Probably the worst week ever

Oh, thank Carter it's Friday! I had a horrible, unrelenting week (message me for more details). Anyways, I did the requested fan art (NOT Torture, people!!!!) The picture is Justin Bennet petting one heck of a dragon (sorry, Axiy, wrong dragon). I'm also uploading some more pictures as hints to my next article (it's gonna blow your socks off!). Instead of a skit, I created a personality quiz! The choices are:

Okay, let's get started! DISCLAIMER: There are 5 questions, each having to do with the featured character's actions seen in the game they stared in. Choose the one that best suits you.

1) On a regular basis, what would you wear?

a) Red-pink sweatshirt with white visor and sky-blue pants

b) Skull T-shirt with light blue pants

c) One-piece purple jumpsuit with pink cape

2) What is your favorite pastime?

a) Flipping a coin

b) Listening to music

c) Reading comic books

3) What is the most disgusting thing you've done (recently)?

a) Throw up

b) Burp without saying excuse me

c) Get green candy stuck on your gorgeous outfit

4) What would be the worst thing to happen to you?

a) Get your life ended by a coffee breath employee

b) Get mutated into a giant bird human hybrid (no painkillers)

c) Get crushed by two moving blocks

5) What is your second favorite favorite pastime?

a) Staring at flies

b) Falling asleep in a cute manner

c) Jump from wall to wall

All Right...

Mostly A's- You are Justin. You seem street wise, and prefer to stay hidden. However, you become sick at times when off the ground.

Mostly B's- You are Austin. You seem to be a person who is laid back. In some cases, you are defiant, and at other times, ready to plunge yourself into danger.

Mostly C's- You are Norman. You sometimes jump into situations too quickly and get shocked by an Electro Dude (having a big head doesn't mean you're smart). You like to stay up late.

Please Record your results in the comments section and brag about it a bit!

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