Hello, Y'all!!!!

It's okay if no one took the quiz from two weeks ago, and I planned a new contest. The contest doesn't go towards any of my characters. It can relate to anything that you want. The winner can decide to put their emblem wherever they want. As always, contest entries are due next week. AUGH!!!! Axiy's caught up to me on the leaderboard!!!! All I have to say is, good luck to both of us (^_^). Oh, yeah, the main title. For me, next month is Honor Justin Bennet Month. I've been giving Mr. Carter too much fangirl swag. Time to give Justin some :D. Speaking of, I've created a brand new article. Here's a picture sample:


"What the?! I have a clone now?!"

I think that we can all agree that I've enhanced Justin and made him more auestome... I mean 'fan'tastic.

Any questions about the contest or new character? Post in teh comments section!!!!


Teh New Article!!!!

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