This is also my first blog. MERRY XMAS!!!1 For Xmas I got some nice games of Steam and a nice new M.Pod. Also got NFS HP and Terraria. RIP 5 bucks

The Xmas day was so fun! Should have seen TMU. He annoyed us all with his new laptop. I destroyed his mood when I said he needs to get Windows or a good Linux before starting the officiap Minecraft server.

Ah, the presents fight ceremony is over. Even the fog crature was here, creeping on the window. His present magically teleported outside, wonder what he got...

The doggies got their bones, Notesty his no wished coal.... everyone liked their presents! The m. Bomb got repair pieces. Hopefully this will help us repair him faster, cuz u know, bombs... Huh im outta time. Ask me in comments if u want know what the others got...

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