The #4 Gives Me Power ^_^

Hello, this is Austincarter4ever with your live-ish weekly blog post!!!! To me, this week was full of ups and downs. Here are the 'ups'

  1. Became Counselor
  2. Had a bagel for breakfast
  3. Entered Fishybuz's Image Contest
  4. Got to eat gum in school
  5. Found my Library Card <^(-)^>

Downs :(

  1. Realizes there was a Garbage Pail Kids Movie >.<
  2. Made my team lose at kickball
  3. Her sister lost her famera :(
  4. Gets tickled nearly to death XD

Irresponible Sisters Must Die!!!!

I was thinking of doing a Cinco De Mayo fan art for y'all, but my irresponible sister lost mah camera!!!! Without it, I can't take new pictures (I'm stuck with the ones I already took). So, yeah... No more picture-taking for this gal...

I have Bennet Fever XD

I've been paying moar attention to Justin Bennet recently, knowing that I've given Austin too much attention. I'm going to write a new article soon titled 'Spacial Rider'. Moar info will be given once this article is online.

Before Concluding...

If my camera comes back, what would you like moar of? Send your feedback in teh comments section!!!! Or just message me!!!! This concludes teh weekly blog post. This is Austincarter4ever saying

"May Nitrome Be With You."

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