Blagh. Ha-ha, hi everyone. I just had oral surgery today and I'm just kind of feeling...blagh right now. I'm probably staying home from school tomorrow because my mouth is going to hurt really bad once it gets its feeling back. Anyways, I'll probably try to write a new Cuboy Academy tomorrow while I'm at home, so that'll be a nice bonus for all you guys and I hope you comment, because honestly, I love reading every single comment I get on the series. It makes me feel great, like I'm really doing something cool that people are reading and enjoying and being inspired by. Every comment uplifts me and makes me feel inspired to write more episodes and get them out to you quicker. Anyways, I'm going to eat some chocolate ice cream for my teeth and then go to bed. Good night, see you around, and as always, keep up that awesome writing thing you do!

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