Hello again, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! Now it's time to look forward to New Year's just around the corner! I think we can all expect big things to come in the coming year, but let's not forget how fantastic this year has been! The NFF Wiki has had lots of new members join this year, and I hope they all have enjoyed their experience here and will continue to next year! Now, let's take a look at some of the big things that have gone on around the Wiki this past year.

TSF and Klemen702, along with GouchnoxWiki, created Test Subject Swap, one of the most expansive Test Subject projects I've seen on the Wiki. Keep it up guys!

AustinCarter4Ever started her Generation 6 comic for NMDFanfictionMon! Hooray!

RSK's Ditto Fan-Fiction Endless Cycle was featured on the Nitrome blog! Way to go!

The Super Story Challenges were started and you can read the winning entries in the Nitrome Fan-Fiction Wiki Library.

Cuboy Academy has made its way through two and a half seasons and its all thanks to the continued support of all of you guys! Thanks!

Adventure Cubed completed its first season and is beginning its second one, which is really cool!

Klemen702 and I started our collaborative project, Warlock Quest!

Lots of other awesome game articles came out, like Test Subject Dark Energy, Double Edged Conquest, Platform Panic: Fanfiction Edition, The Next Ninja, Super Smash Nitrome 2, and Final Mutiny: Pirates vs. Ninjas!

A lot of great fan-art has been uploaded to the Wiki as well, so kudos to everyone for keeping the Wiki awesome with their art!

AC4E released her Christmas Comic this year, all right!

It's a Small Fry World has begun its first season, can't wait for it to continue next year!

Shadows (A Ditto Fan-Fic) was featured on the Nitrome blog, woohoo!

Defenders of Cloud Kingdom, a series based on Nitrome's Twin Shot series was released this year as well and was AC4E's first text-only series! Keep writing that awesome stuff!

And those are the highlights from this past year! There must've been some things that I missed, but I tried my best to get as much of it together as I could. Happy New Year's everyone! I want to know, what are your New Year's resolutions? Let me know down in the comments, and as always...keep up that awesome writing thing you do!

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