Oh! Hi there, fellow Wikian, I didn't see you there! XP. Plasmaster here, and I wanted to announce my second SSN2 Direct. This June I will be hosting a 'SSN2 Direct'. It'll work similar to Nintendo Directs, which reveal information about upcoming games and such.

The event will have Super Smash Nitrome 2 as the primary focus. The following elements will be discussed during the event:

  • The main focus of this Direct will be movesets. I've been working on revamping the movesets of characters already revealed so that they require a bit more skill to utilize to their full ability while still retaining a fun and simple way of use; another reason for this is to remedy moves that were so much like other moves that it just seemed redundant (I'm looking at you, Norman Noggin). Any characters that have received revamped moves will have those moves discussed as to their use, as well as any abilities those moves grant to the character.
  • Three unannounced Cublocks will also be revealed. Their ability will be discussed.
  • Some elements of unannounced stages will be discussed, as well as a revamp of some stages already released.
  • Three unannounced characters will be revealed and their special moves will be discussed, along with any other unique mechanics attributed to them.

There will be a half-hour question session held towards the end of the Direct.

The Direct will be held tomorrow on Sunday, at 10:30 AM EST.

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