Gender Male
Health 200
Game(s) Nitrome Fortress

 Warlock is a class in Nitrome Fortress.


Warlock is good for ambushing and applying damage over time. Warlock is awful at long range, but in close range, enemies won't survive. He is also good to reflect enemy projectiles (right click with Warlock Staff). Valentines can be strong, but they wont survive to their own missles.


Warlock Staff

Warlock staff can "curse" enemies and deal damage over time, like fire. When a enemy dies by curse, his corpose will be petrified. When right clicking, you will use the mirror ability. The mirror ability reflects enemy projectiles and when you jump and use the mirror ability in ground, you wil do a little larger jump, good for reaching higher areas. The sttaf can hold 200 energy (ammo).

Warlock Wizardry Book

When enemies are alway from you, the only hope you have is the Wizardry Book. It shoots dark magic projectiles (that can be reflected by enemy warlocks). It doenst' have a so large range, but can still have utility. It has small damage, however, it can curse enemies and heals 10% of health when killing enemies, but does 10% self damage. It can hold 6 energy (ammo).

Smashing Staff

The smashing staff is Warlock's meelee weapon. It has medium range and damage. It also deals 30% damage in cursed enemies.


  • Ambshing enemies is your power. Use mirror to push enemies and kill them.
  • Be careful with Angels. As your range is short, try to avoid them.
  • Use proto charges to destroy enemy buildings.
  • As warlock, your cursing can be very useful to check for a takeshi.
  • Curse enemies with Warlock Staff and then attack them with the Smashing Staff to deal more damage.

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