HI GUYS!!!!!

it's me

so today i noticed the new game, vault.

I thought it was gonna be horrendous, but like everything nitrome makes now, they have chracaters!!!!


Screenshot 2015-07-22 18.09.36


and i noticed the lovely new picture of it

im here to talk today about a serious issue

i think we can all agree nitrome is devoting their time to....



you know who im talkinga bout

those prebubescent teenagers on their phone all day

sweaty, hostile

like the kids that 5 year olds on COD become

and its sad how the good quality of nitrome is devoted to them, the group of people that would buy a game about a bird and pipes. i mean, seriously. now there are some good apps, and good people, no matter how rare they are, that use phones. but this is unbeleivable. I GUESS ITS BETTER THAN THE "MEME MASTER" 12 YEAR OLDS ON REDDITheyo but all joking aside, i dont have a phone. so i dont know if i can invest in this to much. i think of it every night... such sadness...

but i guess im ok with playing nitromes 2006 games for all eternity.

maybe nmd. get dat avatar

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