterwards he exits the room and makes his way to Subzone 05B where the Security Room is located. After unlocking the Zone 06 entrance hatch, he leaves Zone 05. As soon as he enters the Hub Zone he is ambushed by Bigfoot, who is now upgraded and is acting rather oddly. He defeats Alpha Bigfoot and is on his way to Zone 06 when the computer tells him that he has found surveillance footage from Subzone 01C where H2P-314 had retreated earlier. Hazmat Hero goes to the navigation room in Zone 04 and is briefed by the computer.

It seems that the experimental cyborg H2P-314 had gone rogue; the robot had become smart enough to figure out how to create a virus that would hack into all of the robots and put them under his control rather than the mastermind, Father. The computer explains that Father had been overseeing the creation of not only H2P-314, but of a whole army of organic-mechanical robots, or androids. They were to be genetically-engineered biological super-weapons, but many of them were still in the very early experimental stage. The first fully-functioning super-weapon was H2P-314 and he had gone rogue. No doubt Father would be combatting the H2P virus and Father's robots would be fighting against the infected robots. Now was the perfect chance to obtain some more bomb and suit upgrades while both Father and H2P-314 were distracted. Hazmat Hero goes to Subzone 05A where he finds many of the infected robots fighting the robot leader. They easily overwhelm and destroy the robot leader. After defeating the infected robots, Hazmat Hero downloads the Detonator Charge bomb upgrade. Hazmat Hero uses the Detonator Charge to solve a time-based puzzle.

Hazmat Hero then goes to Zone 06 and downloads the map. The computer informs Hazmat Hero that H2P-314 has flooded the Zone 06 Subzones with toxic waste in order to mutate the organic components of the androids there and bolster their attack power. Hazmat Hero defeats the robot leader Mutant Pulsatio and downloads the Bobber Bomb upgrade. He uses the Bobber Bomb to submerge it down under the toxic waste and destroy the Toxic Waste Drainage System console in Subzone 06B and drain the toxic waste from the subzones. The computer warns Hazmat Hero that H2P-314 may try to flood the other zones as well and that he should destroy the Main Toxic Waste Control to prevent all the zones from being flooded again. Heading to the Hub Zone, Hazmat Hero once again encounters H2P-314 and must make a run for the Main Toxic Waste Control Room. Once inside, he quickly sets a Detonator Charge and uses a Transport Bomb to escape H2P-314. Now back in the Zone 06 Navigation Room, the computer informs Hazmat Hero that the Main Toxic Waste Control Room was successfully destroyed and H2P-314 took a bit of damage from the blast as well. With that objective complete, Hazmat Hero goes to Subzone 06A and downloads the Double Jump suit upgrade which he uses to exit the subzone. He then goes to Subzone 06C and unlocks the Zone 07 entrance hatch. Going to Zone 07, he downloads the map from the Navigation Room. The computer begins to brief Hazmat Hero but suddenly begins glitching. Now infected with the H2P virus, the computer locks the hatches. Hazmat Hero escapes them using the Shocker Bombs and then enters into the rest of Zone 07. Now without the guidance of the computer, Hazmat Hero goes to the robot leader in Zone 07 who has also been infected with the virus. Defeating Sloxidav, he downloads the Runner Bomb upgrade and uses it to access the Security Node hidden within a small crevice in the room to open the hatch locked by the computer. He then takes the motherboard from Sloxidav and heads to Subzone 01C where he reverse engineers the virus to create an anti-virus which he then programs into his Shocker Bombs, creating Hacker Bombs.

On his way back to the Navigation Room in Zone 01 so that he can upload the anti-virus to the computer, Bigfoot returns, repaired and upgraded, and still infected with the H2P virus. Fighting Bigfoot a third time, Hazmat Hero manages to expose the robot's weak spot which he then blasts with a Hacker Bomb. Cured of the H2P virus, Bigfoot realizes that Hazmat Hero had saved him from the H2P virus and is trying to stop H2P-314 altogether. Bigfoot does not attack Hazmat Hero and departs. Hazmat Hero then goes to the Navigation Room and cures the computer of the H2P virus. The computer informs Hazmat Hero that if he uploads the virus to the Father unit, Father can upload it to all of the robot servers and stop the virus all at once. However, the only entrance to the Father unit's room in the Hub Zone is through Zone 08. Hazmat Hero goes to Zone 05C where he downloads the Spring Bomb upgrade which he will need in order to get back out of the Zone 07 subzones after he goes down into them.

Hazmat Hero then goes back to Zone 07 and ventures into each Subzone, unlocking all three lock types on the Zone 08 entrance hatch. After doing so, he leaves Zone 07 and goes to the Hub Zone to enter Zone 08. H2P-314 suddenly arrives and blocks the entrance hatch to Zone 08. H2P-314 then releases Kitembry, an infected android, from the repair bay. H2P-314 then leaves through the Zone 08 entrance hatch. Kitembry is nearly entirely organic, with only a single mechanical part that is protected by the rest of its body. Unable to use the Hacker Bombs to stop it, Hazmat Hero is nearly defeated by Kitembry when Bigfoot arrives on the scene and blasts the android with its guns, exposing the weak point. Hazmat Hero then uses the Hacker Bombs to purge the virus from Kitembry, weakening it greatly. Kitembry gets back up and blasts Bigfoot with a powerful laser, putting him out of commission. Hazmat Hero destroys Kitembry with one final blast. Unable to help Bigfoot, Hazmat Hero downloads the Drone Bomb upgrade and enters Zone 08.

