The plot and enemies shall be edited soon, mah Angel!

Twin Shot 4 is the sequel to Twin Shot 3 and the fourth in the Twin Shot series. (Although it also happens after the events of Rainbow Rider.) This game has a four player mode and four packs. (Double the amont from Twin Shot 2.)

Pack 1 - Winged Events

In the first pack the player controls 4 Angels, Pink, Orange, Flora, and Doc.

Pack 2 - Maiden of Prayers

In the second pack the player controls 4 Nitrome Must Die characters, Holy Carter, Winged Carter, Mirage Justin, and Enda.

Pack 3 - Darker Tale

In the third pack the player controls 2 Dark Things, Dark Thing and Berserker Dark Thing.

Pack 4 - Puzzling Around

In the fourth pack the player chooses from any of the characters they've unlocked. This pack also features Puzzle Peices.

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