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Vacow (bottom right corner) is confused because of Bennet.

Gender Female
Species Cow
Faction Good
Health Fine as long as Bennet doesn't hit her too hard
Status Alive, in place of a cowbell

Vacow is Bennet's "cowbell" (Really a real cow). She is his instrument in Austin and the Bestgamers because Austin placed his position on the cowbell. Bennet, not exactly knowing what a cowbell was, went to a farm and bought a cow. Then he bought a cowbell stick much to the confused owner of the stick's suprise. Then he showed up almost time for their first concert. Austin was angry, but went with it. When Bennet hits Vacow with the stick, he does it softly so it doesn't hurt. Each time he does that, she either moos or squirts milk. The audience is not amused by this, but they like the music so much that they don't really care. Bennet loves Vacow very much, and sometimes Ave lands on her nose and she sneezes.

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