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This article contains content that some may find crude.


Violentbots Icon

Violentbots Icon 2.0

  • Top Middle: Nitrome 1.5 Icon
  • Bottom Left: Nitrome 2.0 Icon


Over 100 millon

Game Type:

Main Game


WARNING:This Game Not Is For Children Because Have: Extreme Difficulty,Violence,Explotions And Anorexia.

  • MTV Arcade - Daily 1st place
  • Adult Swim - Daily 2nd place
  • Newgrounds - Daily 3rd place



The Frist Game Awarded By Ridiculous,Violent,Bloody Flash Game Websites

Violentbots is an action shooter game released in October of 1999. The player controls a Gumball Controlled Violentbot and has to destroy the waves of enemy violentbots to complete levels.

Because of the long levels, huge waves, and attacks, Violentbots has been considered by many Insultamigos the hardest game ever.

Gumball Controlled Violentbot

The Gumball Controlled Violentbot


  • Ordinary Violentbot
  • Pixely 360° Flip Violentbot
  • Bacteria Violentbot
  • Anorexic Violentbot
  • Tornillo Violentbot
  • Foot Like Violentbot
  • Spanish Violentbot (Violentbot Español)


  • A scientific reason of the real violentbot (In Real Life) wants to fight is when the battle ensues,makes violence when the anorexic womans look the microscopic battlefield.<
  • The Game Have A World Polemic by be The Hardest Game Ever by a video of youtube that the player always dies the video contains the Horrible Ke$ha'S Song.

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