Ah-hah!!!! (sound when Austin takes a lot of damage)

Because I'm still confused about pixel design, I shall continue to fan-draw. Also, I have Spring Break starting Monday, April 1st (APRIL FOOLS!!!!) so I'll be on this site often throughout the week. Contrary to the title, I have a SORE throat! My dad told me , "Mariah, just sit through it." What in the name of Mat Annal does that mean?! I should sit around while a random virus does Carter knows what to my throat? It feels as if someone built Nitrome Towers in there, and it keeps shaking! OUCH!!!! However, this doesn't make me depressed enough not to write another... PERSONALITY QUIZ!!!!

The outcomes are:

1) What is one of your favorite things to consume?

a) Soda

b) Anything, I'll just throw it back up

c) Carrot Juice

d) Fish

2) On a nice day, you are likely to wear...

a) Skull T-Shirt

b) Sweatshirt with no emblem

c) Smiley- Face T- Shirt

d) I'll just be naked...

3) What do you usually pretend to be?

a) a hero

b) a ninja

c) The manager of a gym

d) An advisor

4) What is your latest good deed?

a) Mashing a dark thing's face in

b) defeating evil-er evil despite the fact that you can't fly

c) Helping your creator(s) collect money

d) Give hungey birds your birdseed

5) What is the most unsettled thing about yourself?

a) More Bird, or More Human?

b) Finding yourself in the cycle of good, bad, and ugly

c) Why an I a blonde?

d) I can talk!!!!


Mostly As- You are WAC (Winged Austin Carter). Having a rather large desire for money, you are energetic, and beats up any threat nearby. Being very active, you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty.

Mostly Bs- You are Justin. You rarely change anything about yourself, and you prefer to sneak around rather than approach someone suddenly.

Mostly Cs- You are Carter. You are also active, but so active that you can't calm yourself down at times. You are healty, and perfer to stay out of the way when family members are arguing.

Mostly D's- You are Enda. Anything that happens instantly gets your attention. You are generous, and you try your best to stay in character.

PLEASE don't be shy. Record YOUR result in the comments section!

By the way, whoever did the skin, I'm proud of you. THANKS for putting Austin in there. I'm gonna scream my head off until it implodes!

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