Hey guys! This is AustinCarter4Ever! I've been having a rough time thinking of things to write for the second part of DoCK's season finale. I focused on my miniseries so much that I lost focus on the other things I wrote (text-only wise. My comics are still fine). I wrote a bit, but then I got stuck again.

"Carter!" A familiar voice called.

No response.

In response, a gentle wind blew across his seemingly lifeless face.

The angular angel's eyes slowly opened.

"Thanks, best buddy," Carter weakly responded. "That drop knocked the wind out of me! However did we survive it?"

"I don't know!" Bennet responded. "Me eyes were closed the whole time, so I wouldn't be able to tell ye no matter how hard I try."

"Where are we?" Carter asked while looking around cautiously.

The setting appeared to be a cave with red rocks. It was dangerously warm, which wasn't to the liking of either angel.

"This place isn't on any map I've ever studied... It must be hidden..." Alpha Bennet assumed. "Let's walk around. Maybe we'll find someone who knows!"

So the two angels walked around the unfamiliar setting until they came across a short red fellow wearing a golden helmet and... Oh no...

"YOU!!!!" It hissed at Carter.

"Me?" Carter responded in a confused tone.

"You caused me to lose my sanity! For that, you are going to pay!"

"Sir, I don't know what you're talking about," Carter admitted. "Do you know what he's talking about, best buddy?"

Bennet shrugged with an unsure expression. I would have a say in this, but I'm the narrator. I'm not a character in this story!

"Do you know where we are?" Carter inquired.

"Why do you care?" The former Pitchfork Demon snapped.

"Please, Sir. Cloud Kingdom is shrouded in darkness and we fell down a big hole. Time is of the essence," Carter answered desperately.

"On top of that, our friends be missing!" Bennet added.

"*Sigh* I'll bite. You're in the Evil Kingdom," the demon capitulated. "When King Cloud turned evil, he was imprisoned here. He promised that when he managed to escape his imprisonment, he would shroud the world in complete darkness."

Carter and Bennet exchanged surprised glances. Was that why Cloud Kingdom was so dark when they woke up?

"Do you know where he is now?" Carter inquired.

"I'm a passerby, kid. I don't know the answer to the meaning of life," the demon assured. "Now go before my sanity level drops from looking at you for so long!"

If I continued DoCK while I was writing my miniseries, I wouldn't be in this mess! But I guess it's too late... So yeah. Leave me some suggestions so that I may have a better chance of wrapping this up well! Thanks for your time and support!

CarterspriteNMD2-bmp AC4E! (Lair Stork Shoot) Seriousbennet 04:12, May 4, 2015 (UTC)

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