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Wapbot animated
Gender Unknown
Species Robotic space-temporal toaster
Faction The universe
Health Invincible
Level None
Status Roaming into his dark matter constellation
Game(s) None

Wapbot is a purple robotic toaster with a crystal orb and two robotic feet. It can fly with its reactor-wings in the whole universe. Wapbot uses dark matter as a fuel to travel between space and time. It can see any electromagnetic radiations with its crystal orb, including ultraviolet ray and infra-red light. Wapbot usually dwells in its dark matter nebulae.

Wapbot is always neutral in conflicts, as it is more an entity than a robot; but it hates the protagonist because of the way he disturbs the whole universe by altering the physic of blocks. Wapbot is independent and endearing, and has the great responsibility of keeping the world stable.

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