Hello everyone! It's me! Plasmaster! Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman! Today I wanted to recap on one of my earlier blog posts, SSN2 Job Interviews. AC4E has been kind enough to help me update the stages page, and it has been a lot of help! Thanks AC4E!

However, there are some other positions that are still open for anyone interested. There is the Items Manager, who will update the Items page, the Cublocks Manager, who will update the Cublocks page, the Character Manager, who will create personalized pages for each character in the game (i.e. SSN2: Professor). I also have new positions opening as Trophy Manager, who will update the Trophy page; this job is more flexible, as the person updating it can add virtually any Nitrome-related element they want, as long as there is a category for it on the page. The other position is the Enemy Manager, who will update the Enemies page.

As an incentive for your work, you can suggest additional Cublocks/items/enemies/custom moves according to which job you take up.

As project manager, I will approve or veto your suggestion. If I veto it and you think that it should be approved, you can submit for a discussion. The discussion will take place in chat at a set time and will involve the entirety of the SSN2 team. Each team member will give their input on the suggested element and then after discussing it we will all vote on whether or not it should be approved or vetoed a second time. <--So formal. :P

As project manager, I will also oversee Character announcements on the SSN2 page, Game Mode announcements, and movesets.

Finally I would like to thanks Chiselerlikescheese and Test Subject Fan for their tremendous amount of help with the Skins and Taunts pictures. Any additional help regarding pixel art for the game would be most appreciated and will be accepted with gratitude!

I hope you guys will consider joining this collaborative project and no matter what, keep up that awesome writing thing you do!

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