Sorry i've been inactive for the last couple of days. nitrome hasnt been doing much. It's pretty sad now that they make those endless games, and it looks like they're running out of ideas.

so skywire is a pretty neat game. the idea is whole and original. i've decided to talk about it because, well, i'm bored and random page on nitrome wiki directed me to it.

one thing that makes it pretty different than any other early nitrome game, is the surplus of enemies. you can easily choose a favorite out of a wide variety. mine is the sqwirl enemy, because they bouncing chick can actually kill you. very reminiscent of hamsters. oh, and each enemy has a very unique way of killing you. some more threatening than others, like the parrot just decides to go up and down when you wake it from it's slumber, and snakes( experience from beating the game twice, i know how annoying they can be) just spin around. But the orcas in the game practically lunge at you.


another feature of the game is the customization, if you can call it that, is the cable car. i think it's neat how you can customize it, and with a variety of colors you can choose any and like it. especially when you beat the game, you get the rainbow car! and if you beat the free dlc, "sky wire 1", you get seizure car!

So now ill talk about the vip seires. Vip was really a fascinating idea, to see famouse characters in the nitrome-vision of skywire, and with nitrome characters. it was a fan made game, first created on scratch, and nitrome adapted it and made two expansion packs. i felt like the third one was unnecessary, but what ever.

Which was better?

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