The day seemed normal enough...

Carter had convinced Austin and Justin to go outside because they needed the fresh air. The three friends had much fun. They didn't notice that Enda was missing and continue to conduct outdoor activity. After a while, the sun began to set, and it was then that the 3 friends noticed that their feathered friend was missing. It was then after this realization that they heard a loud screech. Enda!

Meanwile, at the Game Studio...

Enda: Get away from the money and LEAVE NOW! Or you'll be sorry!

Robber: Ha! What can a little pigeon do? You're clearly smaller than me!


(Enda does a ferocious roar)

Robber: Oh, that just isn't normal!

Enda: I warned you, and now you're going to see ANOTHER side to me!

Robber: What do you mean?

Enda: I am half eagle, but lion runs in my blood. You should have left if your life depends on it. LEAVE NOW!

Robber: Nothing will change my mind because tonight is the night that I will swim in a pool of money!

(Enda's body tenses. Her pupil shrinks. She grows two golden back legs, and lion paws are at the front)

(Again, she gives a giant roar, and chases after her prey. No sooner, the Robber loses all of his courage and bolts for the door)

(Enda Roars a triumhant roar, but then faints)


When Enda opens her eyes, she sees 3 familiar faces.

Enda: What happened?

Carter: You were on the floor in the Game Studio. What happened to you?

Enda: There was a robber, and I bravely chased him away. But I don't remember the "chasing away" part :(

WAC: Did anybody see you?

Enda: Just the robber.

NB: You must keep guard at all times. It is rare to see an Eagle in No-Name Ville.

Enda nods at this advice but doesn't tell anybody about being half-lion. Not even Carter, her BFF.

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