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Where's My Enzyme

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Game Type:

Fanfictional game




Cut dirt with mouse



Where's My Enzyme? is a fanfictional game designed by Thekingofpizzaandgames. The game is based on Where's My Water.


You use the mouse to cut dirt. You have to get the needed amount of liquid enzyme to the pipe. There are three different colours: Blue, orange and green, each colour functioning the same in general, but the color can be changed by mixing them.


Professor: Needs blue

Dr. Nastidious: Needs green

Mercenaries: Need orange

Game information

The test chamber is on the right side, it contains the level. On the left side, the character can be seen with an empty syringe that the pipe is attached to. The syringe fills when enzyme goes to the pipe. When it is full the level is completed. The professor injects the blue enzyme to a mech suit. Nastidious will inject the green enzyme into a compress machine and one of the enzyme enemies will come out. A mercenary will put the orange enzyme to a coocking machine and coocked orange enzyme will come out from its fluid tap.

And you can collect keycards with the liquid of the same color. Not the opposite (for example, blue collects blue keycards but green destroys them). If you get wrong coloured enzyme to the character, you fail!


Level 7:


Green: When making contact with blue or orange, it will turn them green. 

Blue and orange: Turn green when mixed. Together, or with green

Interactive objects


Walking orange enzymes: They come from a spawning machine Orange enzyme spawning machine and turn liquid when touching a wall or liquid

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