Hello guys. I'm gonna do something I've never done. Since It takes time to make plenty of blogs, I'm gonna make ONE BIG BLOG! A blog that may go on forever, a blog that always updates, and probably my last blog ever! (One Blog to Rule them All :D)

So, here are the things I plan to put:

  1. My Dream About Nitrome
  2. My new image for the imge contest
  3. Rubble Trouble Comics
  4. Nitrome Wiki Must Die! (comics)
  5. Hot Air Balloons
  6. Ice Breaker Mobile is now playable??
  7. Pixel Love Games Crossover
  8. About the next possible Pixel Love games blog; and
  9. And some more...

Ok, here goes...

Icebreaker Mobile is now playable?!?!

Not really the upcoming one. It's the old one. Just that it's playable on mobile!


Icebreaker Mobile

Icebreaker Mobile


The Next Possible Pixel Love Games

Sorry, but I won't be able to finish the blog myself, so I'm gonna do something different.

My Dream of Nitrome

The night before last night, I had a dream, I won't tell you about the start, because most of it I have forgotten, and same parts are disturbing (Every dream has this secret ingredient). So here: I was chatting, (I forgot the topic in the chat) then I left to do some productive stuff. Then I forgot to ask the person in the chat something so I had to come back. Going back took too very long because of the slow connection so I decided to play Space Hopper. The strange thing was, there was no menu, it’s just the Astronaut sitting on a planet, there were no Play, Help, Scores buttons but I didn’t mind this in my dream. The thing I wanted to see was the startup, so I reloaded. (It reloaded very fast. And I thought that the connection was slow -_-) But then, there still was no startup, just the Astronaut sited on the planet. Then I noticed something different with Nitrome's website. There were icons of some Nitrome Characters that would lead you to their games. Some characters were a bit translucent, symbolizing that that button isn't available yet (or un clickable for now). I clicked on the Parasite and I went to that game. Also, I saw at the the place where the newest games icons should be (it's only available for small sized games) were types of games. Like Science Fiction, Medieval, and so on... I clicked Sci-Fi, and then I got lead to Parasite. But it was already open in another tab so I had to close that tab. But Parasite was different. It was 8-Bit, The Alien Squid was riding on a truck handing some sodas some monkeys who were wearing orange shirts and it was slow. The truck was slow, the monkeys suddenly became fast after the sodas. Then suddenly, I was juggling some sodas out of the computer. (0.o??? How did that happen?) Then I woke up, thinking about the dream. Oh well, all dreams are weird right?

The name's Carter, Austin Carter.

Ok, I've uploaded the image of Austin to the Image Contest!

Austin Carter Drawing
Oh well...

Rubble Trouble Comics!

Rubble Trouble Though Time

Episode 1.
Rubble Trouble Through Time pt1

Double Rubble Trouble

Coming Soon

Rubble Trouble London

Coming Soon

Nitrome Wiki Must Die!!!

Noah Compher - Nitrome Must Die-ized

Coming Soon...

The All Time Greatest!

Nitrome-all time greatest games drawing

Hot Air Balloons

Just some balloons that could be a part of Hot Air's life. [link]


Uncle Rico Rage Face

Uncle Rico Rage Face!


Y U NO Squid!


Problem playing Knuckleheads?

That's All!

I'm Always alone at Noon Time :(

If I get here at morning, it's usually IJZM ar CandD who's around. When it's almost noon, everybody in the wiki leaves. I check the Recent Activity and I see that NOBODY, The Nitrome Yeti, and so on have stopped editing which means I'm the only one active. Then I'll have to wait for hours for somebody to come....

My latest Images

  1. A Simian Unit! (I've got a lot of images now! Guess which I'll enter in the nex image contest!!)
  2. A Gravitational Feild for Mutiny 3. Based on the one from Angry Birds Space.
  3. - 5. Emotes that need to be in the wiki chat! :D

MOAR EMOTES!!!!!!!!!111

We must add the emotes that I've mentioned!!!! :D


I'm making a branch on Nitrome Wiki! Just for wiki business.!_The_Nitrome_Wiki_Edition!

Microsoft Enzymes

I've just installed Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Then I noticed something strange and familiar...

Microsoft Enzymes

What do you think? I think that the colors Blue, Green, and Orange make a perfect trio.

Aaaahhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 Halucination!!!!!

Woahhh!!! EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!! TRY THIS THING OUT!!!!

