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Untesty Trans
Gender Male
Species Goo and Enzyme
Faction Good
Health 3 Blows
Level All
Status Alive
Game(s) Stranded in an island

Untesty is Axiy's pet, Axiy combined Green's color and Untesty from the Nitrome 2.0 skin.


Untesty was meant to go to the Untitled Descent Game then Axiy created Untesty and Axiy was normally going to let him go play it but Axiy was waiting a long time so Axiy let him train in his jar but he doesn't drink water because he might dissolve. Later Blueboy kidnapped him and lost him. Then The Mysterious User found Untesty and kept him Axiy wanted Untesty back later The Mysterious User harrased or said bad stuff about Axiy at his page. Then Axiy met Untesty's dad and I was talking to him but Axiy didn't really pay attention alot. Later Axiy got Untesty back from the Mysteryous user, he gave me Untesty back now Untesty is helping Axiy to find Notesty in the Great Journey. Now Untesty will be in a game but he will still stay with Axiy at his house.

Family and Friends

Untesty does have family members he has a cousin Aqua, Untesty has a dad but his name is unknown, he also has a brother called: Testy. Untesty has a friend Rahama he plays with him alot, some time later Untesty found Testy and they were brothers. Untesty is also a friend of Scott and Lizzy, they play with eachother alot and sometimes Untesty gets invited to their house to play with them. Untesty's Dad has a brother whitch appears to be Untesty's uncle called Master Swindler, Untesty's Dad is a very good friend of him and sometimes gives him stuff.