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(To be made) The Tresistance's Logo.
Gender Various
Species Triclopians
Faction Good-Rough
Health 3 hits
Level 20-25 (Secret)
Status Alive
Game(s) Laserhead

The Tresistance is a resistance of rebellious and rough Triclopians, who posses more advanced and war-based weapons and powerups. They are first encountered in Laserhead. The rest of the Triclopians' planet doesn't know about the existance of the Tresistance, meaning they are always hidden in the deserts that fences the War Torn City.


Their base is purposely located in a desert that fences all the War Torn City, the main target of the robots, what makes for the Tresistance easily to take down most robots before they reaches the City.


The Tresistance haves over 20 members, consisting of scientists, warriors, spies and other members.

Scientists product the various weapons and power ups warriors will need to use in their way,

Warriors are the ones who battles the Robots, using the scientists' technologies. They are the only playable types of Triclopians in the Tresistance.

Spies are used in spying missions. They use gear and uniform for stealth. They are sometimes seen in the background for Laserhead in War Torn City.