I haven't done much here, but I like to announce a fan project, where everyone can participate: It's called as theatrythm Nitrome Trilogy. Yes, Three in case, if this gets interesing enough. 

What's Theatrythm?

Theatrythm is "theater Rhythm action" game designed to DS, where you control players by grabbing, touching or sliding notes at touch screen. These games has mainly songs from chosen theme. In this case, all songs and characters are from Nitrome games.


Right now there will be Four categories, which are made to suit the games' themes.

Race music sequences

These musics includes a lot of speed and reflexes. 

Field Music Sequences

Calm and peaceful music in this category. There's no rush with these songs.

Vehicle Music sequences

These are like Field music sequences, but this includes riding either in ground, water or in the air. Dodging required.

Battle Music sequences

Much like Race Music sequences, these are also fast and furious. Fight against various bosses in these sequences.

Characters and musics

This part is served for you. Here you can enter either canon or fanon character (Note, that these must be protagonists and have mobility ability. Characters like Spider(Dangle), Zombie Slayer (Graveyard Shift) and Numbskull are this how denied.

Any theme (Unused tracks are accepted too) are accepted. Remember to tell what category your suggested song is placed.



Hazmat Hero




Rustyard Game theme (Field Music Sequence)

Numbskull Theme (Battle Music Sequence)

Avalanche Game theme (Race Music Sequence)

Icebreaker game theme (Vehicle music sequence)

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