Christmas M...
Mystery Boy

Xmas news! BTW these are my xmas goggles

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a happy new year!

So wikians, how was your year here? So much stuff happened!

More fanart was made, we got more users...

Lets talk! You have time! (otherwise I ban you, admins rule)

Xmas fanart

After months of inactivity I finally made a fanart. Mix made the base and I improved it! Yes, its not a tank, Its a XMAS TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Xmas tank 2014 edition

Amazing eh? I didn't lose my skills yet. The tank contains contributions from Sabkv and Mixlix.

And speaking of Sabkv, remember the Mystery-Sabkv Fanart Team-up? We have made little progress and abandoned the Icebreaker: A Red Voyage long ago.

I uploaded my work and will link sabkvs.

My work is in the gallery.

Now, Sabkv made some cool stuff too!

Red Haired Rat

Pink Ice!

Other ideas we didn't make included the Flying Master. They dont call him Flying Master for nothing! He would have a white beard (not red), a helmet viking, wings and glasses, white and white-gray/red shoes, a mini crow staying on his helmet. Horns of helmet red. (additional for fun we should have added a propeller hat too!


So what are you getting for Xmas? Anything cool? I am getting a new laptop. 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon graphics card 2GB, intel i5, 1 terrabyte of space.... All I need is a new mouse now!


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