Zero Nanobot
Gender Male
Species Organic Nanobot
Faction Evil
Status Alive

Zero is a character made by RustedRusher4455. He is an organic Nanobot created by Infinity as a test to see if organic robots were possible. Don't ask how, but it turned out that it was possible.


Zero looks like a Yellow Hunter from Nanobots, but he is colored black and blue instead of yellow, and his eyes are green. His sprite might be changed in the future.

Full story

Infinity created Zero, because, I already explained why. The purpose of organic machines would be to make them unaffected by computer viruses and EMPs. However, Zero was discarded after Infinity didn't see any use in him. Zero became vengeful, and would one day come back. He technically didn't turn evil because he was so to begin with. He later made his own lair (somehow) and is up to other unknown plans.......

He had created copies of himself that he can control as a hive mind. He also has a guardian cyborg under his control to defend his base.



  • His "organic machine" concept drew inspiration from the characters of Transformers Beast Wars, as they are also organic robots. The fact that it is being used as a strategy was inspired by the Security Bot from Metroid Fusion, though in its case it was to allow it to distinguish allies from enemies.
    • The eye atop his guardian was inspired from the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. Also, the object underneath the guardian is a mine that can be dropped, and the eyes shoot lasers.
  • He serves as a secondary antagonist for the alternate universe, though Alpha was originally going to have this role.