In Zone 08 Hazmat Hero downloads the map in the Navigation room and uses the Drone Bomb in each Subzone in order to deactivate the three locks on the Hub Zone entrance hatch. Entering the Hub Zone Control Center, Hazmat Hero sees H2P-314 and Father in the middle of a battle. H2P-314 leaps up onto the Father unit and punches the top of it, a Hacker Bomb enclosed in his fist; the bomb hacks into the Father unit and infects it with the virus. H2P-314 then enters into the Father unit's cockpit and Hazmat Hero begins to fight Infected Father. After exposing Infected Father's weak point, Hazmat Hero uses a Hacker Bomb to destroy the H2P virus within him. Suddenly, rather than being cured of the virus, it is revealed that H2P-314 had learned of the anti-virus program and created a new type of the virus that caused infected robots to transform into powerful cyborgs when the anti-virus was exposed to them. Father now mutated into Bacterplag, Hazmat Hero fights the new robot, a powerful, mobile version of Father. After managing to defeat Bacterplag and purge the virus from Father once and for all, H2P-314 quickly hides and Father, now back to normal, mistakes Hazmat Hero to be H2p-314 and the two fight again. Finally defeating Father altogether, H2P-314 returns to the room and he and Hazmat Hero now have the final showdown. H2P-314 almost kills Hazmat Hero when Bigfoot arrives on the scene, now repaired, and Hazmat Hero enters his former rival's cockpit. Together the two of them defeat H2P-314. The computer, Bigfoot, and Hazmat Hero all agree that the factory and the robots in it are all too dangerous. Hazmat Hero sets a Detonator Charge on the factory's nuclear reactor and then must escape from the facility before it is destroyed.

The game then ends with Hazmat Hero, Bigfoot, and the computer outside of the facility as it explodes, destroying all of the biological super-weapon technology and research along with it.












Alpha Bigfoot

Mutant Pulsatio


Omega Bigfoot


Infected Father





Toxic Waste: Touching it kills Hazmat Hero on contact


Navigation Room: Located in each zone, is where Hazmat Hero downloads the Zone map and gets briefed on current mission objectives and parameters.

Security Room: Located in one of the Subzones of each Zone, this room unlocks the hatches to the next Zone.

Save Room: Located in each Zone, is where Hazmat Hero can back-up all of his data (save the game)

Reload Room: Located in each zone and some subzones, is where Hazmat Hero can restock his Mega Bomb supply and replenish his energy.


Basic Bomb- A bomb that is simply placed in front of Hazmat Hero. Can be rolled forwards a short distance. Default

Throw Bomb- A bomb that is thrown forth in an arc and explodes on contact. Acquired via download

Wall Jump- A suit upgrade that allows Hazmat Hero to leap from wall to wall. Obtained from Kinetikick.

Shocker Bomb- A bomb that releases electrical shockwaves that stun enemies and hacks electrical instruments. Obtained from Nega-Shock.

Bomb Launcher- A mounted arm cannon that allows Hazmat Hero to launch bombs a greater distance.

Mega Bomb- A bomb with a great explosion radius, dealing lots of damage. Obtained from Bravo.

Shock Absorber- A suit upgrade that keeps his own bombs from damaging himself. Obtained from Aegis.

Sticky Bomb- A bomb that sticks onto enemies and explodes after a set time. Obtained from Arachnidroid.

Transport Bomb- A bomb that can be used in emergencies to transport Hazmat Hero to the navigation. Has the fewest slots of all the bomb upgrades. Obtained from Portalipunch.

Ledge Bomb- A bomb that functions as a temporary platform. Explodes after some time.

Cluster Bomb- A bomb that, upon exploding, drops many smaller bombs that also explode. Obtained from Ko.

Detonator Charge- A bomb that can be planted on any surface and then detonated at any time by Hazmat Hero.

Bobber Bomb- A bomb that floats on water/acid/lava and can be moved around. Obtained from Mutant Plusatio.

Double Jump- A suit upgrade that enables Hazmat Hero to jump in mid-air.

Runner Bomb- A bomb that can be controlled to move around on the ground and fit into small spaces; can be detonated at any time. Obtained from Sloxidav.

Hacker Bomb- A bomb that combats the H2P virus in infected robots; works like a regular Shocker Bomb against non-infected robots.

Spring Bomb- A bomb that functions similarly to a Ledge Bomb but has a springpad that launches Hazmat Hero high into the air; after bouncing twice, the bomb explodes.

Drone Bomb- A bomb that can be flown around in the air; can be detonated at any time. Equipped with a tow cable, it can lift up small objects off the ground and transport them.