Calamari Damacy

Do any of you know Katamari? Cuz it's a great game where you have a very sticky ball that objects smaller than it grab on to it making the Katamari ball bigger and let it be able to grab things that were big to you and now since the sticky ball is bigger, the big things are now smaller making them able to stick to your ball. (Aaaaggh! That sentence was very poorly written) If you didn't quite understand me, think of it as a snow ball, rolling down a snowy hill, collecting more snow from the ground, making the snowball bigger. You've seen this in cartoons right? Anyway, back to topic. Katamari sure sounds like Calamari right? So here's a picture.

Calamari Damacy

The Great Mystery of Youtube

Ok, I was watching a video, then I noticed something weird...


You see?! How can a video have 596 comments and 2955 likes if it only has 301 views? *suddenly, while I was writing this post, I remembered something* Oh yeah! I know now! Has anyone noticed that a youtube video's views are frozen at 301 views for a half day then it statrs counting again? No? Then here's a video.

Watch it here!

How to Make a Poll

This is a special post for those who dont know how.

Just type in this coce then replace the "Title" and "Option1" and "Option2"

Option 1
Option 2
 </poll> </option> <choose> </choose>
Then out comes this:

The poll was created at 10:38 on November 12, 2012, and so far 14 people voted.

I've found a way how to make invisible text!!!

Highlight: Ta-da!!! I just used Gimp to find the RGB of the background.

Here it is if you want to use it:

 ​<span style="color:rgb(231,244,210);font-size:12px;text-align:center;">Invisible text here</span><span style="color:rgb(231,244,210);font-size:12px;text-align:center;"> </span>
And also, if you want it on Nitrome wiki, the RGB for the grey background is 239,239,239

On Pixel Love wiki it's 216,191,216

Song Parody Log

This is NITROME April 27

Frog or Rabbit May 21

Flies (Song) May 24 13:50

Ball and Chain in Your Soul May 24 16:14

My Little Wiki: Nitrome is Magic May 24 20:20

Rainbow Wings (Sonic Boom Parody) June 7

Fried Ninja June 30 00:42

Carter and Enda: Together 4 Ever June 30 20:16

Cuboy Maybe July 8

What Makes Nitrome Beautiful August 11

Nitromight August 12

How Stealthy Can I Be? August 19

Sweatshirts September 4

My Little Wiki: NMD is Magic (Theme) September 10
I'm I really the one who originated perodizing here?

Remember this seed


Real Life Photos

Cell Phone Music

Is I promised to RSK, I would upload the music that I was talking about. So here it its. It's not really what you might expect since it's only 29.85 seconds long.

Snow Drift music on an old Nokia cell phone

Snow Drift music on an old Nokia cell phone

J-J-Jump Drawing

It's been a while since I've written here. But anyway, look at this drawing I made:

J-J-Jump drawing

Keep Calm And Canopy Ape

I've made some images of "Keep Calm" in relation to Nitrome and also the Canopy Blue Monkey as an Ape.

Keep Calm And Edit At Nitrome Wiki
Keep Calm And Play Nitrome

Canopy Ape

Mimic Rex

What would Mimic look like if he was in Test Subject Complete?

So we meet again

Oodlegobs Z

World War Gobs

No clu of what this thing means? Click here .

Fun Fact: Oodlegobs was actually based on World War Z. Proof

More Drawings!!

First of all is the remake of my J-J-Jump drawing

J-J-Jump image
  And second is Dirk Valentine drawn in the same way of my Canopy Ape. (Is there a right term for that kind of art? I'll call it Pixel Sketch)

Dirk Valentine image

Yin Yang

here's a drawing of Yin and Yang I just made.
Yin Yang

I accepted the fact that their gender is unspecified though.

The Truth About Lockehorn's Mouth

Lockegorn&#039;s mouth


Can you tell from which games they come from?

Rhino Beetle

Ghost MegaMash

Blue image


Bad Ice Cream

Chick Flick image

Frost Bite 2 Ending Remade

I put in a lot of time and effort in this one. 

Frost bite 2 ending

Clilick for full image. :D

Ditto Artwork

:'( <---That's a spoiler.

Warlock Artwork

Warlock Image

Ditto Human-ized

Ditto h

Ditto - Reflection

Ditto - Reflection

Make Games and Shut Up poster

Here's the poster seen from the trailer for Icebreaker now has achievements.


To Be Continued...

(just wait for this blog to grow)