Two legged monsters
Two legged monster
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities jumping up
Game(s) Dangle Dreams

Two Legged Monsters are enemies in the game Dangle Dreams.


They have a dark green body. They have a black troubled mouth with white eyes and black pupils. They have a square head with green hair. Attached to both sides of their heads are it legs, legs capable of stretching.

Game information

They still seem to be able to walk on platforms, turning at ledges. If the player is above them, and the enemy below them, it will jump high up, in an attempt to hurt the player. The rest of the time, they will only walk.

The player has to quickly descend and get past the end of a platform (usually) to avoid being hit. An easy tactic to get past these enemies is to go down very low near them but not to low that the spider trio will get hit by its hair. Next build up speed then swing over its head. The enemy should jump up so now go over the other end of the platform.


  • They are based on Ho-Ho from Loco Roco series of games.


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