Zapo's Cousin
Gender None
Species Robot
Faction Unknown, possibly good
Health 1 Hit
Level All
Status Alive, testing
Game(s) Super Mega Bot

Zapo's Cousin (the Super Mega Bot) is Zapo (from Fault Line)'s cousin, and the main character of Pixel Games' Super Mega Bot. Unlike Zapo, this robot uses bouncing up and down to get around, rather than creating lines.


Zapo's Cousin is based on Zapo's design, only it is green, has small red eyes, and breaths through holes in it's "mouth".


Zapo's Cousin was made to retreve stuff from up high or down low, but can only be used where there is a celing. If Zapo's Cousin senses that he will bounce into the sky, he automaticlly shuts down his jumping. Then he can just walk around normally like Zapo.

Robot Test Factory

In Super Mega Bot, Zapo's Cousin was tested by scientests to get through many courses and survive. They also tested his retreving feature by hologramming coins in the factory. After their mission was a sucsess, they deemed him as the offical Super Mega Bot.

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