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Zombie Cuboy

Cuboy as a zombie.

Attack Depends
Abilities Nothing... Actually zombies are eggheads.
Health Depends
Points Depends
Game(s) Zombies Must Die

Zombies are the enemies from Zombies Must Die. They are characters from past Nitrome games that accidentally turned into Zombies by Cuboy in the Nitrome Labs when he put Zombificatum Turnus in an room umdifier instead of water, causing a zombie disease though the world. They are mostly green with red eyes, with scars and wounds though their bodies.


They wander slow by the place and slowly chase the player on it when the zombies see them. They do nothing but wandering, since they don't know more than it. Yes, zombies are definitely not smart. They are not good with culinary, since raw brains are not included in a good diet.


Here is a brief gallery with zombies though the game.